App function request

App function request

I would like to be able to suspend the battery while it still holds a charge. Either on a schedule or ideally on a combination of SoC and a schedule window.

Here we are on a dual tariff supply. The battery often will not last through the night. Either the car charge drains it or later in the season we will not be able to get enough charge into it during the day.

In the morning the solar panels commonly do not kick in before the low rate tariff ends so breakfast time is a real bummer :)

What I'm trying to achieve is the ability to then resume the battery to cover this window.

Of course I could achieve this by putting a SW controlled breaker on the battery feed but would prefer a nuanced approach.

sashton | October 1, 2017

PS I'm not after charging the PW from the grid, just being able to control when it discharges.