Dodgers Game

Dodgers Game

Drove to the Dodgers Game last night in my Model S. Not a single Electric EV charger despite many announcements about the new and improved Dodger Stadium. What a complete outrage that a progressive city like Los Angeles would have a major sports facility without one. Embarrassing for the city and the team.

HansJ | 3 April 2013

Not a single run either despite the new and improved Dodgers ;-)

tjyudman | 3 April 2013

Thankfully... go Giants! Go Tesla!

teslaisfuture | 3 April 2013

+1 tjyudman

bt77057 | 3 April 2013

You have to laugh at HansJ's response. Very funny.

Welcome to the EV world. Been driving a Nissan Leaf for over a year. My experience has been that even if chargers were available, it's first come first serve. Expecting to get a charge somewhere and unable because they are the stations are full is and will be an issue. Quite frankly, the reason I am "upgrading" to the Tesla is so I don't need to charge at a Dodgers game. I want to get rid of my "range anxiety" which happens more than I would like with the Leaf with 75ish mile range when considering freeway driving at 70-75 mph.

I'm looking forward to my delivery and my first road trip to Vegas. But I also will not be surprised if I have to wait at the Barstow Supercharger.

archibaldcrane | 3 April 2013

I was at that game (live within walking distance of the stadium). Looks like the Dodgers offense and parking lot were both suffering from a power outage.

Zelaza | 3 April 2013

I used to go to Dodger's game by subway ... at Ebbets Field.

RZitrin1 | 3 April 2013

+1 Zelaza.

Me too. Never been to Chavez Ravine.

I do an energy-saving WALK to AT&T Park from my office downtown, where Friday we hoist yet another World Series flag.