Anyone else's key fob show signs of cracking around the [un]lock button on the "roof" ?

Anyone else's key fob show signs of cracking around the [un]lock button on the "roof" ?

mine shows cracking and the is a ~45 degree segment that looks like its cracked all the way through. I've had the car just over 3 months, and I'm concerned that as the cracking is progressing this fob can't last long :(

TFMethane | 20 September 2013

Yes. it has cracked in a circle on the roof unlock button. It seems weird, because I never press this button, and I only keep the fob in that pocket -nothing else. it is on a keychain with other keys, so I'm assuming the other keys wore through it. I think I'll mention it next time I go in for service. Lots of little things like this that are annoying, but I think the hope of little improvements with software updates kind of balances these things out in my overall experience rating.

mal42north | 20 September 2013

I had a slightly different problem, the button fell off so I glued it back on. Worked fine, but when I took the car in for some service work I let them know and they replaced the key. Seems like they need to replace both at the same time, so bring both keys in.

jbunn | 20 September 2013

Yeah, I can see the circle as well.

markapeterman | 20 September 2013

My center circle fell off. I have it scotch taped until I get to the service center.

portia | 20 September 2013

curious if you have auto present door handle set, or do you push the fob all the time to unlock/lock?

EESROCK | 20 September 2013

The center button is starting to show around the edges and will likely wear through the plastic covering soon. No worries. My kids will probably enjoy fixing it with some decorative duck tape.

Jay w | 20 September 2013

Received my car December 18, 2012 ... I also am experiencing the center circle on top getting ready to work its way through. I do have my auto present door handle set however when it doesn't recognize the fob I obviously push it to open the doors or when I'm showing off the doorhandles use the fob once again. Next time I go in for service I'll bring it up ...

For some strange reason my wife's fob looks perfectly new .... Oh yeah! she doesn't drive it

david.cheney | 20 September 2013

OK, my turn to praise Tesla for outstanding customer service! I posted my concern at, uhm, maybe 6:15 pm tonight (Friday), and within 4 hours they had looked me up, called, and let me know they are arranging for a new fob to be delivered to my dealer. This on a Friday night, their initiative! Thanks and WAY TO GO Tesla!!

Oliver in Seattle | 21 September 2013

Yes, same issue here. Packing tape to keep the button in place. Will mention to service center.

bp | 21 September 2013

I used black electrical tape on one of my two keys - which blends well with the black key color - and covers the key from front hood to back hood - at least until I take my car in for the next service visit - and exchange the keys.

jat | 21 September 2013

Yes, mine is starting to show that, and they said if I bring both keys to the service center they will replace them free.

pilotSteve | 21 September 2013

service center replaced both of my keys because one had cracked at my last visit. Great service!

diegoPasadena | 21 September 2013

They replaced mine, too. Just bring both of the ones you got initially to a service center, and I think they can do it right there for you.
I'm not sure, but the new one feels like it has a little thicker plastic cover over the button.

Since I didn't get the tech package, I have to use the FOB, but I only ever use it to lock the car. To open it, I just press the handle. But even like that, it lasted only 6 months. I think ultimately the cheapest solution for Tesla might be to just enable auto-lock for all cars... :^) That way, the FOBs might last forever.

hammy16 | 21 September 2013

Happend to me and others. Tesla has replacement covers and takes only a min or so at the
service center to replace

bp | 22 September 2013

I've had my Model S since late January - with the Tech package - and haven't used the FOB very much - and still the roof button cracked.

Hopefully they're using a different material for the FOBs now - that will last longer.

If they have replacement covers - wonder if they could order colors that actually matched our cars (instead of black for everyone)...

RanjitC | 22 September 2013

@bp +1
I have auto present but one key has had this problem. Stuck it back on with GOOP

mark_g | 22 September 2013

The cover portion of mine fell off both of my key fobs (TM said they will replace both). BTW I accidentally ran one of mine through a wash and dry cycle and it still worked!

Jewsh | 22 September 2013

My top circle came off already and my wife's isn't long for this world either. Sigh.

