Active Air Suspension & Range

Active Air Suspension & Range

My understanding is that The Model S has about 6 inches of road clearance. With Active Air Suspension it can be raised to about 7 inches for rough roads, driveways, etc. Since the clearance can be lowered to about 5 inches for higher speed freeway travel, does anyone know if we can expect measurable range extension with the lowest road clearance? I expect most of us will still be driving at average freeway speeds of 70 mph more or less. I was doing about 72 mph on Highway 280 near Woodside, Ca yesterday, and a Beautiful Gray Model S passed me like I was standing still. I presume he had Active Air.

ChasF | 9 January 2013

Yes, he had active air. No Model S's produced/delivered this far have been built without it.

ChasF | 9 January 2013

correction: "thus far..."

gregv64 | 9 January 2013

Yeah, since no standard suspension cars have been built yet, the real question is whether standard suspension will reduce range noticeably.

Vawlkus | 10 January 2013

Or increase it: remember, the system IS a power drain afterall. We just don't know how much.

dstiavnicky | 15 January 2013

Active air is also heavier, perhaps the standard suspension will increase range...

Joshua Burstyn | 15 January 2013

Considering some posters have noted that an average complement of passengers hasn't noticeably affected their range I doubt the air suspension's extra heft would make a difference.