California rebate check timeline

California rebate check timeline

Just received my $2,500 rebate check today, Nov. 12, 2013. Took delivery on Model S 85 on August 5, submitted the application August 6, it was approved Aug 28, and I finally received funds today. Just a timeline for others to look out for.

firerock | 12 November 2013

Thanks, I guess my check is still far away. Submitted back in mid September, I probably won't receive mine until December. | 12 November 2013

I just submitted my application on line. They immediately sent me an e-mail confirming my application. The application submittal reserves a 2500.00 rebate (confirmation number provided by them) and I will get a check after sending (via US mail) copies of registration and other documentation.

Website with details and to start application process is:

billreeves | 12 November 2013

I submitted my application online on September 4 (the day I took delivery). They sent me the paperwork via email on September 9 -- this is the paperwork you have to print out and sign, and send with proof of California residency, etc. So that got in the mail on September 10. On September 19, I got an email saying that my rebate was approved. Still waiting for my check.

Thank you for the timeline, bdukov@ -- mine was approved about three weeks after yours, so the check is probably still three weeks away.

Sanjuro88 | 13 November 2013

Approved, Sept 6.

Check came in the mail, Nov 13.

A little over 60 days... but I'm not complaining!

regen | 13 November 2013

Ditto. We just received ours today after about 60 days!