Model 3 - Available

Model 3 - Available

Raleigh, North Carolina Area.

We purchased the Model S in 2015 and love the car. I received a call the other day stating that we are on the list for delivery and have 30 days to configure our Model 3. My wife has concerns about having 2 electric cars. I will, if Tesla allows, to offer the car to anyone in the Raleigh Area.

Let me know if you are interested.

dyefrog | February 7, 2018

This is the first I've heard of a deadline to configure.

pjalan | February 7, 2018

It is for family members only please.

JuJo0 | February 7, 2018

Curious, what is she concerned about having 2 electric cars for?

Is it, by chance, 30 days to confirm your configuration? Because if you are invited to configure and haven't configured yet, you won't have a deadline.

pratap.sanaga | February 7, 2018

I'm tempted to take up on your offer and drive it all the way back to Bay Area! How can I get in touch with you?

tripplett | February 7, 2018

I'm in Raleigh and obviously interested but I don't think Tesla will allow it.

pjalan | February 7, 2018

How about I relocate to Raleigh area from Bay Area for this offer. But it will be unfair to others in line. Please cancel if you or any family member not interested.

badaman | February 7, 2018

Do the honorable and cancel your order so the next person in line gets his.

neylus | February 7, 2018

I'm in Raleigh and this has my attention but I believe that you can only do transfers with family members.

jedlarkin | February 7, 2018

I'm in Philly, but I'd travel down for this if you're still willing and if it doesn't violate a Tesla policy. Feel free to e-mail me at jedlarkin&gmail,com.

minervo.florida | February 7, 2018

Family only.
We have had 2 Teslas for almost 4 years, zero issues, never want to drive Ice EVER again.

rxlawdude | February 7, 2018

My wife was similarly concerned about having two EVs and no ICE backup. After about 1 minute with her new M3, all those concerns melted away.

Now, I can't pry the 3 away from her to show the folks at work! :-)

Red-Rider | February 7, 2018

I will contact Tesla and see what how they respond. I believe - they won't have an issue if I don't charge extra for the car. Give me a few days to do some investigating.

Red-Rider | February 7, 2018

Well - I called Tesla and I can sell to a relative but not to a friend. I will contact my relatives and see if anyone would like to purchase it. I am sorry for getting anyone's hopes up. I was just trying to help someone out. Have a GREAT DAY.

tripplett | February 7, 2018

The hard part would be trying to figure out the ev incentive. Most of us are only a few months out from taking our delivery. If your cost is 55k (Early, PUP, AP, paint plus taxes and fees obviously) and you want someone to pay the whole 55k they probably won't because they won't get the incentive. However you'll take a loss if you sell it for what it is worth @ 47.5k at least until you get your tax returns back in the spring of 2019.

jedlarkin | February 7, 2018

I'm not sure what the tax credit really is, given the sunset provisions. My own budgeting is to buy the car without expecting a tax break for it; if I can get one—great! If not, that's OK too.

RadOne | February 7, 2018

How do they know if someone is a relative or not? What is considered a "relative?" Immediate family, uncles/aunts, cousins, how many removed? Just say they are a cousin. Do you have to submit a DNA test? Everyone is related eventually.