Maybe It's Time To Ask: Any OWNERS still waiting for an Invite?

Maybe It's Time To Ask: Any OWNERS still waiting for an Invite?

. . . . With any luck, there will be few Yes responses here. Idea being, if few-to-no owners are still waiting for invites (not waiting for their cars, but waiting still to be invited to configure), then us non-owners, especially the Cali Line-waiters, will have more hope that their/our invites are coming at some undetermined but generally soon-ish.

I know, it's all just a lot of mindless wheel-spinning speculation and navel-gazing, but I think it's still an interesting question - who among the owners are still waiting for their invite?

pjalan | February 7, 2018

Nice try in asking the same question any non owner invites yet? Let us not leave any stone unturned. It’s coming...

Robert55 | February 7, 2018

Yes, I have a 2014 S in CT and ordered 3/31. apparently no cars Headed this way yet.

fskott | February 7, 2018

Pjalan - Well, I have nothing better to do, obviously. But I still think it's an interesting question.

Already we know that non-owners have not been invited. Knowing that very few owners are left (or knowing that lots of owners are still waiting) is actually more meaningful to me than continuing to know the widely known fact that no non-owners have been invited.

Peanut01 | February 7, 2018

2 tesla owner, 2 reservations (feb 2017 and jul 2017) and no invite.

Peanut01 | February 7, 2018

Forgot to add, I'm in Bay Area, CA

david.chittenden | February 7, 2018

California, 1st day, non-Tesla owner. Website says our "Delivery Estimate" is "Dec 2017 - Feb 2018". Still have not received an invite to configure. Anyone else in same situation? Anyone know who to contact at Tesla to get more information?

Frank99 | February 7, 2018

david -
There's no more information to be had. No non-owners have been invited to configure yet, and there is great debate about whether that will happen this month. I have the same delivery estimate as you, and have great faith that the estimated date will slide to Feb-Apr this week, and that I'll end up getting my 3 in May.

fskott | February 7, 2018

David - No non-owners have been asked to configure. That's why I ask the converse question here - whether any owners are still waiting for invite.

And to answer your question - no, there is nobody at Tesla who will give you more info, that I know of. I've got the same stats as you, roughly, and the same delivery window for first production. But one data category can provide some insight, assuming non-owners come after owners, and that is: the number of owners still waiting. Hence my OP Question . . . .

MarkTesla | February 7, 2018

Same here David/Frank..I have dec-feb but I'm not worried about since I have my mS and my wife still has 2 yrs on her lease for our Honda we have to wait anyways

fskott | February 7, 2018

So, tally so far, of owners who are still waiting for an invite:


Let's hope you guys are the last three! :)

lilbean | February 7, 2018

Plus the thousands of owners who don't participate in the forum.

shank15217 | February 7, 2018

I don't have either, I'm a S owner, reserved 7/29/2017

fskott | February 7, 2018

lilbean - Yeah, those guys too. It's a completely non-random sample, those on this site, who respond, so my survey is meaningless and useless. I get that. And I'm good with that.

fskott | February 7, 2018

And Shank makes it Four So Far!

sabentz | February 7, 2018

Model X owner waiting on invite SoCal

fskott | February 7, 2018

Five . . . .

fskott | February 7, 2018

. . . What's your delivery window say on your estimator page, Sabentz? Dec-Feb?

Dsmtesla | February 7, 2018

Model S owner in Iowa, still waiting. dec-feb

Scoopok | February 7, 2018

Owner in Oklahoma waiting but I didn't order until November of 2016.

kmazzone | February 7, 2018

Co-worker took delivery of a Model S in September and ordered the 3 in October. Still waiting on an invite.

Another co-worker received her invite but she is going to wait for the AWD version. She is a Model S owner.

sabentz | February 7, 2018

Dec to Feb window