Which interior best for family - cream or black?

Which interior best for family - cream or black?

Today is my deadline for finalizing my car! Deep Blue exterior. Which interior will last best for 5-6 years or longer? Cream or black? I’d love cream as long as it’s as or more durable. (I would have preferred a rich tan or saddle even more!)

All the reviews and videos seem to be about how great the white is... and that it may even be better than the black. But what about cream? And how does the cream look with all the black trim around it? From this video, it didn’t look like a very “clean look”...

White seems too edgy and might look dated in 4-5 years (even though I’m under 40). Not a huge fan of the white and black contrast even today. (Which makes me worry about the cream based on the pictures/video I have seen).

Any experience from cream MX owners is most appreciated! Happy Turkey Day!!!

Btw, I did read this:

Vawlkus | November 23, 2017

Which ever you get will last. Pick what you want :)

mrpablogomez | November 23, 2017

We have cream and so far so good. Carpet is black.

Redmiata98 | November 23, 2017

White makes a great contrast to the blue. I just got a loaner with that color combination and it was striking! All of the interiors appear to be wearing well. I have the white and am going on two years with little to no wear. The only problem I have is with the perforated seat susceptibility to teares but the perforated is no longer available.

zxed | November 23, 2017

Not a MX cream owner., so take this with however much salt you want.,

We've got a 5 yr old and a 7 - the first thing my wife said was - you arnt getting white (that's what they had in the showroom)....

Ive always gotten black on black., so I already knew that I was not getting white (I went for entire blackness inside - even the dark headliner)...

On thing that I did not know., as I was trying to decide between the 100 and P100 - was that the standard black has fabric vs vegan leather... so there was a price bump., but then that bump went away for the bigger (P) bump as its included as part of P.,

so., white., cream., light brown... depending how young and non-messy your kids might be., you might just want black.. (yes, it does look good with blue., esp if you get a the ceramic/xpel protection done)...

Pilot SUV that wife drives., black on black., and they still look clean and brand new once we do a 10-12 hour detail service., my prius had a dark grey leather and that look worn more even though the kids were in it for just 2 years...

Tropopause | November 24, 2017

My sister has the blue with cream interior. It looks amazing and since the carpets are black (unlike the S, which I have with cream) you don't have to worry about spotty carpet. Additionally the headliner is cream color which gives the interior a bigger feel. That brown wood and cream center console look real nice as well. The vegan seats are stain resistant so don't sweat the small stuff.

Wilber | November 24, 2017

Robin: I've got the same interior as Tropos sister and it looks great, and so far is wearing just fine. (no kids or dogs). The video you linked to is an MX with a White interior. I dont think the white interior goes well with the Tan seats, so the interior looks kind of cruddy for that reason. My car has the silver exterior and i think it looks great. And Silver is easy to keep clean. I see lots of Silver MXs around here. The blue does look excellent with cream interior, but the exterior needs more frequent washing/cleaning.

drdavelynch | November 24, 2017

We have 2 dogs, 3 grandkids and a 2017 MX and a 2016 MS, both with the cream seats. So far, so good! They clean up easily.

Model - X | November 24, 2017

I think the white looks cool but after riding in an X with them they felt uncomfortable and the cabin was way to bright. And despite what people are saying they white seats do stain, especially from jeans.

swiss_ed | November 25, 2017

Consider that in summer, black seats heat the interior more than clear ones, and you will need more energy to cool down the interior when parked in the sun. I agree with the others, too, that cream interior is easy to clean and on black interior you see stains too, especially baby mash or banana.

paul | November 26, 2017

White seats here... and after 3 months there has been no problem.

However, I did see a photo of white seats by a guy who had driven a lot in blue jeans, and there
was a definite, but faint, blue stain on the seats that would not come out.

ParaTOC | November 28, 2017

I went with cream and feeling great about it! Thanks for the input. Shows up in 2 weeks! | November 29, 2017

Depends on the family. Once upon a time my sister came to visit in their relatively new Toyota minivan. It had about 20,000 miles on it. They had 5 kids and two dogs. The inside had a million miles on it.:-))

Wilber | November 29, 2017

Congrats Paratoc! I think the cream seats with the blue exterior look terrific! and will wear just fine. In my previous comment i mistakenly said your link was to a car with a "white interior" what i meant to say was "white exterior"! the white exterior just doesnt have enough contrast with the cream seats to make them look good. sorry about that. glad things worked out.

Tropopause | November 29, 2017

Congrats! Let us know when you receive your new X.

paul | November 30, 2017

@ParaTOC - my white seats look gorgeous. I've compared it side by side with other colours and it really stands out. You made a good choice (IMHO).

khanhvn | November 30, 2017

We have a big family and chose white exterior + cream seats. Car was delivered last Tuesday, and we are happy with the colors :) MX cream seats have black floor mats so the combo works out well.