A survey to gauge the degree of Trump support on these boards

A survey to gauge the degree of Trump support on these boards

The spokesman on these forums for the bigoted alt right, Remnant has stated that those of us who are vocally anti-Trump do not represent the majority of the owners on this forum. In the interests of democracy I would like to start a survey to clarify the situation. When responding please state whether you are an owner, a reservation holder, someone interested in buying a Tesla. Also state whether you are an eligible US voter or other which includes non-citizens and non US residents. You can expand your answer by describing aspects of Trump’s policies and tweets that you support and don’t support.

I will begin.

US citizen and voter, owner of a Model S85 since April 2013 with 129000 miles and 2 Model 3 reservations
Vigorously anti-Trump on pretty much everything.

jerrykham | November 4, 2017

Why? Why start what will amount to a flame war? Can't we just discuss the topics that the forums are for? Owners and interested parties asking questions and assisting each other? When asking a question such as, "Has anyone else had their EAP features just not be there? I've had it twice now where I get in the car and start a drive and no EAP is there - no speed limit sign, no TACC, no AP. After I reach my destination and am ready to go back EAP is all of a sudden back." I don't really care whether respondents support Trump, Clinton, or Cthulhu. It isn't important for the topic at hand. People can debate Trump on Twitter where such stuff belongs.

Should_I | November 4, 2017

Do you really think opening with "bigoted alt right" sets an even handed tone for a legitimate poll?
Think you might skew the results much like the main steam media polls did a year ago?

I am not saying you couldn't put you vigorously anti Trump thing at the end of the post.
I am saying a "poll" that opens with a question including a hateful description of one side isn't a poll.....

SCCRENDO | November 4, 2017

I have expressed my biased opinion. Feel free to express yours. @Should_I. So I should put you down as a Trump supporter? @jerrkham. I think this is relevant as the Trump regime may have a significant effect on EVs. Feel free to ignore the thread.

Mike83 | November 4, 2017

Another question is how many are Russian Trolls posing as owners. They were all over Facebook for example.
Another example

Did this help get all the Russian influence in the WH?

You know where I stand.

Tesla-David | November 4, 2017

I am vigorously opposed to everything cretin Drumpf stands for, especially his pulling the U.S. out of the Paris Accord and filling his cabinet with Climate Change/anti Science deniers. His chest thumping rhetoric is also scary to me as he is provoking a war with North Korea. His budget and energy policy s anti renewable energy, and anti EVs. Why would anyone who cares about EM/Tesla mission support this cretin.

bigd | November 4, 2017

“Did this help get all the Russian influence in the WH?“ seems like there is no Russian influence since HRC lost

NHKIM | November 4, 2017

Everyone is free to post what they will within the forum rules, but it’s nice to keep this place the one place we can be free of politics and instead enjoy the common bond of Tesla..EVs and sustainable living.

KP in NPT | November 4, 2017

"seems like there is no Russian influence since HRC lost"

Oh...that's rich. Ignorance is bliss.

Dramsey | November 4, 2017

My opinion is that this board and its membership would best be served by keeping unrelated political flames out of it as much as possible. But I also understand that there are many on this board of all political persuasions whose personal identity seems to depend very strongly on vigorously expressing their disapproval of whatever at every opportunity, regardless of whether or not it has any relationship to Tesla, clean energy, EVs, etc.

So...not holding my breath here. We'll see Level 5 FSD on our cars before we see civility on these boards.

SCCRENDO | November 4, 2017

So far 4 anti-Trump. Mike, Tesla David, KP and myself and 5 pro-Trump. I know all 4 anti-Trump are owners. Dramsey is the only anti-Trump vote who I know is an owner.

SCCRENDO | November 4, 2017

Sorry Dramsey pro-Trump.

rxlawdude | November 4, 2017

Not thrilled to participate, but S70D owner for 2.5 years.

Trump will be a zit on the longitudinal history of the USA. If we live long enough to have history.

Dramsey | November 4, 2017

No, sorry, I'm not "pro-Trump". Dunno where you got that idea.

It _is_ possible to be a conservative and not like Trump, you know. (Probably I said something that wasn't unambiguously anti-Trump enough, or pointed out that some Trump criticism was silly and counterfactual, and got tossed in the "pro" camp.)

