Aftermarket Support in NY area

Aftermarket Support in NY area

For anyone looking for aftermarket support (tinting/parking sensors/radar detectors/etc), the Queens Service Center referred me to Technik 1 ( and Gus there has been fantastic. They are also used by Tesla for paint repairs. He has worked on Roadsters for several years and already done work on Model S before I took in my car.
He has put on front and rear parking sensors for me and ceramic tint (40% sides, 50% rear).

gasnomo | 19 March 2013

Thanks for posting this. Could you post pictures of the parking sensors? Where are the alerts? Surely he didn't hack into the system and they show up on the drivers or center console?

safrank | 19 March 2013

Would you mind sharing the price of installing the parking sensors? Thanks.

gasnomo | 19 March 2013

So just spoke with my local service rep b/c wanted to know if installing these voided my warranty. He said likely no, however the car has wiring already, and possibly the hardware for:

a) proximity/parking sensors
b) 'park assist'
c) lane change warning

so he suggested i hold off installing and said that updates on these from TM would be coming 'soon'.

Just an fyi.

murraypetera | 19 March 2013

How much did Gus charge?
I would also love to see pictures if you could.

Brian H | 19 March 2013

I nominate "soon" as the most abused word in TM's vocabulary.

cbentinck | 19 March 2013

I will try to post pictures 'soon'. The parking sensors on both ends were $1850 (parts & labor). This is a lot more than my local mechanic charged $350 labor + $250 parts but Gus knows these cars inside out and his work is second to none, not to mention is approved by Tesla so feel safe with him. I know, a lot of $ for peace of mind but welcome to NYC. Determined it was worth while versus another cracked bumper (wife hit curb with Denali and that 'tiny' bump cost me $1250 so feels like good insurance on a car that will cost 2-4x to repair). My P85 is black so I save on paint since sensors are black- or more to the point, it will cost more to paint them but again, Tesla uses Gus to do work so should be top quality... I opted for a sonic only system as I never seem to pay attention to lights in my other cars and keeps the aesthetics clean. On the 'soon' to come Tesla parking sensors, lane departure, etc, I found conflicting reports of the hard wiring for these things. While it would be great marketing to be able to say they added these features to their existing customers, it seems fairly unlikely. I would welcome any more concrete information on these (little late for me, but hopefully save others).