Access to the "reservation" forums area?

Access to the "reservation" forums area?

So um, my lovely beautiful fantastic new wife gave me a wedding present on Sunday...a Model S reservation. Now, of course, I couldn't be more thrilled (I think she was sick of hearing me talk about it) but since she bought it for me and whatever, I'm a bit out of the loop on what all comes with that. I emailed a few days ago to the tesla "reservations" email, and the guy at the Santa Monica tesla shop that sold her the reservation, but haven't heard back. Basically, wondering if you all have an idea of how to get access to the other area of the forum for tesla reservation holders, and how to, um, get in the loop as far as getting test drives and stuff.

I can't believe I'm going to own this car next year. Holy shit.

dbbtex | 28 September 2012

Congrats! Lots to see and learn on this site. The Design Studio will be fun to play with if you haven't already as you spec out a car. Sounds like you'll have plenty of time to decide how big a battery you need, etc. Find the events gallery to get more accurate pictures of the paint colors than what you find in the Design Studio where everything is computer generated.

archibaldcrane | 28 September 2012

Just heard from Tim McCann at Tesla, apparently my wife has a TM account that the car is under from when she signed up (had to keep it from me so it was a surprise on our wedding day), so I'm getting that switched over to my account shortly. Yeah I've been on the site for 6 months or so now, spec'd out 3 different cars. Debating on the sunroof - my wife's Jetta TDI sportwagen has the full opening sunroof and it's pretty great, but the Tesla I checked out in Santa Monica's roof nearly as nice looking. That huge black plastic bar between the two panels was, frankly, hideous - is that a beta thing? Also, the rear headroom issue isn't really solved by the sunroof (which is the reason I was considering it) since it doesn't extend back far enough to give additional headroom when your head is against the headrest. As a 5'11 guy my hair touches the ceiling still with the sunroof, pretty disappointing.

Instead, I may look at just getting the active air suspension for my stupidly steep driveway, and bump up to the 60 kwh battery. Ouch on my pocketbook, but it would virtually eliminate range anxiety completely.

olanmills | 28 September 2012

I think they are working on improvements to the sunroof bar thing.

If you only wanted the sunroof for the extra headroom, then it doesn't really seem like it's worth the price.

If you will appreciate the sunroof for the view and the ability to open it, then I think it's totally worth it.

TINO F | 28 September 2012

I am going to wrap mine in Stitched Black Leather to match the seats.