Personally, I wrote in "Donald F**king Duck" on my ballot (Nevada allows write-ins). Yeah, I know, but faced with the major party choices of Chthulu-level reptilian evil or Insane Clown Posse, it was the best I could come up with. Kind of my ideal of a primal scream. I suppose if I had the courage of my convictions I would have voted for Gary Johnson, but I've been voting for Libertarian candidates for the last 30 years or so and none of them has ever won, so why bother?

P.S. What the heck is "longitudinal history"? An autocorrect bug?

NKYTA | November 4, 2017

Maybe he meant

Even lawyers can mess up. ;-)

Should_I | November 4, 2017

I am an owner and US citizen.
I have an open mind and can see the recently revealed money trail from the Clintons to the Russians for fabricated opposition research. That is besides the half a million Bill got right after his meeting with Putin and the $140million routed to the Clinton foundation.
Claims of Trump colluding which is not a crime while dismissing the large amount of verified info about Clinton's links is at hest irrational.
Then there is the fact most of the Russians Facebook spending was on trying to undermine Trump after the election.

NKYTA | November 4, 2017


I am an owner and US Citizen.

I have an open mind.

NKYTA | November 4, 2017

Go ahead and convict Hillary in absentia. But worry about what trump will do.

It seems to be piling up.

Dramsey | November 4, 2017

See, now the question here is...

What does any of thus have to do with Tesla?

Tesla2018 | November 4, 2017

Reservation Holder US Citizen. Trump supporter. Hate regular career politicians on both sides. Like immigration policy and fact that he has business background and hopefully will reduce the deficit and get economy back on track and bring jobs back to Merika. Also he has a home nearby in Palm Beach so he would seem to care more about local issues. He also helped a charity that iI am involved in by letting us use his clubs parking lot as a meeting place for about 300 cars when we had trouble finding a place with a large parking lot and even had breakfast for everyone. Also one of my best friends is friends with one of Trumps top advisors. He wants to help him get the country back on track and is one of the dreaded billionaires. Him and Trump could just as easily stayed at home and lived happily ever after since they have more money than they will ever need. Trump doesnt need the job or the aggravation that comes with it and doesnt owe any political favors to the party bosses or others. Clintons
claim they were broke when they left the White House and needed to stay in politics in order to live the good life.

Remnant | November 5, 2017

@Should_I (November 4, 2017)

<< Do you really think opening with "bigoted alt right" sets an even handed tone for a legitimate poll? ... Think you might skew the results much like the main steam media polls did a year ago? >>


Trying to teach the ALLCAPS, Anti-American guy to run a proper poll is a waste of time. He does not have the apperceptive background for it. He is a committed HRC Crime Gang supporter and a declared enemy of the American Constitution. He could have no legitimate voice in a Trump Support Poll.

All the votes he could possibly recognize would be anti-Trump votes.

Let me just assert that the only straightforward chance innovation has is with a leader who promotes Property Rights and honest Free Markets. At this juncture, Trump exactly fits that bill, while all of his enemies are representatives of failed controlled markets and command economies.

SO | November 5, 2017

S90D owner here since Feb 2017.

Anti Trump but I will admit that I wasn’t a huge supporter of Clinton. They both are terrible candidates and people. Although I think Clinton would have kept us on a more positive path for the LONG term. Renewable energy is the next revolution and sadly dumbass donald is betting America’s future on coal. Fortunately the rest of the world and some states are more intelligent and will drag the US into that economy whether dd wants to or not.

The allure for Trump is just short term gains. Once reality sets in that deregulation will cause more greed and another financial crisis, tax cuts will create major debt and problems for the majority of Americans, and healthcare cuts will cause millions of Americans to have no or practically worthless coverage, hopefully enough people will wise up.

However, enjoy the ride and short term gains for now. In a few years, prepare for the opposite when the cheap credit disappears and the people default once again. It takes a while to feel the effects of this administration’s bad decisions. But don’t worry, we will soon enough. (That’s my prediction.)

Kevin | November 5, 2017

Trump will be the greatest President ever we should feel fortunate that he took the time to straighten out the world from the leftist agenda set to destroy the world. One God One Nation.

SO | November 5, 2017


rxlawdude | November 5, 2017

To those obsessed with my use of longitudinal...

I'll rephrase: Trump will be adjudged as the worst President in US history.

