Delivery experience

Delivery experience

As a person looking forward to my first Tesla, am curious to hear about the delivery experience from current owners... both positive and negative would appreciated...

cpetrush | 8 January 2013

Read before starting new post. Pages and pages of delivery experiences.

jk2014 | 8 January 2013

So many different threads, would love to go just one to hear feedback. Apologize if I've made a forum etiquette mistake...

yoda | 8 January 2013

Read and you shall gain what you seek, but be wary as many claim to be who they are not, for you are no yoda.

jk2014 | 8 January 2013

Again, I apologize, oh wise one...

mkh1437 | 8 January 2013

You can use to search the forums.

jk2014 | 8 January 2013

@mkh1437 -- much appreciated.

jk2014 | 10 January 2013

I think for reasons of sanity and time, a single place to express delivery experiences could benefit all.

If you've already written about your experience in another thread, feel free to link it in a quick post.

To those that don't like this idea, please skip over the thread and ignore. Thanks and happy driving to all those that have received their Model S. Grins of the Tesla type across the nation...

Epley | 10 January 2013

We had a great, thorough delivery experience. Car brought on flatbed. Specialist spent 2 hours with us going over every detail, programming homelink, setting seat/mirror preferences, the works. We were very impressed with the service.

Ohms.Law | 10 January 2013

jk2014 - there are too many posts and threads to count where owners have talked about their good (and poor) delivery experiences. Most have nothing but praise, once they got over the angst of the last few hours of waiting. But the best way you can find these testimonials is to use a custom-made search engine just for this Tesla Forum. Go to and put in search words like "delivery experience" or "amazing experience" and you find them all listed in standard Google format,just from this forum.

Here is one to get you started:

Fastcars | 10 January 2013

Let me start off... this is my Dad's experience, but he's not about to vent his frustrations on the computer, so I'll do it for him!

He ordered his Model-S early last year and wired the full 100K payment about a month ago. His car was promised the 25-28th of December which came and went without a phone call from anyone. He did some digging and finally found someone to help him. This person told him the car was in Washington State on a flatbed and would be delivered on the 4th of January 2013. The date passed again with out a phone call... after 2 more missed promises he still doesn't have his car. Now they are saying tomorrow morning, but who knows. The thing is, he has to keep calling them to find out where his car is at!

I'm sure he'll get his Model-S and it will be amazing, but what a foolish move by Tesla to treat their first buyers so poorly. He's very concerned that their customer service will be a huge issue now based on the way he's been treated thus far.

I still drink the cool-aid, we love Tesla, but what an opportunity missed for them to turn a bad situation into a huge WOW for the client. Anyone else having similar experiences? He can't be the only one.

Cattledog | 10 January 2013

Fastcars - Mine was similar. I think Tesla needs to impose rigorous communication protocols on their delivery subcontractors and then follow through with an internal protocol to match, not just a reactive one that starts jumping when people bark. I agree, ship needs to be righted here - these wildly divergent delivery experiences are very inconsistent with company's desired image.

adstein | 10 January 2013

While it is clear that the December push resulted in a degradation in the overall delivery experience, my guess is that most buyers had minimal to no issues. I must say that I was quite concerned by the experiences relayed here but my DS, Sara, was fantastic and the delivery met the expectations that she set in early December. And of course the car arrived without any problems.

Please understand that I am not questioning the hassles and angst for those who have problems but I think it is worth noting that of the 3k+ cars that have been delivered most were delivered without problems.

Christopher3 | 10 January 2013

I had a similar situation other than I paid my deposit 3.5 years ago. I could have gone signature but at that time I was more concerned about the company going bust. $5k a little easier to part with than $40k. Wasted my kids Christmas break waiting for a delivery that arrived this past weekend. I was disappointed about the wait and the condition of the car when it arrived but Tesla assured me that it will be taken care of. I also understand the pressure that is on Tesla to beat expectation in regards to the market and shareholders, the end of the year was a big benchmark for them, I understand. I have a lot of interest in the future of this company and feel they have moved past another hurdle in becoming a powerful company.

I have reserved a model X as well (non-signature) it's for my wife so if she needs it sooner she can add the additional $35k. :-)


Christopher3 | 10 January 2013


I agree with you and let me add that I live in Texas where Tesla is not allowed to send a DS. I'm sure this complicated the situation to a large degree. So I don't blame Texas I blame Rick Perry.

freeman_r | 10 January 2013

My Model S delivery experience has been a nightmare! I have been promised many delivery times with the first estimate between Dec 15 - 29. The 29th seemed fairly sure? Then I was told it was in transit from Freemont to San Diego on Jan 4 and would be delivered the following Mon - Wed. Finally, I was told Thursday between 8 & 12. It is now 6PM on Thursday & I was finally told after e-mails & phone messages that it was "mis-delivered & is back in Freemont. The worst part of this is I never got any information without numerous calls or e-mails. I am also a Tesla share holder & will have to consider selling if this is common "customer service"! Clearly, I was given false information in this process, since it is at most 2 days don Freemont to San Diego. Tesla will not succeed if they do not fix this serious customer service issue. My excitement over receiving my Model S is replaced by frustration
& hope this nightmare will soon be over.