TonyF | 22 September 2013

My fob in that same area has cracked - still works. At my one year service (December), I will tell my service center to evaluate.

david.cheney | 22 September 2013

+1 bp :)

Alex K | 22 September 2013

When I took my car in for yearly maintenance, I gave them both my fobs in case they would replace them. Both fobs had the circular crack. They did replace the fobs, but mentioned that they only did this for me because of my distance to the service center. Usually they only replace them when the plastic falls off, but didn't want me to have to drive the distance to have them replaced later.

Brian H | 23 September 2013

Duct tape to the rescue! As usual.

SunCoulombs | 23 September 2013

The key fobs are really a piece of crap!

jchangyy | 23 September 2013

Same with a crack. tape is holding it together for now.

Manta | 23 September 2013

I've had my car since February, have the car with auto-present handles and walk-away locking on, and keep the key by itself usually in the fifth pocket in my pants. I've recently noticed a ring at the top of the fob become visible, and a couple of days ago, the circular cap came off. For now, I superglued it back on (a few very small drops on the orange ring), but I'll mention it when I bring the car in to get the winter tires put on.

DanD | 23 September 2013

the rear trunk came off long ago. Sort of like it better that way because I don't open the frunk by accident so much

Solar Scout | 23 September 2013

The circular cover came off the roof of my fobs; the other was showing wear. The Road Ranger replaced both with new versions of the fob. You do need both fobs to do the replacement. The new one has grooves on the top along both sides of the car.

NKYTA | 23 September 2013

"Roof" came off of fob. Calvin at Burlingame noticed it, preemptively asked if he could fix it for me - sure! Johnny mentioned that they were coming out with better fobs at some point in the future. Another good service experience!
Oh, and the detailer at Burlingame was able to get some sap off front right quarter panel - like new.
:-) :-)

Eletrek | 23 September 2013

Not sure why all the drama by so many of as Chicago Service Center replaced both mine no questions asked. So just make arrangements to have them replaced at local service center. Only catch was they needed both of the actual fob's to recreate the replacements.

jonlivesay | 23 September 2013

Had mine replaced, it wasn't operating properly all the time. The service center gave me a new fob, no problem. Showed me how the old one was starting to separate along the top. Easy fix.

gru | 7 November 2013

My 2011 Roadster FOB seemed to be getting weak. Often it would not unlock the trunk until a half a dozen tries, and now it will not lock or unlock the car reliably anymore.

I checked the key housing for battery access and found no way to open it.


jeremythehunt | 7 November 2013

I have the issue where a circle came off over the unlock button. The odd thing is that it's on the key that is never used. I just picked it up one day and it came off. Figure next time I'm in I'll make them replace it.

Robert22 | 7 November 2013

@david -

Yes, with ordinary daily use it's taken my fob about 11 months to manifest similar changes. It starts with fissures that expand to larger cracks. Discuss with your service center on the next visit.

Brian H | 8 November 2013

There's a Roadster forum, too.

LMB | 8 November 2013

We have the circle developing around the top button, but not a big problem. Without the tech package, we use it to look the car.

In for tire rotation, service said they'd be happy to replace the fobs if we wanted. They also said they're working on a permanent replacement back at the mother ship, so we decided to wait for that.

carolinagobo | 9 November 2013

Did you a order pano roof on your key fob? Lol

Captain_Zap | 9 November 2013

The pano roof came off my spouse's fob and likes it better that way. I don't think that it is because our car doesn't have a pano roof.

TFMethane | 18 November 2013

Tesla saw my post and called me to tell me they would replace my key fob. When they called, I mentioned all the other little nagging interior problems that had been taking a while to fix (due to parts availability). They told me they would fix them all. The following week I went in, and they fixed it all.

I'm not sure if they read this topic or if the original poster gave them my name when they called him about it.

RobS | 18 November 2013

I had the same problem. SC replaced my fob without hesitation.

judimasters | 18 November 2013

I only have used one so far (since late June) and this one shows a ring on the top. I want it replaced with a better one as well.

DanD | 18 November 2013

Plastic came completely off on mine. Service center said they'd replace it when it was in last week but they didn't.

tesla.mahedy | 18 November 2013

This is a known issue. Tesla is working on a redesigned key fob.

tesla.mahedy | 18 November 2013

@LMB beat me to it.
I guess two confirmations is better than one.