In defense of valets...

In defense of valets...

Yesterday, creeping along the PCH in terrible traffic with a good dose of AC and the stereo blasting, my energy consumption surged over 900 Wh/mi. Not surprising, as the low speed trends the denominator toward zero and the ratio to singularity.

Poor parking valets, catching heat for lead-foot joyriding, when in fact they might have been just slowly creeping along...

J.T. | 30 June 2013

I can understand. It's usually bumper to bumper at the Capital Grill parking lot. :-)

cfOH | 30 June 2013

Ignoring valets specifically for a moment, there are lots of situations where someone might have to pilot or at least babysit my car. I wish there was a valet mode that:
- limited the end car's speed to whatever I set
- limited the torque/acceleration to something Camry-ish
- locked out the settings screen
- tracked location, speed, etc. during the valet period
- Alerted the mobile app when the car is driven

And yes, I'm paranoid. I went to high school with some guys who worked as valets or mechanics and the stories they told...

tes-s | 30 June 2013

I would like a valet profile that can be set, and requires code to change to a different profile (or can be changed from the app in case you forget the code).