A bit of bad news.......The Nissan Leaf in on hold, indefinitely.....Earthquake effect

A bit of bad news.......The Nissan Leaf in on hold, indefinitely.....Earthquake effect

Although I'm sure Elon and others (me included) celebrated when Nissan said their Leaf was "on hold", it is still bad news. Yes, Nissan loved to attack Telsa and Elon in particular, but it is still a 100% electric car.

Yes, the Leaf is crap compared to the Model S. Yes, Nissan is still outrageously lying to everyone and telling them it gets 100 miles per charge, when the EPA says it is probably 62 miles.

But it is still sad when a true electric car gets bad press. What I don't like about it is that Nissan is hiding something much bigger. The news report says that Nissan had 6000 cars built and sitting on some mythical parking lot in Japan waiting for shipment. They only shipped 600 out and stopped, so they say. Nissan knows that being first to market is the most important factor, so leaving these cars in Japan made ZERO sense. And what about shipping? No boat hold 6000 cars, so they weren't waiting for a bigger boat. They sure as hell wern't waiting for bunch of boats either as they need to get the cars to market, not chorograph a world wide delivery like some chorus line.

There were no 6000 cars. Ever. This makes me think that there was serious production problems or that the Leaf has a serious design flaw that they can't even ship the cars out any more. I think they are going back to the design boards trying to find the problem and fix it.

VolkerP | 31 March 2011

another possible reason for not producing a car that has high demand: they sell it at a loss.
If the promised range of 100 miles is by far missed, many people will associate all EVs with a "does not deliver what they say" stigma. That would be bad for Tesla, too.


You are correct they are not waiting for. Larger ship in 2007 the m/v Faust was put in service with a capacity of 8000 cars about the size of the Leaf. In years prior to that several ships were produced with capacity of 6000 or more cars.

Uncle Ron | 7 April 2011

Sad news. I like the Leaf. I think for those whose needs are meet by the Leaf should buy it. My round trip commute is over 70 miles so I rather double up to Model S's low end 150 mile battery pack. That would leave me room for the anticipated battery degradation over a 7 year expected life span.

Rifleman | 8 April 2011

It is sad to see any EV be put on hold, but in the long run, we may be better off without the leaf. At this stage of the game, EV's must change the perception held by the general public. The roadster does this, the Model S will do this, but the leaf only makes things worse. While I am not a fan of the ultra tiny econo box's like the leaf, some people are, so that is not the real issue (the performance and styling of the roadster is what got me interested in EV's, not the green aspect or fuel savings) Advertising a 100 mile range when everyone knows that is not going to be achieved does nothing more than strengthen the public perception that EV's are toys that are not suited for everyday use. Those of us who see the full potential of EV's are still in the minority, and it will not take too many images of a Leaf being loaded onto a flatbed after driving 70 miles to keep us in the minority for a long time.

msiano17 | 8 April 2011

@ Rifleman

take a look at that.

based on that reporter's estimations, the EV is the future of the car industry and it will boom in 2013 with everyone making an EV. I see the Model S being the top end luxury model of all EV's, the Roadster being the top end sport model of all EV. Tesla may not be able to produce the 400,000 like Nissan or Chevy, but the quality of make is insanely better. It literally will be like comparing a Ferrari to a Focus.

Timo | 9 April 2011

@msiano17, that former NUMMI-factory was capable of producing over 400000 cars / year. Tesla might not be able to use all that capacity yet, but it is there. Few years of expansion, and who knows, we might have another Big One. Their own design, own factory, own research team, every important building block is already there.

TM has managed to get some big heads of the car industry in their ranks. This is like F1 racing teams, right people in right places make a big difference. With financial genius and science enthusiast Elon Musk in leadership and brains like JB Straubel in engineering team and Franz von Holzhausen in designing team (just to mention few) this company is destined to go big, if they just survive the first few years.

Uncle Ron | 9 April 2011

Quote: " this company is destined to go big, if they just survive the first few years."

Totally agree Timo. The price and quality of the Model S is far above any car I have ever bought. I'm more of a Bluestar buyer. But I believe people need to step up to the plate and support change when they can. So as soon as I get my deposit together I'm off to the Telsa store in NYC.

msiano17 | 9 April 2011

Very true Timo. But I do not see TM mass producing the Roadster or Model S, but I could see them doing that with the Blue Star. Part of the Roadster and Model S is their exclusivity to an extent.

Timo | 9 April 2011

Model S will be mass-produced, just not quite in that scale. Just 20k / year.

Nicu | 9 April 2011

Fo those who did not listen to the last Tesla earnings report, Elon said they invested a bit extra in the production line so it can churn out 20k/y with one shift. So if needed, they could get very fast to 60k/y. My prediction is that this limit will be reached before 2015, as soon as people start experiencing one in person.

The critical point in Tesla's history from the financial / survival point of view passed about one year ago, when Daimler and Toyota invested in Tesla. The IPO was the cementing of it all (the share is doing pretty well, they could always raise a bit more cash on the market - they will probably do that to fund Model X). They are already profitable in the Roadster and power-train businesses and expect to be profitable on Model S from the beginning. Get used to it people, this time it is for real !

Brian.S | 11 April 2011

Took my M45 for service at an Infiniti/Nissan dealer in Phoenix. The service advisor told me they have a number of Leafs here with battery issues. Then I read this story.

Brian - model s 1224