California HOV Access Program for Electric Hybirds is BS!!!

California HOV Access Program for Electric Hybirds is BS!!!

I just saw this, and am VERY angry that our state is now allowing Hybird (ICE / EV) vehicles single occupancy access to the carpool lanes! ...

Part of the POINT of owning a ZERO emission vehicle, like a Tesla, are perks like having access to the carpool lane! Now our morally and financially bankrupt state considers the Volt and Pries plug-in ICE / EV hybrids good enough to join the club.

This will cut into Tesla sales greatly, and highly jeopardize future Zero Emission vehicles from being built.

jbunn | 18 May 2012

Enough with the "moraly" bankrupt bs. Its clear where you get your news, and its wrong as usual. What really happened is all of the Prius hybrids got kicked OUT of the carpool lane last year. Only the plug in hybrids remain, and depending on driving habits, may never require gas. Read your link.

Teoatawki | 18 May 2012

And Volts only qualify if they have the ultra low emissions package.

TikiMan | 19 May 2012


So I guess you don't have a problem with giving benefits to fakers and flakes?

The whole point of the EV is to get America OFF the fossil fuel addiction. There are FAR to many car companies right now that are bought and paid for cronies for the oil companies, oil speculators, and terrorest nations bent on destroying America! GM should have by all ways and means been allowed to go bankrupt, but instead OUR tax dollars were use to bail out heir sorry asses, so they can continue to build a bunch of $HIT antiques!

By giving creadance to a company like GM, by allowing one of their faker cars in the HOV lane with a single occupant, is just going to tell all other car companies it's A-OK to build more $HIT vehicles.

I agreeded with the program when there were no zero emission vehicles available. Thus the yellow-sticker hybrids were a pratical move forward to start getting California residents to reduce their use of fossil fuels. The green-sticker is just another excuse to stay status quo, and help take down companies like Tesla!

Crow | 19 May 2012


Jason S | 19 May 2012

Plug-in hybrids should have the same access, I think. Seems like a good decision, even if it doesn't benefit me personally.

The overall point is to save gas, isn't it? Before there were hybrids there were carpool lanes...

TikiMan | 19 May 2012

I guess this is a subject near and dear to me, as I have to commute in the worst nightmare LA traffic on the planet! There are just FAR too many people living in So Cal, and the infrastructure is a good 100+ years out of date to handle everyone.

The HOV lanes have not worked as 'carpool' lanes in decades, as they just don't make sense in our 24/7 society today. Fewer than maybe 5% (if even that) are actual ‘carpool’ cars in it, and half of the time the HOV lanes don't go any faster than the regular lanes, due to all the parents transporting their children around in them (not what they were really designed for).

Part of the incentive for folks to switch to an all EV, is in large part the ‘white-HOV-access’ sticker program.

TikiMan | 19 May 2012


IMHO, the HOV lanes were not designed to 'save' gas, but rather reduce carbon-monoxide emissions.

I grew up here in So Cal, and can remember when we weren’t allowed to go outside on some days, because of ‘Stage 5’ SMOG alerts. Still to this day, hundreds of thousands of So Cal residents suffer from debilitating asthma, due to the still overly poor air quality from ICE vehicle emissions.

Giving perks to keep ICE vehicles on the road by giving some of them single-occupancy access to the HOV lanes is IMHO a STUPID move by our ignorant state government (whom BTW are driving California into bankruptcy and insolvency to the current tune of 16 billion USD).

jerry3 | 19 May 2012


I think it's more subtle than the car companies being bought off by the oil companies. I don't think the car companies want to give up the parts revenue stream that ICE cars provide. And for sure their dealers don't want to give up the parts and revenue stream. With the minimum amount of service an electric car "should" need, you just about kill the parts and service revenue streams.

One reason they all make 60 mile cars is to slow down the rate at which electric vehicles grow.

To me it's ridiculous that a car can't go for 100,000 miles between service (other than tires).

jbunn | 19 May 2012


It would be correct to say that the expiry of the yellow stickers took cars OUT of the carpool lanes. And of the green ones, only 40,000 will be issued and are scheduled to go away in a few years.

Its movement in the right direction,.

Brian H | 21 May 2012

Yeah, what So Cal has done to itself is terrible. But, at least, you may serve as a horrible example for the rest of the country! "America's Greece". A noble and self-sacrificing role.