Bumper Ding - Will Tesla replace?

Bumper Ding - Will Tesla replace?

Just has someone bump into my car when it was parked. I know have a ding in the bumper from their license plate. Dug into the plastic pretty good. Would Tesla replace the bumper? anyone have any experience with bumper damage?

ir | 20 March 2013

Its definitely not under warranty. But I would be interested how much it costs.

GeekEV | 20 March 2013

Any auto body shop should be able to sand it out and/or fill it in and repaint...

hfcolvin | 20 March 2013

Oh, they'll replace it - after drilling a hole through your bank account.

michaelseda | 20 March 2013

An average bumper repair (at one of my stores) will set you back between 300 and 500 dollars. Just be sure to tell the shop you want the bumper cover "overhauled" and full clear coat. Don't let them "burn" the clear to help save money. It's not worth it in the long run.