Christopher3 | 10 January 2013


It sure takes a lot out of you. I also had misinformation about where it was and it being on a truck making deliveries in the area. A week later i was called by the driver saying that it would be a my home in 25 minutes? I just had to beat it there. You'll get it soon and this will be small issue once your behind the wheel of your Torquela.

ofertel | 10 January 2013

i cant help but laugh at all these stories after finally getting my delivery. Similar situation and totally frustrating. Finally when it arrived there was no DS just a truck driver who spend the whole time telling us how any technology in a car is stupid.

When we emailed our DS she was extremely apologetic and is going to set up a time for a DS to come out and give us the proper delivery tutorial. Tesla is going to have to give away a whole lot of free frunk cargo nets to make this right for everyone!

ofertel | 10 January 2013

also - how can I really complain when I just got delivered #9,959

Cattledog | 10 January 2013

Christopher - The Texas laws suck, but I'm pretty sure they predate Rick Perry and I'm pretty sure they existed when Tesla started taking reservations from Texans, myself included. I'm sure it's hard to know the arcane rules in all 50 states, however, they need to. We need to help them change in the states where they are bad.

I think they should have learned and would expect radically better outcomes for the rest of 2013.

jk2014 | 10 January 2013

Free cargo nets and floor mats for everyone!!!

noel.smyth | 10 January 2013

I was part of the year end blitz, got the email asking if I wanted to move up to dec with no guaranty. Laura my DS stated from the beginning that if I choose this I would not get the delivery experience that includes a walk through of the vehicle on delivery day but would schedule after I received and that the car would be a direct delivery via truck to my home... she stated that if they could make this work we would close near the end of the year and take delivery sometime in early Jan... thats exactly what happened, I got he car two days ago, while I am still waiting for the paperwork, its still not a bad experience as it is two+ months sooner than scheduled. I suspect if they were crystal clear on expectations up front with everyone things would be better. I too hope they learn from this and communicate better and I suspect they will. I also expect to get my paperwork by the weekend. The car is everything I expected and while a little inconvenient, its still early and I agreed to this process, so not complaining here.

TINO F | 10 January 2013


HClark | 10 January 2013

My delivery was very bumpy but it was all the shipping company. I will state that the car was delivered in perfect condition and it made the whole trip to Seattle in a enclosed semi trailer. Tesla did build up the anticipation with all the e-mails and communication before the delivery. It was all, rush rush rush... and then I was told a 1-4 day delivery time from California to Seattle and it tool over a week. The delivery company was pretty bad about communicating delays or their progress but the Tesla delivery rep was always easy to get a hold of. I could tell that the Tesla team was not pleased with the situation either. I told the dealership that I would rather been notified by Tesla when my Model S was in the Seattle shop instead of getting my hopes up and then having to wait so long. It wasn't the waiting that bugged me but I did cancel a weekend trip with the family. Most of my negative experience feeling have melted away after 3 days of owning the car. The Seattle store was great and they all stayed late to inspect the cars and provided excellent customer support.

Brian H | 11 January 2013

When TM opted for the Y/E delivery push, I bet they knew the shit-storm was going to hit. I wonder if it's better or worse than they expected?

bp | 11 January 2013

Tesla should be able to get dealer licenses in states like Texas. At the low volumes they were selling the Roadsters, it didn't make sense. But now that they are selling more vehicles, and opening service centers (right now Houston's nearest service center is Denver) - they should be able to justify getting the dealer licenses in each state, at least the ones where they will have service centers.

Doing that would benefit customers - allow cars to be delivered by Tesla, allow credits for trade-ins (reducing sales tax costs for customers), and ensure customers are provided the same rights they would have when purchasing other vehicles - and we'd be able to do test drives (which they aren't doing in Houston right now).

Carefree | 11 January 2013

bp, they are trying hard to get their sales licenses in those states - I know they are working on this in AZ. The problem is not Tesla - it's the backward states laws. The laws to protect car dealers in those states are laughable and antiquated and it will take Tesla much more time than they ever anticipated.

Change is hard - esp. for state representatives:-)

DouglasR | 11 January 2013

@bp, how can they get a dealer license in a state that prohibits the manufacturer from owning the dealership?

bp | 11 January 2013

As I was finalizing the delivery options today - asked about their dealer status in Texas and was told they are working on it.

Though a higher priority should be to get the service centers open and a few superchargers...

jfeldman72 | 11 January 2013

i had a very bumpy experience too. The funny thing is that I call on Tuesdsy saying my car would be there the next day and I informed her that I got my car the day before. Wont go into details about the other issues, but the car makes up for it. Truly AMAZING

freeman_r | 4 March 2013

Just a follow-up from my Jan 10 post and the frustration with the un-pleasant delivery experience! Now that I have had the car for several weeks I can say it was worth it - the car is fantastic and the support service has been exceptional. I hope they train the delivery experience staff better!