Cell phone bluetooth microphone quality and issues

Cell phone bluetooth microphone quality and issues

I apologize if this was already posted. Even when I am getting a very strong cell phone signal, the people on the other end of the line almost always complain that they cannot understand me. They tell me the transmitting of my voice sounds really bad all the time. I always have to turn off the bluetooth and use the cell phones speaker phone.

I am using a Samsung Galaxy SIII on Verizon in Orange County, CA integrated with the bluetooth of the Model S. I speak loudly, slowly and clearly and that does not help. Tonight I am trying a different Galaxy SIII.

Are there others with this issue? Is this something you know of that is being addressed?

blc1017 | 2 April 2013

I have better sound transmission with the Model S than I've had on any other car. I've had people I've called ask me what I was doing differently. I use an iphone with Sprint service.

jat | 2 April 2013

I have no problem with my GS3, my wife's Nexus 4, or my previous phone which was a Galaxy Nexus. I have never had anyone report trouble hearing me using the car's mic.

JDPink | 2 April 2013

I just got my car on Saturday and I'm having the same thing with my S3. I think I remember reading in one of the forums that there was an issue with Samsung phones. Either way I love my car and if a little static is all I have to deal with, so be it.

pilotSteve | 2 April 2013

One of my friends frequently complains about the poor call quality when I call him from my car. I have an iPhone5.

jkearns97062 | 6 April 2013

Had to buy a Bluetooth headset after getting pulled over using the phone because the quality was so bad.

bp | 6 April 2013

The voice quality with Galaxy S3's is poor - I've tested two on my Model S - and they work fine in other vehicles - and poor in my Model S.

My previous car (LS 460) had a hidden diagnostics menu that provided fine tuning of the microphone volume. I had a similar problem with that car - and fixed the problem by adjusting the microphone volume setting.

To test this - if you have voice mail - try calling yourself from the car - and then listen to the recording.

I've done that with two different S3 phones - and the voices are distorted - somewhat "robotic" - and can be hard to hear sometime.

I've had voice recognition problems in my car too - which could be related - if the voice sampling is screwed up. I've seen a report that the latest 43 software update has improved voice recognition for someone - so when I update in my car, I'll run another test on the cell phone voice quality.

mwojcie | 6 April 2013

Only time I've had any issues is when I have the AC up too high.

Shelmire | 7 April 2013

every call is this way for me.

mhatch | 7 April 2013

Quality is best of any car , ever! By far according to the folks I talk to regularly. iPhone 5.

bizzdoc | 7 April 2013

Ive had people tell me the sound from my Tesla blue tooth system is horrible. Ive paired a blackberry 8730 and an Iphone 4 to the car. I didnt believe them until my cousing got HIS model S and called me from HIS car. I hate to be blunt but the sound is HORRIBLE. I plan on asking the technician about this at the service center. Our microphones are just not very good. It is one of the few weaknesses in the car but I can live with it.

billbaggy | 7 April 2013

Does anyone know exactly where the microphone is located?

iPhone5 seems to sound fine unless the fans are up above 5 or if the sunroof is open.

The sunroof thing is really annoying, I have to close it if I get a call. There should be a wind cut-off for the mic.

I live in SoCal, gotta have the roof open :)

michaelknauf | 8 April 2013

I had terrible bluetooth, couldn't hear or be heard, couldn't use voice commands, etc and Tesla replaced the module that has the microphone in it, since then it's been merely poor, much better, but not good...

tvntesla | 8 April 2013

Just like @michaelknauf I had a bad mike and voice command never worked since day 1. Tesla diagnosed it and replaced the microphone. Now the voice command is perfect even with soft spoken voice and the phone conversation is so clear, even clearer than holding the phone on ear without using car Bluetooth.

GeekEV | 8 April 2013

@tvntesla - I've heard other people complain about a bad bluetooth antenna also. Perhaps some combination of the two are at play. I think I'll have to have mine checked as I too have heard it doesn't sound good.

DouglasR | 8 April 2013

@billbaggy - The microphone is centered just above the windshield.

Brian H | 8 April 2013


TikiMan | 8 April 2013

Try placing your phone in the cubby (below the touchscreen). It helps considerably.

GeekEV | 8 April 2013

The only problem with that is that I have this irrational fear of getting in an accident, being pinned in the car and not being able to reach the phone because it went flying. I always have it secured in a proper mount or securely in my pocket...

RedShift | 8 April 2013

Today, as soon as my iphone5 which was in my pocket sleeping, called an undesirable contact (from my wife's iphone, which shares contacts thanks to icloud) when I came near my parked Tesla outside a Home Depot. 4 times. All in rapid succession. I only heard the 4 th call ringing when I finished loading stuff in the trunk and opened the door to get inside.

I was very annoyed to be explaining to someone who I can barely tolerate, that it was a mistake. He was like '4 times?' . Ugh. Don't know if its my car or the Tesla.