40 kwh deliveries?

40 kwh deliveries?

I received a Model S 40 kwh delivery date of June 13 VIN.......11088. I should be about the last one as I ordered April 1st after the announcement that it would be discontinued ;>)

With the time required for transport mine to Ontario Canada and my late order, I figure there must be some California 40's out there by now.

MS-lover | 22 May 2013

what delivery window were you given ?

Dwdnjck@ca | 22 May 2013

I got mine on saturday. May 18. Love it

Chuck Lusin | 22 May 2013
lazyav8tr | 22 May 2013

Didn't get a delivery window, just a choice of three consecutive days for delivery. Naturally, I took the earliest. My only options were the metallic silver paint and dual chargers for the CS90 Sun Country chargepoints we have across Canada. So far there are no Superchargers.

Dwdnjck when did you order? Options? What range is predicted on a full charge? Any indication how the battery charge is limited to 40 kwh?

lazyav8tr | 22 May 2013

Chuck The link says I don't have permission to view it. I did a search but found nothing about 40 kwh deliveries.

Rajib | 22 May 2013

I'm 11310, June 15 scheduled delivery - I'm getting I'm last...

Vevans2 | 22 May 2013

Tesla Model S 10357 was delivered to me today. Can't say anything that has not been said by everyone else. Gave test drives today and received nothing but praise about the vehicle. It is a game changer and the best car I have ever owned.

Chuck Lusin | 22 May 2013

Hi lazyav8tr,

That thread has 568 posts. Tell Tesla that you are unable to see the private threads, my wife had the same problem. You are missing all the good stuff!

lazyav8tr | 23 May 2013

Hi Chuck,

Thanks! It looks like I haven't been shown the secret Tesla handshake. I've filled out a contact form, so hopefully they'll let me see the thread.

mmm | 23 May 2013

11175 I was told on Monday that my delivery date needed to be pushed back from June 5 to June 8. Has anyone else had their date pushed back as opposed to forward?

Brian H | 23 May 2013

Don't worry, the 3 days will fly by! Or not. >;)

eAdopter | 23 May 2013

Right there with ya. MY 11232 delivery has been pushed back two weeks, from 5/24 to 6/7.

fluxemag | 23 May 2013

Mine was pushed back from this week to Monday 5/27. Going to be a loooooooong weekend. But I took Monday off.

makemeupkc | 23 May 2013

My deliver date has been push back as we'll. Vin#11223

makemeupkc | 23 May 2013

Estimated Delivery
May. 24th - Jun. 7th

eAdopter | 23 May 2013

What happened? Did they run out of software limiters or Textile seat unheating elements? ;)

I'm glad to see that many have received their cars. I just read through my earlier TM e-mails and it's documentation of endless delays. I'd be seriously worried if some cars weren't already delivered.

BarryQ | 23 May 2013

lazyav8tr - I just talked to my delivery specialist, and was given a delivery window of 21-28 May. Vin # 10723.

But I too don't have the secret handshake to view private threads. I have gone round and round with various Tesla people, all to no avail. If you do find out whom to contact, please post it here.


lazyav8tr | 23 May 2013

No delays for me yet. Fingers crossed! Oops, that may make the secret handshake impossible!

Chuck Lusin | 23 May 2013

It's been so long since we got the secret handshake, I can't remember who we contacted. You probably do not see the location based CLUBS, they can fix that also.

gonzalo.stabile | 23 May 2013

I got mine yesturday on the 22nd VIN10589. Drives great. The way the 40kWh limit was explained to me was that two groups of cells were going to be left unused and depleted, which does not make sense. The other complaint is the battery meter, it hasn't been adjusted to the 40kWh model, surely a 5min programming task, so the highest state of charge it reaches is 72%. I charged it for 7hrs last night at 110V 12Amps (not sure why it can't do 15Amps), then went to a Blink station this afternoon (dead easy 5min on the Internet 1$/hr).
Getting back to deliveries my window was between the 18th and the 27th, then scheduled for the 23rd, today, but I called the customer service agent and scheduled pickup a day earlier as the car was already at the San Diego Service office. Note the deliver experience was not great, and since I picked the car early the 'tank' battery was not fully charged.

Chuck Lusin | 23 May 2013


The 40 (software reduced 60) only charges to 72%. That is the software reduced limit.

lazyav8tr | 23 May 2013

When I try your link it gives me an ACCESS DENIED page which has a "contact" but when I click on the contact I get a giant DEAD END page.

They really won't give me the secret handshake 8>(

lazyav8tr | 23 May 2013


Thanks! No worries about "range" charging then!!!

Chuck Lusin | 23 May 2013


Your car is working perfectly, here is an image of my car fully charged:

lazyav8tr | 23 May 2013

What's the displayed projected range on a full (72%) charge?

lazyav8tr | 23 May 2013

Anwered my question perfectly before I typed it! Thanks Chuck!

BarryQ | 23 May 2013

Whadda you know!. I just logged in again and the "Clubs" link is active! I guess I received the secret handshake!

rodf | 24 May 2013

Just got an email asking for preferred days/times for delivery appointment Between June 1 - June 5

Brian H | 24 May 2013

I bet that's a clue! Any idea what it means?

rebeccap88 | 24 May 2013

I was told (at the Dallas SC) all of the cells are utilized, just only up to 72% per the software limitation.

I also received a statement from my DS - due to all of the questions TM has received about the software limitation, they are now providing the following answer to customers:

"In regards to the limited 60kwh battery: You will have a 60kwh battery and the charge bar will show the full capacity of that battery on your instrument cluster. The charge bar will show the battery charged up to 72% when it is at a ‘full’ charge for the 40kwh battery and the remainder will be shown in grey. The car will come with a sticker that will state the EPA rated range for the software limited 60kwh battery that you will have. The ideal rating for the 40kwh battery is 160 miles (tested at 55mph). I wouldn’t worry about the battery not fully charging as batteries, in general, do not like being fully discharged or fully charged so this will be a very comfortable and healthy state for your battery."

Brian H | 24 May 2013

What about regen? If the limitation is "strong", regen will not be able to "overfill" the 72% level.

Jolinar | 24 May 2013

@Brian H
heh, that could be interesting test... tow the car uphill and then regen downhill to charge it to more than to 72% :-D

btw: interesting that it allows 72% since 40kWh of 60kWh is 2/3... that means it should allow only 66.6666% :-)

rebeccap88 | 24 May 2013

I think they accounted for the extra weight of the 60kwh battery and whatever extra energy that would pull compared to a true 40 battery.

ramtaz | 24 May 2013

EXCELLENT information!! Thank you for sharing.

Sean B | 24 May 2013

My app connected for the first time but says remote access is turned off. Getting real close now!

BarryQ | 24 May 2013

I think we're getting a good deal - 72% of 60 = 43.2 vs. 40.
Vin 10723 being delivered 28th. (Las Vegas)

Rajib | 24 May 2013

Did everyone have to pay for shipping of the hpwc? And a CA tire fee? I don't live in CA

sanjosedriver | 25 May 2013

The 72% is a much better deal that it sounds, considering that we are getting 100% of that battery versus the recommended 80% or 90% charge on other packs. Really we are only an 8 to 18% difference from a normal 60 as opposed to the 31% difference originally planned.

ramtaz | 25 May 2013

How many "40/60" produced? How many 40s selected to upgrade before delivery?