Powerwall 2 -failure after installation

Powerwall 2 -failure after installation

Just wondering if anyone has every had a problem like this following an installation. We had a complete solar system installed alongside two power walls 2. The house is only a few months old, and our electricity supplier has installed the latest meter so should be no problems there.

First issue was that on the first night we used it the Tesla app showed us generating spikes of solar power at times of day it was dark (e.g. 10pm, then midnight, then 2am -we live in a pretty sunny part of Australia but even that has its limits). Within two days the app could no longer connect to the system, and the batteries flash green slowly, which according to the manual seems to be a sign they are not connected to the system.

Not an expert at reading the box, but our invertor seems to suggest we produce a pretty constant rate of power during the day (about 12 -15 kWh at the height of the day, so cannot imagine it's an issue with that either)

Sadly getting the installers back out to fix the system is not an option at this time, the company we contracted with was a national firm who used a local sub-contractor (from a pretty large local firm), who managed to cause pretty significant property damage (something it appears after talking to people in our community they have a history of doing), and denied it was them until presented with CCTV footage of their tradies causing the damage and doing a pretty poor attempt to cover it up.

The firm we contracted with uses various local sub-contractors but has given us the option of using the firm that caused the damage to our property to get the system inspected or no-one else. We are currently pursuing our Consumers rights over this... but that doesn't get the system working. We have also investigated getting another firm out to inspect and fix the system, but most reputable firms seem to have the reaction that they are hesitant to try and fix someone else installation (which I do understand)

Any advise from someone who's seen a similar problem, and maybe found a solution, would be much appreciated.

Thanks In Advance

Tesla-David | April 26, 2018

Wow, very sorry to hear about your problems, and hope that Tesla can get your PW2 up and running again soon. I do not have anything to suggest except in sounds like something was not installed properly. I just signed my PW2 contract for 2-PW2 system here in Edmonds, WA, to augment our existing 13.2 kWh solar system, and hope to get our installation in next several months. I hate to hear stories like yours, and hope you get everything sorted out soon.

raybentz | April 26, 2018

While I can't speak to your installation correctness ... We had our PW2 installed 1 week ago ... App was showing weird information, like generating solar power and exporting to grid in middle of the night (complete darkness), and that the house was consuming energy ONLY while the sun was brightly shining.
It was almost as if the sensors for "house consumption" and "solar generation" had been swapped.
Installers had to come back for something else, so I had them double-check the wiring ... they said "all ok".
Then, over this past weekend, the app was not working at all (could not connect to server).
When server came back on Sunday, all graphs where showing generation and consumption as expected.
I can only assume something on the server end was mis-interpreting data from our Gateway.

jeff | April 27, 2018

I'm also having PW issues,but very different. Mine charges correctly, the app readings are correct, we are off-grid 99% of the time, etc.. The system appears to be functioning correctly except the battery will shut down erratically and at any time of the day or night. Except for one time, it will reset itself, sometimes in just seconds, sometimes in a few minutes. It's not overloaded. I've measured the max load here and we are well within spec. And shutdowns happen in the middle of the night, so overloading is not the issue. It could be in the battery itself, or more likely, in the gateway, since it controls the whole system.

Anyone else experiencing this? Tesla won't say if this is endemic or unique. They are not much help because they don't listen to all the symptoms and try to construct a theory that fits, they just take stabs and guesses. I need help here, if anyone can please provide some confirmation that this is happening to other.

rasuttles | April 28, 2018

I recently had installed a complete Tesla solar system including (2) Powerwall 2 batteries. The system works great. The monitoring application for my android phone was working great until a couple days ago. It just stopped updating all of a sudden and now all I get is a dead app that states there is a Powerwall connection error.
I rebooted my router, no luck.
I disconnected the Tesla network WiFi unit that plugs into the router for 1 minute then reconnected it, no change.
I uninstalled the Android app on my phone and reinstalled it. No luck.
I checked the app on my iPad, same problem. Powerwall connection error.
I checked the app when the Tesla network WiFi unit was unplugged and it showed my internet connection was missing so I know the app is connecting with the network unit. The problem is the network unit from Tesla is not connecting with the (2) Powerwall units. At this point I would have to assume the problem is with the Tesla network WiFi unit since I have (2) Powerwalls and it is not communicating with whether of them.
I contacted Tesla and they said they were experiencing a firmware glitch recently and they are working on it, but after reading some other online forums, I see that this problem has been happening for over a year.
Does anyone have a cure without having to deal directly with the pathetic Tesla customer support?

FloridaDave | April 28, 2018

@olly.may555 One thing to consider would have a good company come out and inspect and document the system for how it was installed. Then make sure that person is ok with testifying in court on their findings. That plus your CCTV footage could give you a compelling case to have the original company pay for the removal and reinstallation of a new system by the new, more qualified, vendor. Consult a lawyer to look at your options.

nackroyd | June 19, 2018

Exactly the same problems as outlined above. "Connection Error". Tesla customer help are hopeless and referred me to the installer. Of course the installer referred me to Tesla customer help. ? Sounds familiar huh. ?. A very disappointing response from all the parties involved. Poorly designed software maybe ? Poorly designed firmware who knows. Certainly not Tesla.

difrosted | August 2, 2018

I haven't seen anyone with this problem yet.
Two Powerwalls installed 3 weeks ago and they have worked flawlessly.
My problem is that the Powerwall App will not reset the percentage amount of reserve power I want to save in the event of an outage.
Does anyone have any insight into that?

