Have had my 60 for a month now and LOVE IT!

Have used most of the Super Charging stations. So amazing. Can't wait for more. The California ones are nicely spaced out from SF to LA and allow a nice buffer of 30-50 miles range upon arrival to the next station. Barstow to Vegas was ok, arriving with 33 miles in Vegas (you can thank the mostly downhill grades on the last 40-50 miles for making it work).

Just wanted to warn owners with a 60 regarding the driving leg from Vegas to Barstow: it could be a CLOSE CALL! I was max charged on the Strip at 211 (Venetian was best bet- The Strip is a tough place to try and charge). Car had 4 people with average luggage. Had air on low entire time. Very windy. Never more than 70mph. Some slow spots of traffic, which helped range. The climbs were tough over the mountains, watching mile range drop about every 15 seconds. The last 50 miles to the super charging station was filled with range anxiety. I was cringing in my seat, and wouldn't go over 55mph, even in the truck lane. The truck lane is not a place where a Tesla belongs. Pulled up to SC station with 4 miles! Way too close of a call!!! Another Tesla had just pulled up when I got there. He had an 85 and just came from the Strip as well. He had 42 miles left!!

So use caution on this leg. It proves that a Super Charging station is needed at the Primm state line (Jean, NV). Elon, or Tesla techs... if you are reading this, please consider a charging station at Primm.

Best of luck owners. See you out there in this fabulous car!

PaceyWhitter | 26 June 2013

The Supercharger page suggests that a charger is going there by Winter 2013.

negarholger | 26 June 2013

There is a charge point station in Primm... adding some miles there could make it less of an adventure.

mrjohnlnguyen | 26 June 2013

Good to know, thanks!

skulleyb | 26 June 2013

Yeah i had nasty wind on that leg had the same scary time.
We had 5 miles left over. But whats life with out adventure.

Darmok | 26 June 2013

One of our Las Vegas owners does this drive routinely, and has learned how to do the trip quite well. The wind is the wildcard, though, and sucks range.

The SC map definitely shows a dot for a future SC in a place that can only be Primm, and I think that is the perfect place. Charge up on the way in to Vegas, and you'll probably have enough to get back to Primm. But the Charge Point charger is good if you have an hour and need 20 miles or so, to allow less brain damage on the drive to Barstow. Note that the Plug Share site shows it in two different places, it is at the location to the west of I-15.

negarholger | 26 June 2013

Found a cool wind speed & direction map...

NKYTA | 26 June 2013

@Kleist, thanks! That is really cool.

negarholger | 26 June 2013

Click on the map to zoom in...

Jamon | 26 June 2013

Wow, that map is beautiful! Almost looks too good to be real...

Darmok | 26 June 2013

Pretty map. It explains a lot, especially given that Barstow and Las Vegas are roughly the same elevation. 10-15 mph wind in your face instead of at your back makes a big difference.

Mike C | 26 June 2013

Left Vegas last weekend with 4 people and luggage with 202 rated miles and got to Barstow with 6 left, going about 65 the whole time. Previous trip by myself left with 176 and hit 0 rated 2 miles from Barstow. I actually have an 85kwh but seem to have difficulty getting a full charge in Vegas. A Primm Supercharger would be perfect.

Mike C | 26 June 2013

Kleist that map is great, but I wasn't able to open it on the car's browser, that would have been the coolest.

Brian H | 27 June 2013

The basic design of the SC network is optimized for the 85, getting a half-charge or a bit more, enough to make it to the next station. So a 60 has to do a full charge, and be careful about headwinds. The price of having the minimum capacity ...

skymaster | 27 June 2013

And going 70mph, when you are pushing your range...

R3dStang66 | 28 June 2013

I just came back from Vegas and can tell you Aria Hotel is the best place to charge. Make sure to use the North valet on Harmon street and have your mobile connector handy. They have 220@40amps 24mi/hr chrage. (verified mobile app)

I have an 85 S, and did a range charge from barstow to Aria. I had about 95 miles left when i got there. Coming back, I think i had around 80 miles left with a head wind.

This was my first trip so i went 65mph with AC on 68 with 4 fan speed.

welcomkerry | 6 July 2013

I recently visited every free charging station on the Strip, and Palazzo hotel had the best and most powerful Model S charger by far. Several of the locations only had Roadster chargers, which require an adapter cable that doesnt come standard with the Model S.

craig.tesla | 9 July 2013

I have this site bookmarked on the MS browser:

Bob W | 9 July 2013


Did you actually let the valet park your car at Aria, and plug it in, or are you saying they let you drive up to a 14-50 outlet yourself, but you used the lane marked "Valet"? How many 14-50 outlets did you see?

What is the "best and most powerful Model S charger" at Palazzo? Is it a Tesla HPWC or a 70A J1772 or something else?

Bob W | 9 July 2013

Never mind, I can partially answer my own questions using data from

Aria has a single 14-50

Palazzo has one (maybe two) 70A outlets. I can't tell if they are for a Roadster or Model S or J1772. Recargo Photo shows to charging stations in the valet only parking garage plus a comment dated May 8th: "Bring your own Roadster to Model S adapter cable".

Groeneweg | 9 July 2013

Palazzo was great they took my car and returned with a max charge the next morning for free!
Thanks palazzo for your support for EVS

R3dStang66 | 10 July 2013

@Bob W

Yes, I used the North Valet line. No, i did not drive to the outlets. Yes, the valet took my car to the charging area and they used my mobile connector to pluged it in. No, I did not see the plug outlets.
I called the Aria to make reservations and to make sure they could accomodate my model S. I was transfered to the valet department and they said they had about 4 plug outlets and made sure to bring my mobile connector.

xray | 11 July 2013

The Palazzo 70A outlets require a Roadster to Model S adapter. On a different thread here in the forums, others mentioned that the Palazzo valet has a Roadster to Model S adapter available to them that can then be used, if you valet the car.

On a visit in April, I saw the 70A station at the Venetian and as noted in multiple apps/websites, its a Roadster charger also. This one is not in the Valet area of the Venetian so you have to bring your own adapter as far as I know.

Regarding the Aria north Valet, I've seen previous threads here in the forums talking about the Aria north Valet. These outlets must be NEMA 14-50s since they require the Model S UMC in order to charge but others threads seem to confirm that Aria north valet is well equipped and versed in charging Teslas.

Regarding the Vegas to Barstow leg, in a 85 kw, there's no need to range charge. If a 60kw Tesla can make it, then 240 rated miles are more than enough. I think this is relevant because if you're at the Barstow SC and others are waiting, it doesn't make sense to waste everyone's time by trying to add those last few kw (which come a lot more slowly when you're trying to go from 92% to 100%.

mollmason | 11 July 2013

I used both roadster chargers back in May at the Venetian and Palazoo and you need to bring your own roadster to model S adapter. They did not have one. I found the Palazoo charger the best because nobody ever parks down there. The Venetian on the other hand has no signage for the roadster and a damn Mini Cooper parked there!

Lou in SoCal | 31 December 2013

Reviving this thread. Any other experiences w/ a 60 doing the Vegas to Barstow (and vice versa) trip?