5,000 Miles Cross Country Road Trip Portland to Miami

5,000 Miles Cross Country Road Trip Portland to Miami

Hello everyone. We are embarking on a 5,000+ mile cross country road trip from Portland to Miami, FL in a Model S 85KW Performance EV. Start date is today Feb. 15th 2013. I'm Elliott, the new owner and my good friend, Juan from Spain has joined me for this experience. We are picking the car up this morning. We will be blogging daily about our road trip experience. Our tentative itinerary is Portland, Seattle, Vancouver, Whistler, Napa Valley, San Francisco, Tesla factory tour in Freemont, CA, Los Angeles, San Diego, Las Vegas/Grand Canyon, Phoenix, Albuquerque, Amarillo, Odessa, Austin, San Antonio, Houston, New Orleans, Panama City, Tallahassee, Tampa, Miami, FL. Follow us on our blog at

We have a promotion tied to the trip. We plan to give away 5,000+ batteries along the way. We are randomly giving away Panasonic Hearing Aid batteries in cartons of 60 pcs to lucky customers. One battery for every mile traveled in the EV- that's the plan. Follow us on our blog!!!

NOPetrol | 15 February 2013

Good luck & enjoy!

bradslee | 15 February 2013

Please make sure to send a note with a pack of your free hearing aid battery to Mr. Broder at NYT when you successfully complete your across country journey. I am sure that Mr. Broder does need a hearing aid to hear what we MS owners say about his prejudice against Tesla.

Brian H | 15 February 2013

Enjoy your Canadian detour! Are you going to use a Sun Country 90A station?

Hi_Tech | 18 February 2013

Bravo my friends! Good luck with the trip and I'm sure you will really enjoy it!
What I really like is not just the range you are planning (5,000 miles), but how your path goes into the hot and cold climates. Really looking forward to your updates.


Duffer | 18 February 2013

Fabulous. I'm planning a trip from Boston to Orlando in the spring. My car (85) is scheduled to arrive early March, so I'm very interested in how you manage charging throughout the day in areas where Superchargers are not yet installed. Good luck!!

drp | 18 February 2013 word in three days...I wonder if Brian filled them with too much wine in VC?

MiamiBeachBlues | 21 February 2013

Hi Everyone. Thanks for your comments. As I type we are on our Whistler to Seattle leg, 10 miles out from downtown Seattle. We left Whistler on a full charge and stopped for dinner in Vancouver for some great Chinese food. While dining we left the car charging at city hall (again) and we walked 0.4 miles to our restaurant. We parked with 177 miles on the battery and retrieved the car after dinner with 228 miles. We'll be arriving to Seattle with around 38 miles to spare on the battery. Please check our blog on for daily updates. Someone get me Mr. Broder's mailing address and I'll be sure to send him a pack of hearing aid batteries.

MiamiBeachBlues | 3 March 2013

We have driven over 2700 miles so far and we are at the Grand Canyon, AZ. 2500 miles more to go before arriving to Miami. So far the car is running great. Making good use of 240V 50Ah outlets at RV campgrounds, which charge about 55% faster than the typical EV charging station. EV chargers give us around 17-19 miles per hour charge. The RV sites are charging the car at 29-32 miles per hour.

Not all RV sites are friendly. A few of them over the telephone have turned down our requests to charge & pay; ignorantly telling us they don't know how much electric will be used and how much they should charge. Also, RV sites don't show up on the EV charging data bases. Follow us on our blog for the latest updates.

DouglasR | 3 March 2013

@MiamiBeachBlues, regarding the 29-32 mph charge, are those "ideal" miles? I've never charged over 30 rated mph using NEMA 14-50.

JZ13 | 3 March 2013

@Miami - great blog.

How are you getting 300+ mile on a full charge? When I charged on the range setting to full I only got 270 rated miles max.

DouglasR | 3 March 2013

I think if you switch the units to "ideal" in settings, you will see 300. Of course it doesn't change how many actual miles you will get.

Brian H | 4 March 2013

Divide the ideal range by 3 and you will get % SOC.

Pricee2 | 11 March 2013

Last blog entry March 6. Where are they now?

Brian H | 12 March 2013

Lost in OK?

Pricee2 | 13 March 2013

They made it to FL but need to update their blog.

Brian H | 14 March 2013

Some more days updated, 4 days pending. They may end up doing 6000 miles instead of 5000!