Does it play CDs?

Does it play CDs?

This may sound like a silly question, but... does the Model S play CDs? If so, where is the CD slot? It seems like the infotainment screen leaves no room for one.

Nicu | 28 July 2011

CDs are last century's tech. Model S will connect to your iPhone (or Android knockoff).

Timo | 28 July 2011

Model S will connect to just about anything with USB, if they follow the cutting edge techs. CD-player with USB is no problem.

David M. | 28 July 2011

The more relevant question is, "Is there an easy way to store your music collection on the car's infotainment system"? Personally, I do not want to have wires, smartphones, and other nonsense continually plugged in to my dashboard or console. USB is fine, but the infotainment system needs to have it's own memory card storage for the driver's music collection (preferably removable).

Volker.Berlin | 28 July 2011

That's the good thing about the fact that it's *not* an iPod! :-P
It is reasonable to expect that it will have a slot for memory card storage.

Volker.Berlin | 28 July 2011

(or iPad, or iAnything, for that matter)

Brian H | 28 July 2011

Eventually, it will all be stored on and play back from a chip in your head, with wireless access to the world's audio and video, so you won't need any kind of payers or memory doodads.

Brian H | 28 July 2011

typo: "players", not "payers".

Nicu | 28 July 2011

If it's in your head, it could play it directly in the neural links to the ears, no need to take it out by radio and back in by sound waves, vibrating membranes and tiny bones that tap on your nerves. :p

EdG | 28 July 2011

And if you then find a way to let others hear it, you're called a "composer".

Brian H | 28 July 2011

And if you find a way to make others hear it, you're called an infernal nuisance, not long for this world.


Douglas3 | 28 July 2011

My Infiniti G37 automatically rips any CD you put in the slot. Very handy for building up an in-car library, for those of us who have substantial numbers of CDs.

Nicu | 28 July 2011

We could all have one in each brain so we could synchronize or turn up / down the "volume" independently ... it's actually more feasible than induction charging on highways (because it is cheaper and enough crazy people would pay for it, as compared to everybody paying huge taxes to triple the price of highways ... maybe we should not talk about paying more taxes and government spending these days :D )

vp09 | 25 March 2017

Timo wrote: "Model S will connect to just about anything with USB, if they follow the cutting edge techs. CD-player with USB is no problem."

Thanks-- I'll search Amazon for CD players that power on USB ports.

Later: So I did that, and with Search: "CD player USB port" a lot of options come up.

Have any of you already worked out how to play CDs in the Tesla using the USB port .... ?

Run4Waffles | 25 March 2017

Ripped them to a USB stick.

Easy peasy. No fuss. Contains more than 6.

carlk | 25 March 2017

The best way is to rip your CD to create FLAC files and put into an USB stick to play in the car. There are many programs for you to do that. I use EAC (Exact Audio Copy) which is one of the most popular ones. You need to spend some time to rip your CD one by one but then you'll have tens or hundreds of CDs there for easy access any time.

vp09 | 25 March 2017

Thanks to Run4 and Carlk! I shall do so.

kevin | 27 March 2017

For the record, I have a DVD-ROM drive that plays CDs and is USB powered. I plugged it into the USB port and the sound system did not recognize it.

rxlawdude | 27 March 2017

Probably wanted to draw way too much juice.

StarKiller | 27 March 2017

CDs not playing in your Models S, or X? This is a problem.

When a problem comes along, you must "rip it" to an USB.

jeff | 27 March 2017

If you add the optional "5 year old laptop with cd-rom and bluetooth audio" package, then yes. One hiccup: You have to visit Tesla's third party partner, Best Buy, for the optional accessory.

finman100 | 27 March 2017

I see what u did there. Go with Devo power! nice old school reference. We have several of their finest sounds on this platter called 'vinyl'.

StarKiller | 29 March 2017

^ Finman100 +++

For getting there reference .

StarKiller | 29 March 2017


[This forum needs spell check]

mychol | 29 March 2017

fewer and fewer vehicles are being made with a CD player nowadays.