Acceleration on the MS60

Acceleration on the MS60

I am in line to get a MS60 in october, but never test drove the 60 only the performance model, I know that it won't be the same but how is the acceleration on the 60 and are you guys satisfied

amirm | 27 August 2013

I have a 60 and last week got a P85+ loaner. The P85 is quicker but the 60 has plenty juice and is much quitet with the 19" tires. I considered an upgrade to the P but after test driving it I am not considering it.
I would go for bigger battery if I had to do it again...

get_amped | 27 August 2013

I drove them all in this order: P85, 85, 60, P85+.
I decided on the 60 mainly due to my commute (<30 miles day) and also because I thought it was still fast enough for my liking. This video shows the 0-60 times for all three. There are many others, just search on youtube.

HenryT2 | 27 August 2013

The P85 is noticeably quicker. It's awesome. But the P60 is very quick too. Unless you live in a very quiet, uncrowded area, it's hard to even find opportunities to push a 60, let alone a P85. When I got my loaner, I spent the whole day looking for opportunities and only managed to find some decent places to let loose after 10pm.

I'm happy with my S60. I don't think I'd get a P85 unless the extra $18K (not inc. supercharger money) was worth the additional 2 or 3 times a day you might find the opportunity to notice the difference for a few seconds.

akikiki | 27 August 2013

I drove a 60 for 5 months.
There were times when I pushed the pedal and I felt like
she was pulling the steering wheel out of my hands and leaving me behind. You will be very happy with a 60.

Mathew98 | 28 August 2013

@HenryT2 - Ahem, your software limited S40 is giving you the acceleration of a standard S60. It's still plenty fast for 99.9% of daily usage. And you got a great deal for your MS. I missed out on the steal by a couple of months.

@dbaskara - The 85's give you an extra oomph for faster acceleration but I think the incremental difference is a negligible after using my S85 loaner for a week.

The only time a S60 loses on a drag race is against other S/P85/+ variations. If you search the forum using, other owners have professed the same love for their S60's.

donalo702 | 28 August 2013

@dbaskara - I currently drive an A4 2.0T Quattro and the 0-60 is listed at 5.9 seconds, the same as the "listed" 0-60 for the MS60. I can tell you that is a lie.

The MS60 is significantly faster in acceleration overall, but more notably, it's the instantaneous result of acceleration that most impressed me (just drove the MS60 yesterday). It's as if the car does what you intend it to do with no delay.

As someone who was debating between the MS60 & MS85 for range reasons I can't tell you long term which I'd prefer. However, I can tell you that I was much more impressed with the performance and acceleration than I was led to believe.

The MS60 is much faster than either my A4 or my previous G35 Coupe 6MT.

If I had to compare it I'd say it was like driving the G35 in a permanent power band without ever having to shift...

RedShift | 28 August 2013


In my other thread about me outrunning a Camaro SS, I forgot to add one thing: my pedal was to the metal.

In the back of my mind, as I was beginning the initial acceleration was " I wish I had more acceleration" until I realized I was outrunning the Camaro, AND was close to my driving limits with the curve coming up.

Electric drive is like warp drive, gut feeling vise. You get to reach the limits of your talents quickly and without you noticing. ;-)

In other words, you'll be happy in a 60.

Longhorn92 | 28 August 2013

I test drove a performance version as well, but I ordered the "40" (software-limited 60). You will not be disappointed with the acceleration of the 60.

alfafoxtrot1 | 28 August 2013

This may help: I gave my 25 year old nephew a spin in my 60. I tossed a $20 bill on the floor on the passenger side and asked him to pick it up. As he reached, I floored it. We both laughed as he struggled to reach it only to be slammed to the back of his seat. I'd let up, he'd reach, I'd nail it, and we'd laugh again and again.

Eleanor | 28 August 2013

I've had my 60 for 7 months now. The early S's don't identify the battery with the emblem on the back, so to look at it, you wouldn't know my 60 from an early 85 or Performance. It's more than quick enough for me, and my husband complains about the G's when I floor it. I second Longhorn92's comment: you won't be disappointed with the acceleration.

