Can't decide on the roof

Can't decide on the roof

I'm thinking of trading my 2012 Porsche 911S for a Model S with performance package. I live in Utah where the sun is very hot. I can't decide if I should get the panoramic sun roof. Will I be able to see the touch screen? Will the inside get too hot?


NKYTA | 2 April 2014

Looks like I haven't dived in. I decided specifically not to get the Pano and opted for a black top on Tahoe Blue.

The reason was pretty simple, in owning my Jetta with sun/moon roof, I opened it only a handful of times (aside from testing).

Conclusion: either I don't like wind in my hair or I don't like extra noise. I imagine it is the latter as my ears have been on a downward trend. "What did you say" is pretty common coming out of my mouth, so I expect I like the quietness of the MS all the more for that.

GAGSTESLA | 2 April 2014

First post, so excited having a 85, green, with a black roof on order.

My service adviser says there is MORE HEADROOM without the glass roof. He said the car is the same overall height with or without it and that the glass roof is built into and takes up more room than does the headliner only.

Now, I am confused as the service manager really seems to know the car.

Part of the reason I did not order the glass roof.

GAGSTESLA | 3 April 2014

Hmm, no response to my post? I maybe it needs a thread all to itself? As mentioned above (and contrary to many posters) there is more headroom without the glass roof. Anyone know for sure? Thanks...

Mathew98 | 3 April 2014

It's contrary to 99% of consensus. You save 2" on the sunroof from cutting out the corresponding roof cushion.

Captain_Zap | 3 April 2014


I heard the same. Some claim that there is a difference in the back seat. We never noticed. I had two loaners with Pano and I don't have a pano. I never really noticed it was there, other than to test it.

ZsoZso | 3 April 2014

My upper body is pretty tall and when I sit under the pano roof on the back seat, my head fits under the glass but it goes higher than the padding at the edge of the cut-out. I tried sitting into a solid roof model too and I could not straighten up my neck because my head was pushing into the cushion.

So from my experience its pretty clear that the pano has more headroom. Although in the front seat I can fit under either roof, the problem is only on the rear seat.

J.T. | 3 April 2014

@GAGSTESLA I sat in the back seat with and without. There's at least 2.5 inches of extra headroom with the pano. Plus, the inside feels bigger as well. I strongly recommend it.

GAGSTESLA | 3 April 2014

Thanks to all! I am going to pass on the glass roof, I am going with the painted back one though. Anybody see that combo in real life? Green body with the black roof.