The Tesla team can't tell you what tires are on the car you order

The Tesla team can't tell you what tires are on the car you order

Me: We like the X and would like to order it
Tesla rep: Great let' s build it
Me: Can I please get all-season tires on he car
Tesla rep: Yes of course
Build is done and sent to me
Me to Tesla rep: So this has all season tires right?
Tesla rep: yes
I accept order and pay the $2,500 deposit
Week later I get the build sheet
Me to Telsa rep: So this has all season tires right - I don't see that anywhere?
Tesla rep: No reply
Several weeks pass
Tesla delivery folks: Your car is here
Me: Great, it has all season tires on it right?
Tesla delivery rep: I don't know, I will ask our service department to look at it
3 days pass
Me: So, all-season tires right?
Tesla delivery rep: No it has performance tires on it
Me: I don't want that - can you please get that changed
3 days pass
Tesla rep: We *don't have all season tires*
Me: Ok - I don't want the car
Tesla manager calls: We don't know what tires will be on the car until the car gets here - there is no way for us to tell you. Tesla works with 3 different manufacturers and decisions are made
Me: This is a $150K car right? I want it the way I want it - not the way *you* tell me it should be
Tesla manager: So why don't you buy the tires you want after market and put them on
Me: Why don't you put them on for me because that is what I paid for and what I said from the beginning I want.
Tesla manager: We don't have any in stock

Is it really that hard to tell what tires are on the car?

patswin | November 4, 2017

They won’t necessarily know the brand you will get but if you order performance wheels they come with performance tires. If you want all season tires you need to order standard 19” wheels. If you want 22” wheels with all season tires it just can’t be done, not because they don’t feel like offering it as an option

ibbafzaal | November 4, 2017

I get that part. The Tesla manager said to me that they don't know which tires are on *any* of the wheels until the car arrives. Technically you can pick any wheel on their design studio and it does not say which tires are on it (performance or all season) - they don't use the word performance anywhere either.

Ninefiveone | November 4, 2017

This is how it is with any car. Why would Tesla be different? If there is no official option to pick what tire, you get whatever comes when it comes.

If you believe the sales person (and it’s like this for any manufacturer including Tesla) you’re just setting yourself up for disappointment. There are exceptions but your average sales person will say anything to make a sale.

ibbafzaal | November 4, 2017

Once again - the issue is not the tire manufacturer. It is all season tires versus performance tires. Every car manufacturer specifies which type of tires come with their car. When you pick a wheel style and size, the type of tire is specified

patswin | November 4, 2017

Not sure why Tesla rep was unsure. I happened to be visiting sc so I asked about tires. They know well that all season comes with standard wheels only. Performance tires come with the upgraded wheels

Tropopause | November 4, 2017


Did you get 20" or 22" wheels? Did you get P-model or standard?

NHKIM | November 4, 2017

Hawkeye, not sure if that’s accurate. My MX75 with the upgraded 22” rims came with the all weather Perelli scorpions. When I ordered, I was told the performance/summer tires come on the P models with the onyx wheel upgrade, and that the rest are all weathers. Good news, the scorpions are actually pretty reasonably priced.

patswin | November 4, 2017

NHKIM, thanks for clarifying. I can see now he must have been referring to the performance models though didn’t specifically say that. My bad

Jhwjr1 | November 6, 2017

I, for one, reject the suggestion made above (Ninifiveone) that you just have to take into account that "the sales person" will lie about anything to make a sale. Aside from the fact that the Tesla reps are not "sales people," who else are you supposed to ask for answers? What one DOES need to do is make sure that things that are important are written into the agreement when it is signed at the time of deposit.

Discussions and terms reached before the written contract is signed are not even admissible. If it matters to you, it must be part of the writing.