Tesla-David | August 2, 2018

@difrosted. as noted on another thread yes this appears to be a common problem that has appeared.I tried to reset my backup amount this morning and geterrormessage. Tesla has been notified, and hopefully this will be resolved soon. My PW2’s have been operating flawlessly in self powered mode for 41 days now.

bhorn | August 5, 2018

I'm documenting this for others who may have similar problems and in the hopes that someone from Tesla customer service who cares about their customers might read it.

I had 2 Powerwalls installed a month ago. First week everything was fine but my app didn't have time of use. I asked them to update my app since that was one of the reasons I purchased the batteries. They updated it (and made a firmware update as well a few days later) and within a couple of days my system would not generate solar any longer within the first half of the day, and then spontaneously it started generating solar between 10a and 1p. I thought, clearly it seemed to be a problem with the app, but Tesla insisted it was not, rather (of course) it was a problem with my inverters that they did not install and that had been running for 4 years perfectly. I asked them how it could possibly be the inverters since they were working fine for the first week with the Powerwall system. Were they suggesting somehow both inverters suddenly crapped out at the same time? And if it's the inverters then why are they capable of producing solar after 10a-1p (yes I took account of the weather, which in SoCal were completely cloudless days)? So they rolled back the app and it still didn't work.

My installers came out and we checked the inverters while solar was not producing. The inverters showed an error saying the grid was not connected, which spontaneously resolved between 10a-1p. So what controls the connection of the inverters to the grid or batteries? That would be the gateway. So somehow the gateway is not sending a signal that the inverters need until a certain time. When I explained this to them, they said it can't be the gateway, so I asked how both inverters would have a problem getting a connection to the grid if it wasn't a gateway problem? they said its an inverter problem, possibly with the firmware (I have Sunnyboy TL4000's, pretty well known and standard inverters). So I asked how the inverter firmware suddenly starts working at 10a-1p if its an inverter firmware problem? Then they said it could be the wiring is not proper. The installers came out (again) and checked the inverter (again) and the wiring and said everything was perfect. Yet, we also found out that the batteries were powering my HVAC compressor which is on the main panel and not the subpanel controlled by the Powerwall system. The installers said the wiring was perfect and that somehow the battery is sending power to the main panel when it shouldn't be and that it must be a firmware problem with Tesla.

The tier 1 support specialist I spoke to after all of this was confirmed by my installers was named Dee and was so incredibly rude and condescending. She had no understanding of the problem and wouldn't even allow me to explain to her why she didn't understand what was going on, yet she was responsible for reporting what I had to say to tier 2. She kept interrupting me and telling me that Tier 2 already looked at it and said it was an inverter problem and basically hung up on me. I had to complain through other departments because Tesla doesn't seem to have a customer service department that I could find that takes complaints (not so intuitive to me for a company that supposedly prides itself on its customer care). Do I have to tweet Elon Musk?

At any rate, Tesla made a firmware update after a week of back and forth (to 1.21) and suddenly things started working again for a few days. I though the problem was solved but then it started happening again... but not every day. I had been trying to email and contact Powerwall support for 2 weeks. Radio-silence. I literally had 5 auto-reply confirmed emails that they received the emails along with images and measurements and no response from Tesla.

So I called again and they said it's probably an inverter problem (again). So I asked them to give me a logical explanation for how it could possibly be an inverter problem, which they couldn't do. I asked them if other people were having the same problem and the rep wasn't really sure, so I told him if other people aren't having the same issue I want the gateway replaced because I probably have a lemon. If other people are having the problem then they need to let us know. They referred me (again) to Tier 2 and said they'll contact me within the next few days because they are really backed up with support issues. ...

So if you're thinking of putting in a Tesla Powerwall, given how backed up their support is with "issues" where they can't respond for 2 weeks, you may want to save yourself some frustration and hold off or go with another company who seems to value customer service more than the Powerwall division does.

quann415 | August 18, 2018

@behorn. I have the exact same problem. Tesla support is as useless as can be. They don't even understand what you're trying to tell them even when it's written in a 3 line email. I have been dealing with this same issue for over a month. I keep getting auto replies that they received the emails and will get back to me ASAP. Then radio silence for atleast a week. I then tried calling them and was on hold for over an hour from my cell. Then I called the same number from my home number and got through within 5 minutes. Seems pretty suspicious..perhaps they know my cell since it's associated with my Tesla account. Then someone finally contacted me on 8/2/2018 saying that a part needed to replaced in order to fix my issue and that it was ordered and would be ready on 8/15/2018. I emailed again to check status and silence. This is the WORST support I've ever received in all my years of dealing with any company...and this is including COMCAST..which is saying A LOT! Future customers, please consider other options because this is beyond frustrating. Maybe tweeting Elon would help.

tbecannon | January 1, 2019

We had Powerwall 2 installed just over a month ago. First time there was a power outage the system kicked in but only lasted for 10 minutes. That was two weeks ago, have telephoned Customer Support several times since and still nothing has been done to fix the system. Now two weeks later and have not heard anything from Tesla. To say that we are disappointed with customer service for this costly investment which is still not working is an understatement.

grahama.11 | January 9, 2019

We have had Powerwall 2 working for our house for about 18 months with no troubles until yesterday. What happens now is there is no battery power transfer to household power consumption when usage exceeds generation. My Telsa app shows battery at 100%, the battery itself has a flashing vertical green light. The app also shows usual operation of Solar, grid generation and grid consumption but no battery movement. Can you please advise on next step?

dortor | January 11, 2019

Recommend you actually call Tesla -don’t believe the forum is an actual customer support channel.

edwardpalmer1952 | January 12, 2020

I have had my Tesla powerwall for over two years now and the only problem I have had with the app was when I was in Australia on holiday the app was thinking I was in England and said Tesla powerwall was charging from the sun at night And I did inform Tesla that the app had a problem with the time zone could this be the same problem