Brian H | 28 August 2013

I predict many will be doing the "free $20 bill" demo soon!

dbaskara | 29 August 2013

thanks for the input

Brian H | 29 August 2013

donalo702 | August 28, 2013
It's as if the car does what you intend it to do with no delay.

That's the key: it's like brain-driving. Think it, and it happens -- right now!

leon.gelernter | 29 August 2013

Of course it's fast. It's a model S. But the 85+ is qicker. Always.


Jgraeff | 29 August 2013

Just curious what is this software limited thing people are talking about?

S4WRXTTCS | 29 August 2013

The software limited thing only applies to 40KW models. Basically 40KW cars are identical to 60kw cars except for a software limitation that limits the car to only using 40kw of the 60kw battery.

They did this because they decided not to make any actual 40kw version because of the lack of demand. So on the few that were ordered they used the software trick because it was the most cost effective way of dealing with it.

In reality the 40kw became a great value because you could upgrade them to 60kw by paying Tesla. They also had the advantage of not having a lot of the limitations of a smaller battery.

I regret two things when it comes to Tesla. Not buying stock earlier, and not buying a 40kw.

RedShift | 29 August 2013

I usually do the wrong thing. Like buying too much of a bad stock, selling it too early. I wasn't born with that part of the brain that some investors seem to have.

So, I bought Tesla at around 45. Prescient, no? Well, I ends up cautioning myself that ' I have always done the wrong thing..' So, I think I am being wise, and buy HALF of what I'd have bought.

Big mistake.

Classic George Costanza mmemnt there.

RedShift | 29 August 2013


Anthony H | 29 August 2013

@RedShift, I don't think being "cautious" is ever "wrong."

All of us here wish we'd bought more stock than we did. We all bought what ever amount at whatever price we did -- no one has a crystal ball...

Except maybe Elon.

david | 29 August 2013

thought about the 60, got the 85 for the extra range
i wouldn't change a thing

And yes - not sure anything beats going from where you are to where you want to be in an instant, and seeing all the other cars in your (beautifully crafted) rear view mirror...

ThomasK | 30 August 2013

I have a 60. I am not an exotic car guy, and so the P85+ performance would be wasted on me, relative to the great performance of the 60. In day to day street driving, it's really no contest with most ICEs. Since owning the car for 9 months, I've actually toned things down a bit...

elguapo | 30 August 2013

I have a 60 and chose it because it more than meets my need for range. It has amazing acceleration and, as others have said, I rarely get to use its full power. You won't be disappointed with a 60. Sure, an 85+ is faster, but a 60 is pretty gosh darn quick.

ajkim26 | 30 August 2013

The 60 is a silent beast ninja tank

GeekEV | 30 August 2013

Speed Run (shows 0-10/20/30..120):

Racing at REFUEL 2013:

lspitzner | 30 August 2013

While not a 60, I do have the standard 85 (no performance package). Even without the P package, the 85 accelerates faster than anything I have owned. As many have said, the acceleration is instant (when you need it most) and you are hard pressed to find anywhere where you can push it more.

cwmenne | 30 August 2013

I have an S60 that I've put 3,000 miles on so far and just got a P85+ loaner yesterday. It is noticeably quicker, but only barely. In my opinion, the S60 is plenty fast and won't be leaving you wanting more. BUT, the more important difference I've noticed is that with my S60, my average Wh/mile is 306 since new and I routinely see usage in the high 200's, although in the P85+, I am averaging in the high 300's/mile. I know that I am stepping on it a little more than normal as I am trying to compare, but I am having more range anxiety with the P85 than I do with my S60. I've heard that the S60 is more efficient, or more conservatively rated, but it's hard to quantify it without a scientific test. The thing I like the most about the P85+ though, and may make the extra cost worth it, is the suspension, WOW is it great! Rides just as smooth as mine, but corners much better without being any more harsh. They seem to have done what BMW hasn't; good handling without the harshness! I still like mine and have no complaints, but am absolutely amazed at how nice the P85+ rides with the 21" wheels.