Happy now? ;-)

eleestein | November 5, 2017

Tesla Model S Owner. Model 3 3/31/16 reservation holder. US Citizen. Strong Trump Supporter. Trust me, we’re out there! | November 5, 2017

It appears I am pretty much in agreement with sccrendo
US citizen – check
Voter – check
Owner of s85 since Apr13 – check
Now for differences
I only have 80k miles
I only have 1 M3 re3servation
And most importantly
I am more vigorously anti-trump on absolutely everything

Captain_Zap | November 5, 2017

Long time owner. Trump scares me to death... The likelihood that we end up that way because of actions taken by the executive branch are now greater than I ever imagined possible. Resist.

sabbia | November 5, 2017

I know that SCC is asking only people on these forums. But today's Washington Post poll is dispositive in general. Lots of detail on where he fails and by what margins (health care, caring about people, war and peace)

Hope for America: The number of Trump supporters was low and continues to fall since 1/1/2017.

SCC...don't be surprised. Others who have done great damage to our country rarely fell below 35% approval. But take heart, Trump is lowest in seven decades. A national embarrassment. An indecent person appealing to the worst in the human soul.

I own an S and have a 3 reservation.

sosmerc | November 5, 2017

US Citizen
Model 3 Reservation Holder
Strong supporter of TERM LIMITS....and hope that in some cases the "term" is less than one. May God help us and our leaders.

PrimeTime | November 5, 2017

John Le Carre during Terry Gross interview

"Now, today, this present time in which these matters are being reconsidered in my novel — we seem to have no direction. We seem to be joined by nothing very much except fear and bewilderment about what the future holds. We have no coherent ideology in the West. And we used to believe in the great American example; I think that's recently been profoundly undermined for us. We are alone."

Unknown if Le Carre is a Tesla owner. But his insights into what led to the Trump election and into Trump supporters shows his keen insight to the body politic.

ram1901 | November 5, 2017

SC's poll is typical of the kinds of polls that indicate President Trump only has 38% approval rating.

Anyone who reads this forum knows that if you dare disagree with SC and his minions you will immediately be attacked and blacklisted.

The poll is just another way of developing SC's list of forum users that can be minimized with name calling and the usual list of fake news attacks.

Since I'm already known to this forum as someone who supports conservative ideals, a US Citizen and a Model S owner, I add my name to the list of those who support the Trump Agenda.

Does that mean that I love everything that President Trump does or says. NO. Heck, I don't even support some of the bad decisions I've made in my life.

But overall, his agenda to protect our country by strengthening our military, securing our borders, ejecting criminals who have entered this country ILLEGALLY, his efforts to rid us of the socialist nightmare of the so called 'Affordable? Care Act', allowing taxpayers to keep more of what they earn and removing many of the impediments to a free economy and free trade, are all things I support.

Ok... putting on my flame retardant shield... and moving on to other forums where folks actually discuss cars and not left wing politics.

sosmerc | November 5, 2017

@ram1901 I agree that Trump's "agenda" has merit in many ways, but he seems to lack the ability to present his case in such a way that doesn't disrepect our American ideals. Where are the checks and balances and give and take in his approach?

MitchP85D | November 5, 2017

Captain Planet = Trump Derangement Syndrome

carlk | November 5, 2017

US citizen and S and X owner. FWIW I voted for the senior Bush and against his son. I was not born a liberal. Matter of fact I don't dislike Trump as much as I dislike voters who sent him to the White House. How stupid and gullible a person could be.

Dramsey | November 5, 2017

"Anyone who reads this forum knows that if you dare disagree with SC and his minions you will immediately be attacked and blacklisted."

Not at all. I disagree with SCCRENDO all the time and I haven't been attacked and blacklisted. I find him opinionated and passionate, and only rarely rude, and then generally only in response to rudeness. Really, there have been much worse here...

That said, I still don't see what point this thread serves. Trump supporters saying he'll save the country. Trump haters saying he'll destroy the climate and the world. Conservatives bashing crooked Hillary; liberals berating the orange buffoon.

Gosh, I'm sure glad I came to the Tesla forums. To talk about, you know, Teslas....

RedShift | November 5, 2017

Good on you dramsey. I agree with all of what you said.

