On board charger

On board charger

Just a quick question here.

Does a P85 signature come with 2 onboard chargers or should I have an additional put on?

Thanks guys

jigish | 2 April 2013

If you mean twin chargers, it is an option on the P85 that you have to pay $1500 for. you can see this for yourself in the design studio here:

DouglasR | 2 April 2013

He asked about the Sig. I don't remember whether twin chargers were standard on the Sig. Anybody?

In any event, @l9lafra, if you already have a Sig and you don't know whether it has twin chargers, I think the seventh digit in your VIN will tell you: "D" = 20 kW charger w/DC fast charge.

Captain_Zap | 2 April 2013

Are you asking about the EU Signature Series?

gimp_dad | 2 April 2013

The second charger was an option on my Sig Performance. You have to add it in order to have the 20kW charging capacity instead of 10kW.

regtpg | 2 April 2013

If you go to the charging section of your on board computer and select charge rate, if you can increase it to 80 you have twin chargers otherwise it will only allow you to increase to 40.

Captain_Zap | 2 April 2013

It looks like the twin chargers are included on the Signature Performance in EU. They were included in the price of mine in the US.

I just checked the EU version of the website and my final MVPA.