B Pillar Problem

B Pillar Problem

Has anyone any information regarding the fix for the problem with wear of the "leather" (fake leather) on the B Pillar where it juts out?

Dv000 | 3 October 2013

I just keep my seat positioned in such a way(seat postioned in front of the part that sticks out) that my butt doesn't hit that edge. For all you taller people, probably be careful how you enter and exit

Jamon | 3 October 2013

Mine had a hole worn in it from my elbow so I had it replaced last month under warranty (7 months, 7,000 miles, textile interior). At that time they still didn't have a new design, but I've heard they're working on it.

pebell | 3 October 2013

It took me all but one day to get my first little tear on that corner. I am pretty tall so putting the seat forward is not an option. I'm getting my car OptiCoated next week, I'll ask my detailer if he has any suggestions on how to protect it from further damage. But it sure is a problematic bit of design.

J.T. | 4 October 2013

I saw a little wear and patched it with a coat of clear nail polish. It seems to have worked.

rbgliny | 4 October 2013

I think what they need to do is place an L shaped bead of high gloss black plastic (or chrome) along the edge of the B pillar to protect the vulnerable areas. I had the drivers side pillar replaced due to the fraying. Car is 7mos new.

AmpedRealtor | 4 October 2013

When I get into the driver's seat, I plunge my left butt cheek into the seat and at a steep angle so as to avoid both the steering wheel and the B-piller. Then once half my butt is planted, I pivot and pull the rest of my girth into the vehicle. So far no wear on the driver's side B-pillar.

However, my issue is with passengers. You can't tell passengers not to touch the B-pillar and advise them on entry/exit strategies. I nervously eye the B-pillar when people get in and out of the car, and wince every time it is touched or brushed against. It happens every time. Some of my lady friends have already commented that "this car isn't made for fat girls".

judimasters | 4 October 2013

I am glad to hear I am not the only one with this problem and that Tesla is working on it. But Really? It's like: Check's in the mail!

redders | 4 October 2013

RE: Amped "this car isn't made for fat girls"

Well Elon was very involved in the design, what did you expect?.....


SarahsDad | 4 October 2013
GeekEV | 4 October 2013

I haven't heard of a fix yet, but my local service center was more than happy to replace the worn components for me.

JPPTM | 4 October 2013

I think that TM has redesigned/reengineered the B pillar system with a plastic piece at the expected wear point. You might take a look at new production S at your local SC, and also contact Ownership.

djwill | 4 October 2013

I've had my car 10 days and I try to be extremely careful getting in and out, but the B pillar corner already has a hole in the imitation leather. The passenger side has wear too and is not far behind.

Tried protecting it with clear, tough, helicopter (urethane leading edge) tape, but it does not adhere very well with the odd compound shape. Need to come up with another short-term fix.

I had a P85 loaner for a couple of days with about 1000 miles and noticed that the rear "points" were also completely worn through (dime sized areas worn through to the fabric backing).

This is pretty sad for a $100k+ cars to wear a holes completely through the pleather in weeks.

negarholger | 4 October 2013

Hey - so many thing done right. Give them one thing overlooked...

judimasters | 22 October 2013

Has anyone heard of a fix yet? I want to keep my car in tip top shape and this is a thorn in my side.

J.T. | 22 October 2013

I have heard of some having the B pillar repaired as warranty work.

skulleyb | 22 October 2013

My is worn down too and my service center tired to replace it but said HQ is fighting saying its normal wear and tear. Arg..

AmpedRealtor | 22 October 2013

@ skulleyb - Push back in a big way. It's absolutely not normal to have part of your interior wear out during first year of ownership. This is a design flaw. Please reference this thread, and scroll down to the post by SoCal Dan - he quoted an email from George Blankenship at Tesla saying that these parts will continue to be replaced for wear and tear in the future. If you have the service plan or paid for annual service, that also includes replacement of "wear and tear" items.

Send George Blankenship's quoted email to your service center and see if they want to go against the wishes of their own VP. I suspect you'll get quick attention. Everyone who is experiencing premature wear in this area should make an issue out of it and demand a solution.

DonS | 22 October 2013

The lower portion is plastic in the new cars. I'm not sure whether is is better to have boring plastic or less durable fabric.

levi.maina | 22 October 2013

Elon said they are working on NEW seats coming in 2015.
That should address most of the problems

vincent1001 | 22 October 2013

If you adjust seat postioned in front of the part that sticks out, the problem will happens on your seat. That what I have now. My B Pillar is still perfect now but seat lumbar support is wearing out

judimasters | 3 December 2013

I have, yet again, asked my service center representative about any progress on the real fix for the problem with wear of the point on the B Pillar. And, yet again, told there is no resolution.
I really like the brushed aluminum on the interior of the door and I think a small cap of this same aluminum would be such an easy fix. I am no design engineer, but if I can come up with this nice looking little cap, I would think the real designers could come up with SOMETHING!
I am getting so frustrated with this "small" issue in my fantastic, beautiful and unbelievable car. This leads me to believe Tesla is focusing on the future of their company and their cars but leaving the existing owners behind,

sagebrushnw | 3 December 2013

@ judimasters

This is what I wrote back on Nov 10 under the thread
"Anyone else already wearing down the little corner of the B pillar inside the car?":

sagebrushnw | November 10, 2013

At the Seattle event on Sunday, November 3rd, celebrating the Supercharged trip up the West Coast, I checked out the two Model S cars that were used on the trip. They had what seemed to be a hard plastic lower "B" post cover instead of the leather that wears so fast on the lower "rib" point. (I am referring to the lower part...the part that is black on all cars.) I asked a local DS about it and they said that it was new.

I wonder why Tesla has not announced this improved design? A lot of people have been concerned about the poor design of the "B" and "C" post and the wear that is inevitable.

NKYTA | 3 December 2013

I asked the guys at Burlingame - no full fix yet....clear nail polish is what I'm using....

judimasters | 4 December 2013

Yes I am using the clear nail polish as well. That's unacceptable!

Duffer | 4 December 2013

I posted this on another thread regarding the same problem, but my solution was to paint the "elbows" with clear epoxy -- not noticeable and works great.

GeekEV | 4 December 2013

In a recent loaner car (VIN ~17,000) had that hard black plastic on the b-pillar below the leather trim accent instead of the pseudo-leather used almost everywhere else in the car. I had assumed THAT was their fix. You can't really tell anyway just by looking at it. The next time mine wears too much I plan on asking them to replace it with the plastic model.

judimasters | 24 February 2014

I finally just had Tesla replace my B Pillar pieces where the leatherette was warn through. Has anyone any ideas how to protect them cause I don't want to go through this again?

Brian H | 25 February 2014

Some suggest clear nail polish.

Qwiksilver | 7 March 2015

My interior is black. I ordered black gaffers tape.
It matches perfectly, is durable, and leaves no residue when removed.
It matches the interior so well. no one has even noticed it.
I barely notice it, and I applied it.
If you live in NJ, I'd be willing to help you.

tesla-orlando | 23 May 2016

I own a CPO Model S for 3.5 months.
Started getting wear signs on the part called B-pillar about 2 months ago.
I can't see how to avoid it.
Just got a quote today from Tesla $172 to replace each side labor included!
By the way, also learned that key fob price came down to $136!!! That is pretty reasonable!! Hooray!