Adopt A Telsa Supercharger

Adopt A Telsa Supercharger

Passion, while trite, is a word that easily describes the owners and followers of this young Tesla family.

With a growing network of Supercharging locations across the world, is there any discussion of an idea where individuals or groups (Tesla Owners Clubs) could 'adopt' a Supercharger location?

My apology if this idea was already proposed.

Skotty | 18 May 2013

Would such group contribute to it's cost? Personally, I could see contributing money towards superchargers that are convenient to me.

Brian H | 18 May 2013

Would their power be free to all comers? Who pays? Solar City would not be involved.

kevinf311 | 18 May 2013

I assume this idea was meant to be similar to the Adopt-a-highway program.

The program seems to mainly deal with cosmetic and litter related issues. A group adopts a length of highway and promises to keep it clean and clear of litter in exchange for having their name attached to the roadway.

I like this idea, but I imagine that during the selection, negotiation, and construction of Super Charger locations Tesla has set up agreements with the land owners for litter removal to be included with the maintenance of the attached parking/establishment/whatever.

It would be cool to adopt a Super Charger near me and go charge at "Kevin's SC" :D

carlgo | 21 May 2013

Tesla owners do not throw cigarettes, beer cans and fast food wrappers out the windows at this time. Later, when you can buy one for $1999 at Cowboy Bob's No Credit Check Car Lot, it might be a problem.

Panoz | 22 May 2013

That's funny, carlgo! Yes, i would assume Tesla owners are a more professional and altruistic lot...