Definitive "why I'm canceling my order" thread - spoiler many many reasons - not just one…

Definitive "why I'm canceling my order" thread - spoiler many many reasons - not just one…

I have made the personal decision to cancel my order - this is painful for me and after nearly 2 years on the list. I’m writing this not to shame Tesla or receive sympathy but rather to call out some design decisions made by Tesla that makes the Model X unsuitable for my personal needs. If you disagree with my analysis please continue to purchase your Model X. The EV community and Tesla in particular need your continued infusion of capital to push forward more ambitious goals to make a car normal people can actually buy and use.

I deeply believe the Model X will be lauded in the press for the Model X and Tesla will exceed it’s goals for the Model X (selling 20-30k unit’s a year). These sales will fund the all important development of the Gen III and hopefully tesla will finally produce an affordable mass market vehicle.

The reasons for my personal cancelation are summarized as follows:

* Falcon wing Doors - I’m not a fan…call it personal choice - like all designs they have pros/cons - I don’t like the cons
* Lack of fold-flat 2nd row seating (or removable 2nd row seating) - I would take either
* Range
* Panoramic Windshield
* Lack of details and a general attitude of we will build it and you will love it.
* High pricing for a car that clearly contains some un-necessary (IMHO) design compromises
* They have designed a car they can’t build.

I still love my Model S P85D and I’m patiently waiting for my P85DL upgrade.

Details as to what my concerns are for each of the listed points

Falcon wing Doors

* Slow to open close - quite frankly they are ridiculous - if you love them great - but honestly this is a redesign of something that didn’t need it - sliding doors have many of the same pro’s with few of the cons…
* lack of roof rack space - a common and necessary design requirement for most functional SUV’s
* concern about their actual practicality for my personal garage - it’s a complex ceiling in my garage that has very little smooth/flat surface areas
* manual operation ability - or lack there of
* I’ve decided they are not for me

Lack of 2nd row cargo flexibility

* this has been discussed at length. I have owned a 3 row SUV/Minivan for most the past 20 years - I’ve never owned one with the limited cargo options of the Model X
* I’m glad some people consider this a non-issue and it speaks to Tesla’s ultimate success in finding a niche market for owners that want the ultimate 3 row BEV SUV on the market. But my needs require the 2nd row to be more flexible - and yes I use this cargo flexibility often…


* Not a surprise, but now that it is confirmed the range is inadequate and does not meet my needs even with supercharging
* I have posted extensively that I find the time increase (30%) un-acceptable for long range trips. I’m glad some people enjoy the trip and find supercharging in Barstow to be “fun” and “relaxing” but I ultimately want to get there with as little delay as possible. Supercharging is fantastic and a major technical accomplishment but the simple fact that you will be spending 20-40 min every 2-3 hours on a long trip is not for me in my 3 row people carriers - trips by myself in my Model S are awesome…but when I’m traveling with the family, the journey is not the reward…normally the destination is.

Panoramic Windshield

* I’m sure this thing is spectacular and demos extremely well and kudos to Tesla for pulling off a major engineering design with so much glass space
* My experience with cars for over 30 years is that windshields are a consumable - therefore during purchase I consider both the cost and availability of replacement windshields - I had a bad experience once with a specialty car that took me over 9 months to source a new windshield at great expense -never again
* This part is going to be expensive
* This part is going to be difficult to install correctly (may even require expensive additional equipment - this equipment will be limited by locations that actually have it)
* I have ZERO confidence that Tesla will have adequate service parts available and we will be begin hear about customer’s frustrations when they need to replace one of these suckers - we already know sourcing parts for the Model S is a night-mare either for service purposes or body-work after an accident - this windshield is going to be an interesting experiment
* Solar radiation - temperature control in the hot and cold is going to be a night mare - in cold Temps traveling between supercharger’s last december the trade off between range and thermal comfort in my model S was disappointing and I can’t image this amount of glass space will make things better - further impacting real world range.
* cold weather with this much glass is going to be interesting - snow loads, cracks, leaks…I’ll be surprised if this goes well
* structural weakness causing stress fractures - the Model S initially had this problem - I can’t image the growing pains for the X are going to be any different

Lack of transparency and false promises

* I know Elon is trying to change the world, but the real lack of any realistic data regarding anything Tesla does is very frustrating. This is un-necessary and childish. It is better to say NOTHING, than partial truths, speculation, goals, wishes, best guesses, or fantasies. The list of Tesla’s ongoing lies is extensive and well documented (power wall in Summer anyone) and quite frankly it mystifies me why so many people give Tesla a pass on this one.
* Tesla needs to quit making public/material statements that represent Elon’s motivational management technique. Save the outrageous schedules/promises for internal employee motivation propaganda. But tell the public only statements you can commit to
* Quite frankly Tesla has been callous and dis-respectful as to the real opportunity cost and ongoing mis-representation of their progress on this car.
* The production roll out of the Model X is a joke, and they only made their Q3 promise by producing 6 hand made examples that they gave to friendly customers that do not represent any meaningful production or daily use.


