Can the climate control run while supercharging?

Can the climate control run while supercharging?

I'm one of those people who would answer the "do you let your dog in your Model S" with "yes, all three." And one of the things I really like is the ability to leave the AC on, keeping them cool, while I go in to eat or at a rest area.

I haven't used a supercharger yet, but in the event of a dogful cross country trip, I'd like to. I'd also like to keep them from roasting as well. Does the car firmware allow the climate control / AC to run while it is being supercharged?

NKYTA | 11 June 2013


Yep, sure. Easiest way is to shut the car and turn on Climate from the phone app. Be aware that it goes off after ~30 minutes, so if you are gone long you need to re-enable it. Also, I'd make sure to leave the windows slightly open, just in case.

shop | 11 June 2013

Yes, be careful about that - the car will get hot in just a couple of minutes once the AC turns off, so be careful of that 30 minute or slight less?) auto shutoff.

Paul Koning | 11 June 2013

Clearly a "dog mode" setting for the AC is needed. And it should be accessible from the touch screen -- having to go to a smartphone for that is silly. Especially given that I don't have one. :-)

Also, "dog mode" can't have a 30 minute time limit. That makes sense for the current "make it comfortable because I'll get to my car in a few minutes" thing. But if you have the AC running for your pets, it must stay on.

hnashif | 11 June 2013

I did that to avoid loosing 10 miles of range to cool the car down after setting in the sun for 45 minutes.

jaleelpm | 8 September 2019

can it cool adequately while parked or supercharging in July/August summer sun in Dubai, UAE?

Yodrak. | 8 September 2019

I'm impressed that someone can find and revive a 6+ year-old thread!

PrescottRichard | 8 September 2019

Seems to work in Phoenix AZ for us.

jaleelpm | 9 September 2019

Thank you, PrescottRichard

Bighorn | 9 September 2019

Worked for me when navigating through the Mojave this weekend, temps approaching 110. Battery cooling after supercharging had my efficiency down to 600 Wh/m for quite a while.