Buying a HWPC later?

Buying a HWPC later?

I'm about to finally order my Model S, so I'm deciding on options.

Do we know if there's any additional cost to purchasing an HWPC later, not at the time of purchase (as is the case for purchasing a second charger later)?

rmbod | 3 April 2013

I just cancelled my due bill of a HPWC. I've had my MS85 6 weeks now. I simply don't have a need for the HPWC. I drive any where from 60 mile round trip to 180 mile round trip every day. I plug in at night and its full in the am. Before you purchase it, think about whether or not you really need it. you probably don't.

rmbod | 3 April 2013

And the tesla rep i spoke with said the price is the same no matter when its purchased. sorry. i know that was really your question.

stimeygee | 3 April 2013

80% of my driving will be back and forth from a second home 140 miles away, via some mildly hilly terrain , in northeast winters. I still don't think I need it as we have a second car and could use that in a pinch. But I'm thinking I might want to get the twin chargers now just in case I might ultimately get a HWPC somewhere or if high amperage j1772s become more common in the coming years.

jat | 3 April 2013

Since it is completely independent of the car, I can't imagine it would be more expensive later. However, you might have to wait behind all the people who ordered it with their car and are still waiting (ie, me).

Tonight I had to head out of town after getting home from work, and had to leave without a full charge. If I had the HPWC already, I could have had a full charge in the same charging time. As it was, I just had to drive 76 rather than 78 (and had 30mi left when I got there).

Brian H | 3 April 2013

Routine need for twin/HPWC charging is rare. It's being able to handle "peak" exceptions where they make a difference.

negarholger | 3 April 2013

I plan to buy the HPWC later, not for the higher amps (my house can only supply 40A) but for the convenience to have it mounted on the wall and the UMC can stay in the car with all adapter.s A second UMC costs $500... so not too much added cost for the HPWC. When I ordered I didn't know that you could programm it for lower currents, otherwise I would have ordered it at that time.