Delivery information in a technological age

Delivery information in a technological age

Guys, I have been waiting for my shiny new Tesla P85D since last Decemeber. I understand that all good things take time but my original delivery date of "July" because "August" and recently I looked again to find it was now "September". For a high tech company I find these terms pretty vague, a little frighteningly so. Have a read of how it's posted and tell me if you really think this is the best we can do:

"Estimated Delivery
This time frame is only an estimate and is subject to change based on current production schedules and option availability. Please expect that this timing will shift to provide the most accurate estimate possible. Your delivery appointment will be confirmed by your Delivery Experience Specialist once your vehicle is fully assembled and en route to the nearest Tesla location for final inspection and preparation."

So, "September" is only an estimate, a term you'd more expect to apply to say "14th September". If I understand the final sentence, I won't actually know until the day before it arrives. I do have an very nice "Delivery Experience Specialist" called Stefan but, honestly, if you're going to come up with such grandiose titles, a little old fashioned tracking technology the likes of which UPS/DHL and our lovely Royal Mail came up with fifteen-twenty years ago.

I can stomach the wait, just, but what I find worrying is that we don't actually know where my car is on its tortuous journey from San Francisco from one day/week to the next. Something to put on the "to-do list" perhaps?