* The price on this beast is outrageous, Especially for a car that is going to represent a testing platform for many many many suspect design choices.
* For this type of price I expect a no-compromise vehicle and the Tesla Model X clearly has some design compromises, and many of them smack of experiments rather than sound/conservative choices.
* My feel is Tesla has no problem making me the tester to see if their ideas work - well someone else in line will need to take my place with their $120,xxx - I’m going to sit this one out.

If you build it you need to be able to service it

* Complex to build, complex to service
* Can’t source parts from suppliers to build it - can’t source parts from suppliers to service/fix it
* I will not be surprise with the inevitable problems show up around the new design choices in this car and Tesla is un-able to address them in a timely manner. I am un-concerned about Tesla’ standing behind their product, but as we all know they can take an awfully long time to do so in some cases leaving me with out my capital intensive purchase for my daily use.
* Ultimately Tesla will work out the bugs in this system, but they are going to do so on my dime and my time and I don’t feel like paying 120K plus to be part of their early beta program.

I encourage reservation owners who are pleased with the Model X to purchase one or more. We need this capital investment from the automotive community to raise funding for Tesla to delay/lie about the roll out of Gen III. If you love your Model X then more power to you and I’m pleased for your purchase. You say I think the Model X will not be successful - nothing could be further from the truth. Tesla will be able to sell all that they can make of this vehicle for quite some time, given that their stated production goals are so modest in the grand scheme of things. Ultimately time will tell as to the success/failure of Tesla’s design decisions. They are a young company with lots of energy and they will adapt with design changes if the market requires them to do so. The Model X will be successful, the Model X will change the industry. But I have decided not to be a paying participant of this particular experiment and will watch from the side line in my fantastic Model S P85DL and continue to pollute the planet with my 3 row SUV w/2nd row folding seats that actually meets my needs.

I will give money to the 1st manufacture that produces a real world/functional SUV that match the capabilities of the SUV I already own. I did it with the model S and will do it again. But the Model X is _NOT_ that car and I need the capabilities of my current SUV…I'm very dis-appointed that I can not give Tesla my next round of SUV money.

Son of a Gunn | 11 October 2015

With your thread history, I'm dubious if this is sincere.

TonyInNH | 11 October 2015

I agree with all your points. I'm in the 9000's so I have a while to decide if the X is right for me. I may defer in the hopes they will come out with a more practical 2nd row and different battery options.

Ankit Mishra | 11 October 2015

What have I got to do to make you love me
What have I got to do to make you care
What do I do when lightning strikes me
And I wake to find that you're not there
What do I do to make you want me
What have I got to do to be heard
What do I say when it's all over
And sorry seems to be the hardest word

-By Model X to dortor

dortor | 11 October 2015

@Ankit - LOL

carlk | 11 October 2015

@Son of a Gunn

With your thread history, I'm dubious if this is sincere.

The good thing is that history will end today, hopefully.

AlMc | 11 October 2015

I have no idea who @dortor is and what his thread history is. I can assure you my thread history/forum postings here and at TMC are legitimate.

For some well articulated reasons he is canceling his/her reservation. I saw nothing in his/her post suggesting that you cancel yours.

Time to accept that some people love the X, as is, and others don't to the point of canceling their reservation.

No one is saying they don't want to see TM complete their mission statement.

No one is saying TM won't complete their mission.

Constructive feedback, even if negative, was encouraged by EM. EM/TM may complete the mission statement more quickly by not only being applauded for their efforts by people who either love the X altogether or love the X despite any identified compromises they can overlook but by using constructive criticism to enhance their products so that more people will move faster towards getting all of us to renewable energy transportation.

carlk | 11 October 2015


Understood and totally agree. Your posts before and after the unveil were mostly objective and reasonable except for a few that you were obviously emotional. No a problem with that either.

carlk | 11 October 2015

Sorry that was for you @AlMc.

dortor | 11 October 2015

@carlk - just wow - really wow - my thread history as a supporter of the Model S and Tesla's overall goals - but bringing factually accurate comments and concerns to light...

just wow

the history will not end today - just my reservation for a Model X - the fact that may disappoint you is a silver lining in this whole escapade.

