4.5 Release Notes on TMC forum

4.5 Release Notes on TMC forum

Looks like someone posted some screenshots of the 4.5 release notes:

What's New in Release v4.5

New Features
•Supercharger Locations
•Visited Chargers
•Charge Limit

•Contacts Sorting
•Front Defrost Mode
•Battery Support
•Improved Battery Heating

stevenmaifert | 6 May 2013

Restoration of the "Sleep Mode" does not seem to be a priority. I'm sure glad the car will now keep track of where I've charged in the past. I was running out of bread crumbs to find my way back.

Albert B | 6 May 2013

Solving issues around computers turning themselves off and back on again reliably is more difficult than you might think. And throwing the whole software team at the problem won't make it go any faster. I hope they manage to turn sleep mode back on soon, but I'm glad they're taking the time to get it right.

Mark K | 6 May 2013

That's right.

I have no doubt that sleep mode is at their highest level of priority, but they can't productively put more bodies on it. The way a task like that is organized requires a team but not an army.

The rest of their SW engineers are concurrently tackling the other wish list items.

Remember they fielded a first version once before and it had issues. They are being careful to validate it thoroughly, and that simply takes time.

Can't blame you for wanting it sooner, but they will get there and it will work.

stimeygee | 6 May 2013

Why is it so complicated? Theoretically it seems fairly easy to me, unless there's a hardware issue they're trying to work around. But I'm the opposite of an expert.

JohnFloyd | 6 May 2013

As I understand it, there are 53 some odd processors with varying dependencies that need to come back on rather instantaneously from sleep mode, hence the complexity of having it do these things as fast and reliably as we would have them. This apparently was the source of the odd behaviors experienced when sleep mode was previously available.

risquared | 6 May 2013

The most reliable tool ever used by mankind? The stick of the caveman. Made of one part only. Using 53 processors may sound exciting, but not from reliability stand point. For example, if any of those processors has a reliability factor of 1 failure per year*, than the reliability of the whole system of 53 processors will be one failure per 7 days**. No wonder that this forum is full of stories of various problems.

*which is pretty good assumption actually for computers, imagine your desktop crashing once per year only
** 365/53=6.89

stevenmaifert | 6 May 2013

@Mark K - I don't need it soon because I never lost it. I'm still running 4.1 and ignoring the update screen prompt. The car is workihg just fine. It can take up to a minute for all the funcions of the touch screen to fully wake up, but the car is drivable as soon as I touch the brake. I'm only losing 2 miles of rated range per day from the vampire load, so the wakeup time is a small inconvenience in that regard. I can always turn off sleep mode if I want instant on. Apparently Tesla can tell what version of their software you are running. They sent me an email a week ago suggesting I update. I told them why I haven't and asked them when the sleep mode would be restored. Still waiting on a reply. Yes, I am missing some of the recently added functionalities, but I can live with that too.

Range loss due to the vampire load is one of the top concerns voiced my ModS owners. It's been about 3 months since sleep mode was disabled by 4.2. How much time do they need to figure out the bugs, if there were any, and restore it?

Albert B | 6 May 2013

"How much time do they need to figure out the bugs, if there were any, and restore it?"

Let me give an example that might help.

There's a haystack over there with some needles in it. The needles will appear and disappear seemingly randomly depending on how you interact with the haystack. Some people will go through the whole haystack and never see a needle. Others will lightly brush it and stab themselves horribly.

How long would it take you to get all of the needles out of that haystack? Debugging software is often like that.

You have to test and test and test again, figure out what circumstances cause things to fail, track down the causes, design fixes, hope your fixes don't create new bugs, lather, rinse, repeat. It's difficult, and time consuming, and hard to predict.

They'll get there. I'm guessing 4.6 or 4.7.

stevenmaifert | 6 May 2013

@Albert B - No argument with your analogy. I didn't say it was easy, but after 3 months, it just doesn't seem to be a priority. If the amount of forum comment is any indication, one could easily argue this issue is the number one concern of ModS owners. The TBB part of the forum was established so TM could communicate with us on issues of concern. A progress report post would be welcome so we don't have to guess when the fix is coming.

ian | 6 May 2013

If memory serves (although I am getting to the age it could decide not to any day now ;-) ) Elon did say it wouldn't be until "this summer" that sleep mode return.

