The charger doesn't lock to my car?

The charger doesn't lock to my car?

I'm at work and my car is plugged in across the street. I got a text message from the ChargePoint station saying "Your car has stopped charging because it was unplugged". I sprinted outside. There was a worker there who was repairing the other half the charger (port 2. I was on port 1. They share a base.) I said, "Hello." and he said, "Oh, is this your car? I unplugged it so I can fix the other port. I'll plug it back in when I'm done."

I was shocked. "It just let you unplug it? I thought it locked to my car?" He said, "Nope, it came right out."

What the hell? So anyone can come along and unplug anyone's car? The Tesla adapter was still plugged into my car, and I didn't test whether that would come out, but I suspect it would. This was VERY unnerving!!

NKYTA | 14 August 2013

Hmm...are you sure the car was locked? If it was, he shouldn't have been able to unplug it, unless it is a really narrow street and the car thought the fob was in range. I'd take it to a Service Center or call a Ranger.

DJay | 14 August 2013

Was the adapter still in the car?

Carefree | 14 August 2013

I might be wrong, but I think you can always remove the public charger part of the connection but NOT the adapter that is plugged into your Model S. I have not had the need to charge at a public station yet, so I can't be sure.

kawaiia | 14 August 2013

I concur with @Carefree. I've charged at public stations and the Tesla adapter is locked in place when the car is locked, the public charge plug can be removed.

NKYTA | 14 August 2013

Doh! Not sure why I read "Chargepoint" as "SuperCharger" but @Carefree is correct that you can remove the cable at a public charger but not the adapter. Apologies to the OP for the mis-information.

Bob W | 14 August 2013

Correct, the J1772 is never locked into the car, only the adapter is locked (or the Tesla connector on a UMC, HPWC, or SuperCharger).

There is an after-market device called the CapturePro CP1 that is designed to make it much more difficult to unlock a J1772 while it is charging a Model S, but it is currently "in redesign."

weeandthewads | 14 August 2013

The adapter can not be removed if the car is locked but the 3rd party charger cable can be disconnected from the adapter. Does the Tesla Super Charger lock if the car is locked?

AirForce462 | 14 August 2013

There is a manufacturer out there that sells an adapter that locks j1772 connectors to the adapter, You can check it out here:

jat | 14 August 2013

The part you own is locked to the car, and the part you don't own can be removed. Seems completely reasonable.

Your Tesla UMC locks to the car, but J1772 doesn't have any locking mechanism.

jhelberg | 6 October 2013

My car was effectively shut down yesterday while the plug at the car-end refused to come out because the car lockrd it. Unlocking from the in-car app didn't help. I talked to tesla services for a while and they came up with towing the car. Luckily i tried the android app and hit the unlock charger port button. The app was able to unlock the port and I could drive again. All public chargers in europe lock the cable, there is no need at all to lock the cabke at the car, actually I hate this as of now, as it wasted 30 minutes yesterday.
Can tesla please remove this feature, or at least make it user-configurable?

danej | 6 October 2013

Has anyone used one of these J1772 locking devices? They are no longer available as they're being redesigned, but it looks like a good way to keep someone from hijacking your Chargepoint port!

Of course, if your charge is complete it would be nice if someone could take the cable, if it reached an adjacent parking spot.