Venting and wondering

Venting and wondering

I ordered a Model X 75D on 10/28 at the store in Rocklin,CA. Order Confirmed 10/31and Vin Assigned 11/7 (776**). At the time of placing my order, the website showed late Nov as the estimated delivery date. I specifically asked the OA about delivery date and he said it could possibly be the 1st week of December. I let him know that I wanted to take delivery on Dec 23rd since it is my Dad’s 65th birthday and he will be the primary driver of the MX. I was assured by the OA and the assistant manager there that holding the car there for a few extra days beyond the normal 1 week would not be a problem.the OA was going to put the date requirement in the production notes. When I was first contacted by the DS I explained the delivery date requirements to her as well. She also assured me that it didn’t look like that would be a problem and she too would keep an eye to make sure the date requirement was met.
Today I got an e-mail from the DS that my Model X would go into production, the week of 12/18 and “we are actively touching base with The production line do our best to meet your delivery requirement of 12/23.” I did follow up with a phone call to her and the OA and both of them said they would do their best. The DS did suggest looking at some inventory vehicles to see if any of them would match up to my requirements at that time I did ask her if my free SC use and referral discount would carry over to which she said “I don’t see why not.” - I know that some users in this forum have had the experience where either or both benefits of the referral code did not carry over to a different vehicle than the one originally ordered.
I’m upset and frustrated about it due to the occasion and wonder if there is anyone else higher up I could contact to ensure that my delivery requirement is met. I would appreciate it if anyone could give me some guidance.

sgadhia | November 15, 2017

Update... My post here was just like the title suggested : Venting and Wondering. I have no ill will or intent to cause any individual or company defamation of any sort. Also as I re-read my original post, it may occur so, but at NO point during my purchase did anyone at Tesla promise me something that they did not feel at that time could be met or mislead me in any manner. The importance my parents hold in my life, how much I owe them and the significance of getting this car on my Dad's 65th birthday is something that only I (and now the amazing Tesla team) knows.

MOST IMPORTANTLY - Tesla ROCKS!! I just got off the phone with the OA. He called me to let me know my post was read by the regional manager (in less than 24 hours after it was posted), who got in touch with the Rocklin team to see what my situation was. He once again assured me that everyone involved is committed to meeting the requested delivery date. He also was gracious enough to start looking at inventory vehicles for me immediately if I want to do so. He reiterated the commitment and understanding of the importance of the delivery date on behalf of the team at Tesla. I can't even begin to express how moved and amazed I am by the level of customer service already. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to all at Tesla for your commitment. TESLA 1 RANTS 0 | November 16, 2017

FAR OUT (and ,yes, I'm a John Denver fan)

Tropopause | November 16, 2017

Congrats! Happy Birthday to your dad.