DTsea | 11 October 2015

Dortor. Ok. Nobody cares. Tesla will not redesign model x for you.

Sounds like it is not a good fit for you. So what?

TonyInNH | 11 October 2015

@DTsea "So what?"

Did you even bother reading the topic or original post? No one is asking Tesla to redesign anything. The topic is who is cancelling and why.

AlMc | 11 October 2015

@DTsea: Not sure @Dortor is asking TM to redesign the X for him/her. Just stating why he/she decided to cancel the reservation.

You are right that TM probably does not care. They are production constrained with 20-30K X reservations and to my knowledge have not produced a single SIG.

The 'so wha't....This is an open forum. If he/she wants to start a thread or comment and you don't care just don't post. Posting only brings the thread to the top of the X forum where more people can see it/comment on it/ and keep it going.

DTsea | 11 October 2015

By so what i meant 'whats your point?'

Yes its an open forum. I cant believe dortot was unaware of model x feature set after two years on wait list.

dortor | 11 October 2015

Many features were onky confirmed at roll out and were changes from original prototype. This and other forum threads clearly indicate many specific details of the model X have only recently been confirmed.

TonyInNH | 11 October 2015

Actually, most people were unaware of the X feature set until the reveal. There were rumors floating around that the 2nd row wouldn't fold down and that the 3rd row was no longer optional, but they were just that, rumors. None of this was known for a fact until the reveal.

carlk | 11 October 2015

Like the FWD wasn't known for years and not confirmed by Elon that it will be in the final product about a year ago? And the final version did not fix the potential issues of opening in tight places people have been speculated forever? No! You have never heard of that and were cheated for making and keeping your reservation. That paragraph alone showed how sincere you are posting that carp.

AlMc | 11 October 2015

While I agree that we all knew about the EWD would be part of the final design over a year ago I think it is fair to comment on how they work/how quickly they work and comment of how that fits into your personal needs.

Personally, I don't mind them. My wife thinks they are bit ostentatious but that is a compromise she is willing to make. the EWD alone would not be a reason for me to cancel a reservation but I accept that it is for others.

As stated in another thread my concern with the EWD is how much of a cost/benefit they are over traditional doors. Cost=R&D expense and potential delay they may have caused in the X reveal/production vs benefit: increased sales, increased TM visibility of overall product(s)...

carlk | 11 October 2015

@AlMc No need to defend for the op. The fact that he included FWD as one factor that he "canceled" his reservation made that piece a pure bashing job.

I can't say for sure if the FWD is going to positively contribute to the Model X sale or not but one thing I can say is this is just one more example of Elon thinks outside the box while most people out there do not. More and more we come to appreciate the FWD and we will soon have a verdict which I have to believe will be a positive one.

Batman | 11 October 2015

Seems to me "doctor" is a basher in disguise. I can't wait to get my Model X. It's the best SUV out there, at any price.

aljjr2 | 11 October 2015

I stopped reading the rationale after "I don't like the Falcon Wing Doors" The Falcon doors have been there since the concept and reconfirmed in the email a year ago. So, why order... or just cancel 1-2-3 years ago. The Model X is not going to meet the needs of everyone. The Rant beginning with the FWD seems a little late.

Tâm | 11 October 2015


It is true that Falcon wing Doors have been featured since 2012 prototype.

What was not appreciated until the Launch Event was: The slowness of the operation of closing and opening of those doors.

We can assume that it's quick and fast to manually close and open those doors. How else? The problem is it was never demonstrated quick and fast manual operation for Falcon Wing Doors, so it would be a present surprise if manual speed is faster than automatic speed!

Another problem was: Everybody saw those 2012 prototype chrome doors and nobody knew that they don't extend out to greet you the way Model S' does. Not until the 2015 Launch Event!

carlk | 11 October 2015

Geezeze tell me how fast you want the door to open or close? Did the prototype door open in 3.2 seconds?

Ankit Mishra | 11 October 2015

@Tam & @AIMc
Wow. Now that is pure irrational biased bashing. It's an automatic door and closes like all automatic doors. And they closed at the same speed in 2012 also. This is really suspicious. What were you guys expecting reserving a Model X? Hoping they will drop those doors? I can understand your perseverance about 2nd row seats, but you dislike the doors too. I am really unable to comprehend the decision to have the reservation then except to hope FWD will be dropped.

