College Students

College Students

Will there be anything special for college students in the future? I'm not expecting it now because Tesla is still developing. I was just curious, and a few of the major auto companies give to students.

jbeen | 6 October 2012

When I say give, I don't mean the just give you the car. I know that they do give reduced rates for loans.

ppeeples213 | 25 September 2018

I am sure that in the future such an opportunity will certainly be, I do not know of course how soon, but so far for the students, there is an excellent site On which you can find all the necessary information that you may need

reed_lewis | 25 September 2018

The loan rates for Tesla are quite low (from what I have seen). Since there is no demand issue, there is no need to increase demand by offering discounts to anyone. Keep in mind that Elon has said multiple times that nobody gets a discount on a new car. Everyone pays the same for the same car. I actually like that because I dislike when someone who is in a special class gets a discount simply for being who they are.