I was wondering what anyone might think about the idea of having Tesla and Bloom Energy teaming up to place a Bloom box in the Tesla for Charging.

Here is my angle...

I am a single male, with a professional career. I am not yet looking to buy a house until about 5 years down the road. MEANING, If I buy a Model S, finding a place to charge it may be a problem. I prefer the city life at the moment anyhow. So parking is limited and even then, there are no outlets hanging around the parking lot.


So I was wondering the thoughts of Tesla motors designing a version of the Model S that incorporates the Bloom Box Fuel Cell (also based in CA).

This would be ENORMOUS!! It would have HUGE market potential. The fuel cell would charge the batteries on the Tesla with no pollution. Then it could help both the economy and the existing gasoline infrastructure by making everyone convert to ethanol or hydrogen...even Natural Gas.

This way the Telsa can still stay Green and All electric powered. But for those of us who are willing to buy a Model S and merely live in a town home with no garage we are out of luck with out such an option.
What do you think?

Timo | 30 September 2010

So you are proposing converting BEV to a hydrogen fuel cell car. That's not very useful. Batteries are better in just about every possible way and electricity is available pretty much everywhere while hydrogen is not. Volumetric (and probably also gravimetric) energy density of hydrogen fuel cell + that hydrogen tank + battery it still needs is worse than batteries alone.

Just wait a bit and you can charge your car in "gas station" just like you could fill in your hydrogen tank. In fact with L3 chargers it doesn't even take much longer than filling the hydrogen tank (which is quite a bit slower than filling in gas tank).

femitomobi | 30 September 2010

What about with the Bloom Box?.....and ethanol?

Timo | 30 September 2010

AFAIK bloom box can't use liquid fuels. I found several claims that it could, but nothing definite. Also found out that 100kW output unit costs whopping $700k. That's a lot....erm? that Bloom Energy lists weight of 10 *tons*. Just starting the thing requires 120 gallons of water. Definitely not a automotive thing with that tiny energy output with those figures.

Maybe you have more information.

About ethanol, ethanol production isn't exactly "green". Like most biofuels it doesn't cause direct increase of carbon emissions, but indirectly it does and also reduces biodiversity and all the space that is used to create ethanol is out of growing food.

femitomobi | 30 September 2010


Well, I sure hope they have a good plan for us city dwellers. It would be cool if Elon Musk and that brain of his could lay out a secret plan to roll out charging stations for every city parking space.

I could see that in about 5 years. Let about 3 Million Model Ss hit the streets. There would be enough of a city demand for one that the charging stations could be all over the sidewalks.

Big money to whoever can set that up. | 27 October 2010

I like your idea of a bloombox fuel cell to keep the cars batteries topped up using gas. It could operate when the car is off and allow you make longer journeys with just a few 30 min breaks here and there.

You would lose some boot space and increase weight by having to include some sort of gas tank that could fuel the bloombox.

But i like your thinking femitomobi.

I too am grappling with the idea that the range of the batteries is not enough and charging stations will most likely take longer to roll out here in the uk.

I like to drive my cars in a sporty fashion and am betting that even on the 300 mile range pack i will still manage to make it get under 200. (I mean, just my uprated stereo system will need a 60 amp fuse to the amplifiers powering my sub woofer) :)

rouskavich | 28 October 2010

Hey im not against it. I mean of course waiting till bloom boxes are smaller and economical. But at the moment, I cant afford a $700K vehicle. But I like your enthusiasm. Its just not quite time yet.

Brian H | 29 October 2010

Bloom boxes are a bust. The first movers are trying to sell their installations. No buyers. The payoff just isn't there.

jchangyy | 3 December 2012

well, just need to wait for the Flux capacitor technology, small enough to fit inside the Frunk.

But seriously, in time--when I'm long gone, I'm sure there will be a portable power generator that can fit inside the frunk, fueled by "special" hydrogen that is carried inside a small canister the size of 2 campbell's soup and you can simply exchange those canisters at your local 7/11. the generator will plug right into the car and you can drive while charging for a distance of 800 miles or higher.


timdorr | 3 December 2012

I'm just going to drop one of these in the back of the car and plug it in.

Seems economical, right?

GoTeslaChicago | 3 December 2012

Not in back, that could be deadly. Better in the frunk, open of course so you don't die of carbon monoxide poisoning!


DTsea | 3 December 2012

The campbell's soup can post is hilarious!

DTsea | 3 December 2012

I especially liked 'buy some cans of hydrogen at the 7-11.'

jbunn | 3 December 2012

How about if we put a windmill on the top of the car that can power the motor when we drive? That way we will never need to charge. Elon needs to make car mounted windmills.

mrspaghetti | 3 December 2012


Check out the link below. I remember reading that they can do installs at no cost to the end consumer, even at their workplaces or apartments. I haven't read the details, but you might be interested.