Ankit Mishra | 11 October 2015

@Batman has spoken. Now anyone who doesn't want to get the taste of the knuckles of the Caped Crusader should quit bashing X irrationally.
What's next? "Hey, I am cancelling due non folding 2nd row seats, but I also don't like that X runs in electricity. Why not give us a choice of oil engine?"

Hey @batman! Will you be using your X as Batmobile?

carlk | 11 October 2015

I believe @Tam & @AIMc were sincere, although not necessarily correct, with their assessment of the 2nd row seat but now when they start to bashing the FWD it revealed nothing but their jealousy of Tesla's success and that others are able to enjoy that success. The FWD has been the center piece of model x for years not to mention the final product is better than anyone would have thought how good it could be.

TonyInNH | 11 October 2015

Did you hear me mention the FWD? Interesting you didn't comment on the rest of the stuff I wrote about which weren't known until the reveal.

TonyInNH | 11 October 2015

To everyone criticizing the original poster about the FWD. I believe it was made clear that was ONE reason and clearly not the only one.

MyXinTx | 11 October 2015

I fully acknowledge and compliment Dortor for his honest and mature assessment of the truth. He was promised one thing, and about to be delivered something else. Clearly his choice to cancel if he so chooses and I appreciate his candor.

His comment on the potentially problematic falcon doors, dysfunctional seating changes, freakishly large front window and reduced range are spot on and cannot be argued or defended despite the Madison Ave touts of Musk et al.

I also have been hyper-enthusiastic since I placed deposit on my X a year ago, emotionally and financially preparing for the high-end vehicle soon to be mine.

For me, the concerns of the seating and windshield are my nemesis... Every other SUV in the world has lay-down flat storage...even the Model S has that option, and how much sun will be in my eyes with all the glass?

While I am not committed to cancelling my reservation, I am certainly agnostic at this time...and I am not alone

carlk | 11 October 2015

Every other SUV in the world has lay-down flat storage

Isn't that argument getting a little old? Every other SUV in the world has ICE and fixed firmware too. Some just can't accept progress. But that's fine just stick with your "every other SUV" and let us to enjoy the better thing. You know some people stuck with the blackberry for a long time too. The new world couldn't care less if you join us or not.

carlk | 11 October 2015

@TonyInNH From your posting history I'd put you in the same category as the op and not @Tam & @AIMc. You have been a basher for the longest time.

AlMc | 11 October 2015

@carlk: Resent the implication that I am a basher. I have two model Ss in the garage now and have not 'bashed' the EWD. I have indicated I like it (read my post) wife is 'meh' on it but I also indicated that was a compromise she was willing to make. As you know, the deal breaker for us was lack of folding second row seats. Once that option becomes will. Then we will order an X to replace our RR.

I see no reason to try to characterize people's motives. I am not characterizing yours or anyone elses.

I am happy that you like the X and will be getting one as shown at the reveal. I am happy other people will as well.

I just don't understand why you continue to feel that it is not OK if other reservation holders do not like it or have decided to defer or cancel orders because it does not need their needs whether you or anyone else thinks they are frivolous or not.

carlk | 11 October 2015

@AlMc Read my last few posts. I did not say you are basher.

TonyInNH | 11 October 2015


Say what you will. I have a reservation and am not relinquishing it any time soon.

From your posts and replies it's pretty clear that anyone who criticizes Tesla, regardless of the reason, is a basher. It is because of this that your opinions are worthless.

AlMc | 11 October 2015


I believe @Tam & @AIMc were sincere, although not necessarily correct, with their assessment of the 2nd row seat but now when they start to bashing the FWD it revealed nothing but their jealousy of Tesla's success and that others are able to enjoy that success. The FWD has been the center piece of model x for years not to mention the final product is better than anyone would have thought how good it could be.

The above is your post: 'but now when they start bashing the FWD
it revealed nothing but their jealousy of Tesla's success'

So, what am I missing when you claim I am not 'bashing'

Tâm | 11 October 2015

@Ankit Mishra

You misunderstood me.

I was pointing out by an example of Falcon Wing Doors as: Tesla's communication seems not up to par. They could have educated us on the Falcon Wingo Doors for the past 3 years. Its untimely leaking of information has fueled speculations.

Overall, despite of what people complain (I myself included,) I love Model X a lot! I love its Falcon Wings Doors a lot!

