Canadian Credit ?

Canadian Credit ?

I live in BC Canada, is there any credit when purchasing EVs ?

hanstremblay | 11 March 2013

You Will probably find something usefull here

kilimats | 11 March 2013

nice thanks didnt see that page, do you know if it's possible to buy the car in ONTARIO even though i live in BC and receive the $8500 ONTARIO credit ?

deanes | 11 March 2013

The credit is based on having the vehicle being licenced and plated in the province for a year. The credit is also tied to your taxable location.

Believe me, I checked as I live in Manitoba and there is no rebate here. I have a place in both Ontario and B.C. and can not get any break on a green energy rebate. I have sent a letter to my MP asking that they have a national rebate. Worth a shot.

Bradtc | 11 March 2013

There is a $5,0000 EV incentive in BC. Sorry to say however, the incentive programe expires March 31st 2013, and unless it is produced today, you won't be able to get the incentive. You can read about it here...

The BC budget that passed last week didn't accomodate extending the program. Your only hope is the government does something in the upcoming May elections.