Will I still be considered to be an 'owner'

Will I still be considered to be an 'owner'

My Tesla Model S lease ends on Dec 26 - my Model 3 delivery is listed as Nov, 17 to Jan, 18 - so will I still be considered to be an 'owner' or bumped back to 'non-owner' status if my car isn't configured or delivered in December?

andy.connor.e | November 16, 2017

Last i checked, leasing was not owning. But i dont know how they categorize that.

Haggy | November 16, 2017

I would assume that if you have an account that shows a Tesla under that account, you'd get the priority, and if it won't be the case by the time your name comes up, you should contact Tesla and ask them. As far as the rest of the industry goes, all I can say is that I once had a vehicle that was totaled, the company had a discount for current owners, and since I was replacing a vehicle (even though it technically belonged to the insurance company at the time I replaced it) I got the discount. That doesn't mean that Tesla has to go by the same rules, but if they say no, then you should ask them to bring it up with management since it should be based on the fact that the purpose of the purchase is to replace an existing Tesla and other companies would see it that way.

drbob | November 16, 2017

I think leasing is equal to 'owning' as I did get an Oct-Dec, now Nov-Jan delivery date. I'm hoping that I'm OK as I appear to be on the delivery schedule and it's not my fault if Tesla doesn't deliver my M3 until Jan or Feb.

WantMY | November 16, 2017

It is not like you go register it today and get ahead of non-owners who registered a year earlier, Tesla gives priority within short time period batch, not in an entire queue.