Anyone Seen the New Beta at Santana Row?

Anyone Seen the New Beta at Santana Row?

Last Friday (April 20), I received an email from Tesla Motors saying they have a brand new Model S Beta just delivered from the factory. They claimed it has noticeable fit and finish advances compared to their previous Model S Beta. Has anyone seen it yet? Does it really have some noticeable advances?

jd3tm | 25 April 2012

Yes I stopped by and will shortly write a nastygram to my tesla rep because the "new Beta" is beta #27 that has been around a while. It was the Silver Model S at the SR event last month (where there were 4 model S's on display).

Supposedly there will be a Model S Performance "beta" at SR in a few weeks but I'm not holding my breath.


cerjor | 25 April 2012

I got an email similar to Schlermie. There's supposed to be a new beta in Bellevue now. I will check it out this weekend.

Peak Oil bruin | 26 April 2012

I was emailed re: new beta at Oak Brook, IL as of 4/20 - we'll try to get there today...

Brian H | 26 April 2012

"A slightly newer Beta than the old Betas?" ;)

Brian H | 26 April 2012

Just phone ahead and ask for the VIN. "In VIN-OOO, veritas!"

cerjor | 28 April 2012

I was just at the Bellevue store and saw a red model S with vin 048. Looks good but there were still things that didn't function. Most notable was opening the doors with a fob. The AM and FM radio wasn't working either but was told that was because the reception was so poor in the mall the decision was made to make it not work.

olanmills | 30 April 2012

^^Also, the rep at Bellevue implied that the door handles are not demonstrable because they cannot/will not keep the key fob around, not because they are not functioning. She also said that the pano roof is not being demonstrated because maybe it's not at final build quality and/or they don't want people opening and closing it all day every day.

I was also told that yet another newer model will be delivered within a few weeks.

john.m.hennessey | 30 April 2012

I just saw VIN 047 (I think that's what they said) in NY on Sunday. It seemed improved over previous betas and the roof was operational and worked well. They mentioned the new store in Westchester, NY will being having an opening on Memorial Day weekend with four colors on display.

pilotSteve | 7 May 2012

Saw the Pearl White model S at the Bellevue store this weekend. Some observations and a question to the group:
(1) pano roof was functional and nicely controlled via the touch screen.
(2) I'm tall (6'2") and the increase in headroom (as others have previously noted) is impressive with the pano roof. Definitely on my option list!
(3) interior fit/finish, leather stitching, paint quality: quite good. I love the pearl paint.
(4) touch screen has very easy to use options to select charge current (sales person said they are 'sticky' to your GPS location so once you set it for somewhere the default remains. Nice! Also there is regen braking choices, auto door lock, etc. choices all clearly shown and changed by touch.

On to my question: I was disappointed by the lack of "eye room" (not head room strictly) but the windshield is lower then my BMW-550 and has me worried I will have difficulty seeing traffic lights, etc. because of limited vertical visibility. Anybody else have this concern?

btw I have adequate visual height in my BMW 5-series but not in my wife's Lexus 460. The Model-S seems to have even less height than the Lexus.

foto | 7 May 2012

@pilotSteve. Thanks for the highlights of the new Model S in Bellevue. I hope they bring it to Houston soon as Pearl White with tan interior is my first choice (BTW, what was the interior color?) and I would love to see what both the actual exterior and interior colors look like. It does seem that the leather stitching option is only available to performance options; at least that's what the rep told me.

On the question of eye room, I initially thought it was going to be a problem with my Benz CLS-550 but I have not had a problem for the past two years. Its not the greatest view (both on the front and back windshields) but its not a safety hazard.

Slindell | 7 May 2012

I'm with pilotSteve. I rented a Mustang last weekend, and before I found the chair adjustments my eyes were at the very top of the window.

Another reason why I require a test drive in a production version of the Model S. I need to see if I really fit in the car.

olanmills | 8 May 2012

@bfadewle, the interior of the Bellevue S is black leather with lacewood. I posted all of the details I can remember in blurry_eyed's thread on the Washington board.

EcLectric | 20 May 2012

I took a test drive in the Roadster and I noticed the same 'eye room' problem. I found myself leaning forward to see things that were close up and tall (such as people waiting to cross in front of me at a stop sign). I think this is just a problem with 'tall torso' people like myself. For the same reason, I appreciate the head room in the Model S, which is better than the Japanese cars I am used to.