Delivery date?

Delivery date?

Does anyone know the formula to predict an approximate delivery date for RN107991613 for Orange County, CA?

spockagain34 | February 2, 2018

There isn’t one. Reservation numbers are randomly assigned and meaningless.

asitvyas | February 2, 2018

BTW: I boked it on 3/31/16.

daverileyak | February 2, 2018

No formula, since production numbers cannot be forecast. If you're an owner in CA, you probably got the invite to configure already. For non-owners, take whatever guess you like. How does June 12 sound to you?

yabouzaid | February 6, 2018

Even i booked my car on 2/16/17, not 2016, my account is saying deliveries mid 2018, do the math, even if Tesla delivers 5000 a week or 20000 a month, it will take them 20 month till they get me. Not sure why they saying my car will be i n mid June as i booked my car after 380000 customers, any one with a better math?

Kathy Applebaum | February 6, 2018

@yabouzaid Tesla is figuring about half the people with reservations will cancel. Add to that people who need right hand drive (2019 or later) and people who are waiting for configurations that will be produced later, such as performance. You may have booked after 380000 customers, but you won't get the 380000th car.