When I placed my deposit, my only criteria was a little bit longer and a little bit more spacious rear cargo space than what I have now with my Model S.

If that one criteria was fulfilled, I would have ignored all of @dortor's and other people warnings/complaints and I would have purchased Model X in a heartbeat.

carlk | 11 October 2015


OK correct me if I was wrong. Are you bashing the FWD now?

AlMc | 11 October 2015

@CarlK: No. But according to the copy of your post that I supplied above you have put me in that (bashing) camp.

I will state it plainly: As my thread here and on TMC indicated I would be anxiously waiting for production and delivery of a Sig X IF it had a folding second row seat option. TM will not allow one to defer the Sig X reservation waiting for that possibility so I canceled. End of story for my reason for cancelation.

On this thread I am defending someone else's right to cancel their reservation if something does not meet their needs. You took issue with the OP about the EWD which has continued this 'back and forth' discussion.

From a business standpoint I feel that the EWD was not necessary to sell people the X. The most compelling and unique thing about the X is that it is an SUV EV with 200+ mile range. IMO (opinion) the R&D spending and the delay in production caused by the EWD was not necessary for TM to accomplish the mission statement..which I support with both my purchases of vehicles and stock.

Reasonable people can disagree on whether that delay/cost of the EWD was worth it.

*I just don't know why when I (and others) are not 'bashing' TM, not trying to get other people to cancel their reservations and accept that the X works for many people...and we are happy it meets their needs, why you, and others, can't accept that it may not work for us as currently configured. It is possible to support TM and want TM to succeed and not purchase a model X. | 11 October 2015

@dortor: your choice is right for you. One fact-check re:range. The X90D has an EPA (estimated) rating of 257 miles. The XP90D has an estimated EPA rating of 250 miles. Your P85D has an EPA rating of 253 miles. Why is range one of your concerns?

As far as opinions are concerned, you may be proven right or wrong about parts replacement, production ramp up, and price. ( I expect to pay less than $100K plus tax for a Model X90D not $120K.). I hope you are wrong.

As far as the time it takes to open and close a FW door, it looks to be about the same as for a Honda minivan slider. 5-6 seconds each way. I haven't measured how long it takes a person to open a conventional rear door on the Model S, bang their head on the door frame, get in, sit down, and close the door. It might not be much less than 10 seconds but I am old and it takes me longer to do a lot of things...

elguapo | 11 October 2015

Everyone - Goodness gracious - just chill out. Can people focus on the thread and not spend so much time arguing? There is only one post (I think), by the OP, that goes into detail about cancellation, good or bad, the rest of the posts then go back and forth arguing. Maybe a couple folks chime in saying they're cancelling too or they're not.

Whatever. The point is, let's try to be respectful.

Thanks for reading.

Al1 | 11 October 2015


Of course you are not bashing FWD.

The most compelling and unique thing about the X is that it is an SUV EV with 200+ mile range.

That's very true. However what's also true model X had to be different from model S and required features that would justify premium pricing. Easily accessible third row was perceived to be such a differentiator. If you buy this theory, it should also become clear that doors had to be different. And since minivan door types were viewed as cheap and not sexy, FWD was next best alternative.

This may prove brilliant or may turn out to be an expensive, but useless feature, a "toy for rich". Time will tell. But I see nothing wrong with a toy for rich either as long as there is enough people out there willing to buy them.

Now maybe none of these was really required and there are plenty of people willing to buy just an SUV EV with 200+ mile range.

Maybe. But that sounds to me like generation three EV. It remains to be seen:

1. How many they are willing to pay?
2. How many Tesla is able to produce?
3. Where will they charge?

LauraTesla | 11 October 2015

the doors were specked 3 1/2 yrs ago.....range in ratio to heavier vehicle....Windshield is great because I like a convertible and it is coated, so no big deal.....price is not $120k either $85-90 or $132k+..... The only thing that is a surprise is the non folding second row seats......
I myself like to educate companies on the way out, but this rant is way off base. Have drink.
I will look at the quality .....wait for the price and decide whether to buy or not ....20xx.
Going on a factory tour the 23rd....hope to see some X's on the line or at least in the parking lot.

Mark Z | 11 October 2015

So much negativity! I am pleased you have cancelled so you are not complaining to others as they drool over the Model X and have to question why you bought it.

Comparing my 2012 and 2015 videos, the door does appear to take 2 seconds longer to close. If that saves a pinched finger, I won't be disappointed in Tesla Motors' decision for a safer door close speed.

