Any hint about the Model Y ? Design ?

Any hint about the Model Y ? Design ?

Any rumors around ?

Monkey | 6 October 2015

I'm hoping it's the truck that was hinted at some time back. Or maybe I'm just dreaming of an electric replacement for the F350 pickup I just bought....

jordanrichard | 6 October 2015

Since this Model Y was leaked in a Tweet by Elon, in reference to FWDs and the Model 3, I am going to suspect that Model Y will be the SUV version of the M3.

deeageux | 6 October 2015

80% scale Model X at 50% of the price. | 6 October 2015

Or 50% scale of the X at 80% of the price :)

We might get some more news at the 3 revel event in March 2016.

danej | 6 October 2015

I assumed the Model Y was a new Roadster: two-seat, falcon-wing doors, built on the Model S base but far lighter and faster, etc.


SeanB.UT.US | 6 October 2015

The X was designed to appeal to women, so the Y ought to be something manly.

deeageux | 7 October 2015

The 3 will be a more popularly priced S.

The Y will be a more popularly priced X.

XY (he he) will be designed to appeal to women.

SE will be designed to appeal to men.

Gayatrikr | 7 October 2015

Hope its not another 3 yr wait but looks like it will b

Red Sage ca us | 7 October 2015

I would love it if the YANKEE were a Tesla pickup truck... But it would more likely be an SUV. Still, I expect there will be a Model ≡ Sedan and Crossover/Wagon, while I hope for a Coupe/Cabriolet. The Generation III SUV will be something else.