Car Title

Car Title

Did anyone receive the title to your car when it was delivered or did you have to get it from your local DMV? I did not and my temp registration runs out in about a week. Advice?

July10Models | 11 February 2013

The title comes from your state DMV. If you financed the car there will be a lien holder on it, if not, there won't be. The title comes a few weeks after registration in my state, NJ. Even after my temp tags expire I will keep driving the car. Every time you walk by this car it invites you to drive it by extending the door handles, very irresistable.

kalel65 | 11 February 2013


Thanks. I'm in NJ too. No financing. Did you just use the registration they gave you or did you register at the DMV?

jat | 11 February 2013

YMMV, but in Georgia I had to take the manufacturer's certificate of origin and bill of sale, go pay state sales tax at the DoR, then go to the county tag office and apply for the title and tag. Both were mailed to me in a couple of weeks.

olanmills | 11 February 2013

I financed my car, but I got the title last week, and it's in my name with no lien holder listed. Mwhahahahahaha! Now I'm going to run off to Canada! ...I mean drive off to Canada, of course ...I'll be safe there, right?

BTW, I got my plates more than a week before my temp tag expired, and the plates were sent from Tesla, not the DoL.

@kalel65 (We know it's you Clark), my advice is to make sure you get your plates. Call Tesla and make sure that they handled registering the car and that either they are going to receive the plates and mail them to you in time, or that they will be mailed to you directly.

I don't know about your state, but I don't think that there's generally a requirement that you need to have the title before your temp tags expire. It's the registration and plates that you need. Does your state have some sort of combined title and registration?

kalel65 | 17 February 2013


Thanks - They wanted to see my title before they would let me apply for plates. The Tesla delivery folks in Queens have been no help. I will contact Tesla directly, thanks (you knew I was Clark?? How???)

nickjhowe | 17 February 2013

Got my car on Jan 3rd. No sign of title or plates. TM uses a process company (depending on your state) to apply for title and tags. Was told the FL processing was backed up nearly a month, so I don't expect to see anything for a while. Annoying, cause I can't get my HOV sticker til I get my vanity plates and my title, and can't get my vanity plates 'til I get the regular ones TM ordered... bah humbug.

olanmills | 18 February 2013

I guess maybe it works differently in your state. I dunno. But yeah, I would say the best thing is to callyour service center and tell them your temp tag is expiring soon. I think, at the very least, they can register for an extension on your temp tag while they get the title and registration worked out properly. Again, of course it depends on how it works in your state.

jackhub | 18 February 2013

I believe it varies state-to-state. I called Tesla and they ended up talking directly with the people responsible for issuing the tags and title. It took some back and forth- Tesla is still learning all of the different states' proceedures, but it has been done. Call Tesla for help.

nickjhowe | 18 February 2013

In FL, the DS can print the temp tags directly. I got a new month's temp tag when I was in there a couple of weeks ago.

rsigman | 20 February 2013

Tesla appears to have dropped the ball. I received a 90 temp CALIF sticker, and I've been waiting about 75 days. I suspect that my paperwork never left Tesla's office. Tesla can't or won't tell me where things stand. I'd be happy to do their job for them and head over to my local DMV, but without any title, I can't accomplish that. This is inexcusable!

jat | 20 February 2013

@rsigman - is Tesla supposed to supply the title? Every other new car I have bought, in AL and GA, required me to apply for the title with the bill of sale.

hsadler | 20 February 2013


I'm sorry, what is it exactly that you're trying to do?

DanD | 20 February 2013

Missing my title as well. Have until Feb. 28th and then my loan rate is revoked.

I'm pretty annoyed. The process is absolutely broken.

I inquired and found out, only after I asked, that they needed a scan of my insurance card and SSNs for me and my wife. If I hadn't asked I'd have waited forever.

portia | 20 February 2013

It appears to be different from state to state, in CA, we get the temp registration when picking up the car, (AFTER giving them the insurance card and stuff somewhere before the delivery, they asked for it, no financing in this case), and the plate comes from the DMV directly and the pink slip too a few weeks later.

rsigman | 21 February 2013

To jat and hsadler, I have the plates from my traded in car. I am awaiting the title and registration, for which I paid Tesla. My temp registration sticker expires in about 2 weeks. I have no paperwork with which to prove any ownership at the DMV. Tesla should be handling this, but I seem to be getting the runaround, and don't want to be driving around illegally after the temp reg expires.

Ron5 | 21 February 2013

Took me almost 2 months to get my plates in Florida and another week to get the title from DMV. nickjhowe: You can certainly get your HOV sticker with your non-personalized plates; that's what I did. It will just cost you an extra $5 to get one for the regular plates and then another $5 or $10 to get it with the personalized one.

hsadler | 21 February 2013


Was confused - you had said that if you had the title, you could take care of everything.
My experience, having bought cars in the several states I have lived, is that you get plates and registration first. The title, or pink slip comes much later.
I wouldn't expect a title to come from Tesla.

nickjhowe | 21 February 2013

Thanks @Ron5

rsigman | 21 February 2013

I suspect that I have not been properly educated on this subject. I think what I was getting at was "proof of ownership" rather than title. I think that the Connecticut DMV might make my doing this on my own impossible. I seem to be lacking any and all documents required, and Tesla seems rather unmotivated. While I love this car, I might be required to return it if they won't complete the necessary registration process! ;)