SCCRENDO | November 5, 2017

I am pleased at the response to this thread. But I’m sure you will note that I have been relatively silent and am mostly listening. I did express my opinion in the OP and was deliberatively provocative. While I understand that thread is far from scientific, so far it seems that the Trump supporters who are also Tesla owners have been more vocal than the anti-Trump voters like myself. I guess what has truly intrigued me is the motivation for people who don’t supports climate remediation and don’t believe in climate change but buy Teslas. We probably should not complain because the more Teslas that are purchased the better it will be for the environment. What we haven’t separated is if all Trump voters here do not believe climate change is real or are they able to separate the 2. I do not believe the 2 are separable because the Trump regime has declared war on climate change.

vpoz | November 6, 2017

@sccrendo..I don’t really think being a Trump supporter or not really comes into the decision to get the car.
It’s a cheap way to get super Car performance with plenty of interior space, while having effectively no fuel costs, and cheap nearly guaranteed parking near work or shopping destination while getting extra “fuel” at the same time! Plus the nerdy pleasure of trip planning etc and restful long journeys.
Political views don’t really compute in this decision.

El Mirio | November 6, 2017

U.S. resident alien

None Tesla owner

Ex Model 3 reservation holder, (had to cancel due to personal reasons)

Substantial stock owner (substantial in my small world)

None supporter of U.S. Imperial politics in general, i condone U.S. Troops deployment in over 150 countries (!) and U.S. Geopolitics agenda in general.

The media circus around individual politicians is perpetuated to divide U.S. in order to distract from the bigger issues, the lack of substantial policy discussion in the media and lack of critical in-depth questions by the journalists, is astounding.

The Reps clearly seem more eager to dismantle any benefits for the average U.S. citizen, the Dems. however pursue placebo politics to sustain votes, ask yourself, why didn't they introduce single payer while they had the majority and the WH.

These hypocrites are introducing it now because they know they won't have the votes, not any better then the Reps. 60+ repeal and replace votes during Obama presidency.

Being against Trump does not mean I would shed a tear seeing HRC behind bars, as per U.N. peace charter the Libya attack was illegal and considered a warcrime, the UN mandate was for a none-fly zone only, not a resolution allowing an attack.

I'm very glad owning a Tesla is not driven by politics, well done Tesla!

Good Luck!

Dramsey | November 6, 2017

“ I guess what has truly intrigued me is the motivation for people who don’t supports climate remediation and don’t believe in climate change but buy Teslas.”

I’m buying a car, not a cause. EVs have been available since long before Tesla, and made no statistically significant dent in ICE sales until Tesla showed than an EV could be powerful, practical, and sexy.

I have yet to see any evidence that “green sells” other than to a very tiny portion of the market. Home PV doesn’t sell unless the homeowners can be convinced it will save them money— most people’s commitment to the environment stops at their wallets. This may be deplorable, but there you go. You can either bitch and moan about how ignorant and short-sighted such people are— a common refrain here— or you can, like Tesla, produce a great product that appeals to a very broad audience.

SamO | November 6, 2017

Model S is the best selling car in its class. Period. Understand that's whats called "evidence" from the fact-based world.

As for Trump . . . I'm bemused because he's the worst conspirator I've ever seen. He's gone bankrupt multiple times. In the casino business. He's been sued thousands of times and rarely wins. He inherited his wealth, which would have been much greater had he done nothing but invest in the S&P500. His only success involves the sale of inflated real estate to oligarchs and strongmen from corrupt countries trying to stash their stolen booty. But I'm sure the pee-pee tapes are fake.

The real shock will come when Trump is revealed to be poor.

sabbia | November 6, 2017

To those who support the Trump agenda. Is it okay to mostly lie? Is it okay to enable N**is and 3K? Is it okay to muzzle scientists? Is it okay to ignore science that doesn't fit a political agenda? Is it okay to mock those with disabilities?

In short, do those ends justify those atrocious means? Really, can you rationalize any of that? Please do step up and post your opinion here.

SUN 2 DRV | November 6, 2017

Tesla follower since 2006, 2013 TSLA shareholder, 2013 Model S owner (98k miles), reserved 2 Model 3s

I'm friendly towards republicans, although I usually vote liberal myself. I consider myself to be a fact based and independent thinker, and I enjoy a discussion with people of alternate perspectives..

I despised Trump from the moment he made his fear inducing, simplistic overgeneralization "they send their murders, rapists and drug dealers here, and I'm sure some are decent people"

I laugh at folks who are bothered by Hillary's deplorable comment, (Go read her whole comment if you don't already know why it's actually a supportive and uplifting comment.)

