Any feedback re fit and functionality for Weather Tech floormats?

Any feedback re fit and functionality for Weather Tech floormats?

nickjhowe | 14 June 2014

Not quite the answer you are looking for, but I've had the weathertech trunk liner in my S for over a year. Great fit and no marks, despite throwing all kinds of cr*p in there.

Andercam | 14 June 2014

I have the Weather Tech in the Frunk, Trunk, and all floors (in the winter), and I wouldn't do it any other way. They fit good, look good, and protect the carpet from the Winter grime. | 14 June 2014

I assume you are talking about the Tesla All-Weather mat from Tesla and not ordering from Weather Tech since they are cheaper from Tesla (as crazy as that seems) and have Tesla logos not Weather Tech.

I've got the full set (including trunk but not frunk)and am very happy with them.

SeattleSid | 14 June 2014

I got front and back seat only. And, as above, I got them from Tesla for the same reasons. Very happy with them.

ir | 14 June 2014

I have the full Tesla set and they work well.

romainiacWV | 14 June 2014

Love them. Use them all year

KdotB | 14 June 2014

Anyone seen any mat to put beneath the jump seats where the kiddies muddy boots will be dripping all sorts of nice things? Or is the area easy to wipe clean as is? | 14 June 2014
sule | 14 June 2014

@KDotB: I had the same question before I got the car. It is easy to clean, but I got something I found at a local store (Canadian Tire) that can be hung off of the headrest.

I also have Tesla all weather mats everywhere (made by Weathertech). They are awesome.

crmohler | 14 June 2014

I really like them, with one hesitation. The edges curl. They are actually made with curved edges, which is great for taking them out of the car for vacuuming underneath, washing the mats, etc. But the edges are curling more as time goes by, so feet can graze them getting in and out of the car.

That being said, I appreciate them a lot more now than when I bought them. I take them out of my car when washing it and rinse them off with the hose. They clean quickly and dry quickly. All in all I'd purchase them again in a heart beat.

AoneOne | 14 June 2014

Two minor complaints: the surface texture can be slick: when wet, the heel of my rubber-soled shoe can slip, changing its position relative to the pedals.

Even less important: dirt got under the Tesla nameplate, ruining the adhesive and causing it to come off the mat.

jordanrichard | 14 June 2014

I know these mats are supposedly custom made for the Tesla, but why are there holes in the driver's side for hooks that the Tesla doesn't have?

Qwiksilver | 14 June 2014

I have weather tech liners for 3 of my 4 vehicles. They've lived up to every claim made by the manufacturer.

KdotB | 14 June 2014

Thanks Gary. Didn't see that when I was going through the site.

buickguy | 14 June 2014

I have the front and rear seat mats from Tesla. They look great and seem to be wearing well. I'll probably get the trunk mat, too, but will pass on the frunk mat for lack of use.

PleasantonS | 14 June 2014

Have them in my Tesla and have them in my Lexus. Even in CA where we don't have sand and salt, they still seem to accumulate a ton of crap, grass clippings, sand, dirt, etc. I had them installed the day I picked up the car. Well worth the price.

sweetmanpe | 14 June 2014

No brainer if you use your car all seasons for all purposes.

tesla-rick | 14 June 2014

I got the full set when I picked up the car. Only two weeks but good so far. As for the holes in the drives side mat. My set came with the carpet studs to hold the mat in place. The service center said I really didn't need them and said just keep them out for now and they would install them later if I found I wanted them in. Hope that helps. | 14 June 2014


I got the carpet studs with mine and installed them. However, not sure they are needed and, if you install them they make it awkward to get the mats out. Considering taking them out.

jordanrichard | 15 June 2014

Oh, ok. The reason I asked is that one of the loaners that I have gotten had these mats and I noticed the holes, but there were no hooks. So my thought was what was the point to the holes.