Any problems with satellite and/or slacker reception and EZ Pass NJ violations

Any problems with satellite and/or slacker reception and EZ Pass NJ violations

Had the vehicle in the shop, was advised I receive same signal as the loaner vehicles, but I live in West Chester PA (about 35 miles outside of Philly) and have a vacation home in Atlantic City and have been having horrific signal issues. I was basically in static mode for almost an entire mile while on the Atlantic City Expressway at mile marker 35 (heading West) and fight with intermittent static every day when I drive to and from work, a 5 mile commute. I absolutely love the car but until you miss major news or attempt to listen to live sporting events, you don't know how badly static can ruin an otherwise enjoyable ride. Please let me know if you have had any issues whatsoever with reception. Also feel free to let me know about EZpass solutions, I have received about 10 violations so far because the ezpass does not register through the window and I have tried multiple ez pass units and even held the damn thing out the sunroof and it hasn't worked. I don't mind an email at thanks in advance for any help.

J.T. | 14 July 2013

My Ezpass-ny transponder works affixed to the windshield just in front of the rear view mirror at the top of the window.

AlMc | 14 July 2013

Had similar problem with NJ EZPass on Delaware Memorial Bridge yesterday. Put transponder near the rearview mirror as several people had described...No go. Waiting for violation notice :(

CC | 14 July 2013


Strapping the EZ pass to the stalk of the rear view mirror is the only way for the pass to work on my car due to the special metallic coating on the windshield.

On the newer Model S, putting the EZ pass on the dotted area to the right of the rear view mirror works.

As for FM reception, Tesla is working on it. I have been streaming music and news instead via car's 3G service.

campsalvage | 17 July 2013

I havent solved the ezpass issue either, but i have not gotten any violations. Ezpass has my plate registered and reads the photo.


JonathanL | 17 July 2013

I got the plate mounted transponder. I prefer the discreet look compared to the white tag.

Hi_Tech | 17 July 2013

I live in MA and have EZPass system here as well. I was told by the Tesla service center, when picking up the car about 3 weeks ago, that there is an external EZPass transponder that can be placed at the front license plate area. It can actually be installed inside the front bumper area, so it's discreet. Tesla service center took care of that install for me in about 10 minutes. The problem is that I still get "Call EZPass" message quite often. Not sure what is causing this. I'm reaching out to the service center and then to EZPass to see if I actually have a violation or not.