IMHO, this is a ride vehicle in the hands of the public. There will be no "Disney" hosts and hostesses to make sure everyone is belted and have hands and arms inside the vehicle during it's operation. It will be unique and Tesla Motors has designed it with safety first, and personal preferences second.

Most are not pleased that Disney has decided to reduce the size of the Disneyland Rivers of America by 25% when it is closed in January. In the same way, customers have a right to be displeased with the final design of the vehicle they ordered. Whoever has a deposit on a Disneyland vacation for Summer 2016, perhaps should switch their destination to Walt Disney World. Vacations or cars, we live in a world of change.

Ankit Mishra | 11 October 2015

I think I got it. It's like Model S is iPhone 6 but some people wanted larger phone. So, Apple made them iPhone 6+. Same copy but larger in size. Some people were expecting Tesla to do same. To make a larger Model S.
Well people, Tesla is not Apple/Samsung (fortunately). Therefore, its not going to churn out different versions of a same product with minor changes. It's not going to sell itself short because some people have low expectations. I expect the same with Model 3. The car is going to be significantly different than S&X.
People crazy about environment will buy a simple EV SUV that is similar to a product which has been in market since 3 years. But an average consumer needs much more to be attracted to EV technology which is a big leap of faith for them.

Ankit Mishra | 11 October 2015

Alright. I take your word for it. There is a chance that I may have misunderstood you.

Roamer@AZ USA | 11 October 2015

Two Sig orders confirmed. Checking email every hour for VIN and delivery date.

Nothing in the long post interested me.

This will be Tesla number four and number five.

Have never sold a used Tesla. All are still in the family.

Can't wait to have every driver in the family in a Tesla.

teslagiddy | 11 October 2015

Hey @AnkitMishra, you're on a roll! Don't despair, more cancellations mean you and I get our X's sooner.

For me the only reason to get an X is waking up to a full "tank" every morning. I HATE visiting the pump every week. Everything else is secondary. Already have the S and now need the X to transport 7 people often.

FWD's, don't care either way, but school drop off's are going to be very interesting!

oragne lovre | 11 October 2015

Good speakers, or posters, are those who can speak, or post, a lot with as few words as possible.

vperl, where are you?

MyXinTx | 11 October 2015

@Carlk... No, it's not old, cause the U in SUV stands for UTILITY. If you want progress, change the style to SPBV, or Sports Passenger Bus about SPMV, as in Sports People Mover Vehicle, say didn't Walt Disney create the "People Mover" concept back in the 70's?? So now your paying tribute to ol' Walt, how nice.

and Carlk you weren't such a d--K by patronizing others, I would not have said a thing...if you're gonna dish it out, be prepared...and I never had a Blackberry, and those that did were required to because of their jobs, now be nice to others...

sosmerc | 11 October 2015

I am a fan of Tesla and a shareholder. I sincerely want to see Tesla succeed. People have put down serious money to purchase the Model X and now that the details of the vehicle are finally out some will remain thrilled and will continue their purchase while others may cancel because the vehicle isn't exactly what they expected. I respect that and appreciate the fact that people are willing to post their feelings.
I am confident that future new Tesla models will incorporate features that are appropriate and meet the variety of needs for those that either can't afford the current models or find they are lacking what they need and want. Current Tesla models are expensive and are aimed at the high end market and the demand is limited such that Tesla can just barely meet the demand. In the meantime, Telsa is gradually preparing (gigafactory, expanding supercharger network) to meet the anticipated larger market for general public more affordable and more utility oriented vehicles (F150-like truck, smaller cars, sports cars, vans, etc). All Tesla needs is more time and money. It's hard to wait, but I am waiting as patiently as I can.

Roamer@AZ USA | 11 October 2015

@sosmerc. You might add higher power density batteries to your summary.

I think many people assumed Tesla would magically create batteries that could tow 10,000 lbs and push a full size SUV 500 miles.

Instead Tesla built about as much as current battery capability can support. For me it works. I long long ago figured out that there is no such thing as one vehicle that will perform every task perfectly. If it's beefy enough to tow then it's going to have crap mileage every day for normal driving. I still don't see a real truck or a real full size SUV anytime soon. Batteries to do that just don't exist right now.

So build a really nice, very roomy, people hauler that can tow a little once in awhile.

Our main need was easier kid access and a little more room. X works for us.

People that need a truck or large SUV may have to wait and may never see a true SUV or Truck built by Tesla. I don't see how it can be done without an onboard ICE or gas turbine augmenting the batteries. Maybe someday.