They could be taking a step by step approach to some of the issues with "Battery Support" and "Improved Battery Heating". Those seem vague enough. Maybe even "Charge Limit" too.

Albert B | 6 May 2013

@stevenmaifert The point is that it's difficult to make progress reports in situations like that. Suppose you tell everyone "we hope to have a fix by May" and then May arrives and you're still chasing heisenbugs? Silence is frustrating, but it's better than making things up just to have something to say.

A step by step approach like goneskiian suggests makes a lot of sense. I'd love to see them release a "limited" sleep mode, where they nail down sleep for a single large subsystem or two and then add more over time as they get the kinks out. I'd go from losing 15 miles a day to maybe 12, then 10, and so on. There might be things in the system that make such things not practical though.

Mark K | 7 May 2013

While 53 micro-controllers sounds like a lot, a BMW 7 has more. That's very typical today.

On the time it's taking - Robust validation is a massive sinkhole of time.

It's pretty quick to make something work most of the time, but it's very time-consuming to sufficiently test, modify and retest until it is solid nearly all the time.

The other wild card is battery thermal management. I think TM is working hard to perfect a recipe that provides both low power consumption and vigorous battery protection. That involves lengthy validation under diverse conditions. It's not a go, no go test. It's about optimization, which takes time.

As you've seen with 4.1, vampire loss can be fixed. TM just has to make it work for everyone reliably, and do it with optimized battery protection.

I can't imagine that they don't see it as a priority. They know well the usability issues with airport parking discharge.

For everybody screaming that they want their new feature, you'll find two more complaining when a release is not fully baked.

It takes what it takes to get it right.

ylyubarsky | 17 May 2013

Can somebody explain if I have 4.4 version, how can I install the new 4.5 version?

negarholger | 17 May 2013

Installation process is wait until downloaded.

bsimoes | 19 May 2013

In March, when my Delivery Specialist delivered my car, he said that they roll out the updates from Califoria to the East. He said they don't rush it, because they want to limit any problems.

Jolinar | 19 May 2013

JB Straubel said in some article that new sleep mode will be enabled again in few months. It should be sooner than European deliveries.

Xerogas | 19 May 2013

I have 4.5 because that's what came pre-installed on my 40/60 delivered this last Wednesday. It's a little buggy, so you might be better off waiting for the next release. In my case, certain regions of the touchscreen respond to touches incorrectly, and cause the wrong features to be activated.

eltonf | 19 May 2013

Xerogas that might be a hardware defect, not a software bug. I suggest you call Tesla and / or take it to a nearby service center.

mbergman | 20 May 2013

Agreed, eltonf. Xerogas, I also picked up my 40 with 4.5 last Wednesday, and have encountered no bugs at all, and no problems such as the one you describe.

Brian10 | 20 May 2013

Interesting to read that some are having issues with 4.5. I have been driving my 40/60 for one week, had 4.5 installed at pick up, and I've noticed no issues so far.

Brian H | 20 May 2013

Yes, the issues might be despite 4.5, not because of it. H/W or imperfect install? | 20 May 2013

Perhaps off-topic, but for those technically interested, I documented about 52 processors in the MS.

If anyone see's something I've missed, or can fill in a processor/vendor info I've left blank, let me know.

jonesxander | 20 May 2013

@Ivan, right but how many moving parts does an ICE have vs. a Model S?

I think you're focusing on the wrong thing. According to this article,

,a 7 Series BMW has 100 processors!!!!

I'd rather have less moving parts, and more processors, if you ask me. But with the Model S, I'll take the best of both worlds, less moving parts and less processors thank you very much.

hnashif | 20 May 2013

The complexity of the drive train in an ICE car may be the reason for the 100 processors in a 7-series BMW.

ChristianG | 3 June 2013

But bmw can feed their 100 processors with a 12V battery ;)

what changed in the maps?

Schlermie | 25 June 2013

I just downloaded version 1.33.54 (4.5), but there's no change in the release notes from version 1.33.51.

Brian H | 25 June 2013

The versions change faster than the release notes.

Schlermie | 6 July 2013

I just downloaded version 1.33.59 (4.5), but there's no change in the release notes from version 1.33.54.

Xerogas | 22 July 2013


Turns out my touchscreen "phantom touches" issue was a hardware problem after all. Software upgrade to 1.33.59 did not solve it, so Tesla replaced with a new touchscreen, and all is well now.

Also, no fan noise from behind the screen now!