Trump has divided the country, withdrawn from important international agreements, provoked unnecessary conflicts, not fixed health care, nor done anything to make conditions at home better. In other words he's been a complete disaster and we're not even 25% through this train wreck.

Six of my brothers voted for Trump, and I disowned them all. It's not about R vs D, it's about basic values and doing what's right for everyone not just what's best for ones self.

finman100 | November 6, 2017

has it only been a fu$%ing year? that is so depressing.

US voter
Reservation holder Model 3
pretty liberal

Can't believe there are this many stupid people backing such an embarrassment. Really people? You like what you see and hear from this jackass fake? You are not paying attention. at all.

ITMFA (look it up)

Should_I | November 6, 2017

The Koi feeding thing is a PRIME example of why so many think so poorly of Trump.
Cliff's notes Trump is feeding Koi with Abe, Abe eventually stops spooning and dumps the box of food he is holding, then Trump follows suit.
Media runs articles about how Trump overfed the fish and what problems it would cause.

This sort of gross miss characterization is the RULE of how the vast majority of the media handles anything Trump. No matter what he does find a way to make it evil and stupid.

People who only go to those sources know nothing else, Even Jimmy Carter and Alan Dershowitz have come out to say the media treats Trump unfairly. This fuels the narrative that a billionaire is an idiot and irresponsible etc. rather than constructive debate, and galvanizes his support by those who see the media as a propoganda arm of the DNC, you know the group that Hillary bought(referencing Donna Brazile's book) and then had help pay Russian operatives to make up opposition research?

Every accusation about Trump the Clintons are guilty of worse. Take the dossier and the hooker accusation, now on the surface it seems like a joke the Russians made up and are laughing hysterically that Hillary and crew ran with it, but if it is true, is hiring professionals worse than molesting a subordinate with a cigar? Can goon and on but those rabidly anti-Trump can't look at anything honestly, they have been indoctrinated to believe the man can't possible make a single reasonable or good move to the point where they defend China expanding coal use just because they stayed in the Paris shakedown of America.

Far as "support your posts with credible sources, google it, Snopes has it and labels it as miscaptioned but that is downplaying it.
There are only the fish feeding thing gets twisted as bad as it was, one the observers are so indoctrinated they couldn't even see Abe do the same thing or they deliberately and with malice found some what to report something anything negative about the meeting.

That isn't healthy either way.

ram1901 | November 6, 2017

There's hope. Alas, at last half the response would indicate support of Pres. Trump's Policy Agenda.
Sad that most of the responses to those of us who support these policies involves name called...such
stupid, etc.

RE: SC's wonderment about conservatives buying Tesla's; I've always loved the latest tech and Tesla is the
ultimate tech car. I suspect I'm the only Tesla owner with an NRA sticker and a 'One Way to Heaven' arrow in my rear window. Of course some on this forum will boil over at that prospect and continue to describe folks like me as 'stupid' or perhaps worse. It's a sad commentary on our time.

Perhaps that's why my car has been keyed three times since i bought it in Dec., 2015. :)

Dramsey | November 6, 2017


“I'm friendly towards republicans, although I usually vote liberal myself. I consider myself to be a fact based and independent thinker, and I enjoy a discussion with people of alternate perspectives..“


“Six of my brothers voted for Trump, and I disowned them all.”

We used to call this “cognitive dissonance”. There’s probably a trendier term for it now.

RedPillSucks | November 6, 2017

Damn it, yall ruined my happy place

SUN 2 DRV | November 6, 2017

"This sort of gross miss characterization is the RULE of how the vast majority of the media handles anything Trump. No matter what he does find a way to make it evil and stupid."

And THIS is how Trump and his supporters deflect anything that they don't like... they call it "fake news" and that's the perfect opening for his sheep to keep following him. They can easily dismiss any and all real evidence just by labeling it "fake news".

The Koi situation is irrelevant and immaterial....Trump skewers himself with his own Tweets and his totally uninformed off the cuff comments. That's judging Trump by his own words, delivered in his voice and apparent real twitter account. Not fake.

SUN 2 DRV | November 6, 2017

Dramsey: I enjoy talking with real Republicans... I cannot support a Trump voter in ANY way whatsoever... I don't see the inconsistency. It's not about politics its about VALUES!!!!