Battery Charge Time?

Battery Charge Time?

Does anyone know if there is a table or chart that indicates how long the charge time is for the three battery packages (160, 230 and 300 miles) charged at a 110 volts/15 amp - wall outlet or 220/30amps - Dryer outlet? Thanks

Robert.Boston | 4 November 2011

I'm not a battery tech guy, but here's my attempt based on simple power equations. I assume:

10% conversion losses
90kWh battery on 300-mile battery
proportional battery sizes on the 230- and 160-

And here's what I get for a notional 100% Depth of Discharge recharge. Note that this is extreme!






If someone who has real information could post, I'm happy to yield!

Mycroft | 4 November 2011

RB, those appear to be very conservative numbers. (not a bad thing) You certainly wouldn't want to use 15 amps except in a pinch.

EricK | 4 November 2011


cerjor | 4 November 2011

So I can drive my 300 mile model S from Seattle to Whistler, BC (200 miles), park it in the garage charging on 110 for a couple of days and drive back home. That should work.

Robert.Boston | 4 November 2011

Yep, but I'm guessing that any of the Whistler resorts will provide some form of 220v charging at some point.