Don't wash your key fob

Don't wash your key fob

I unloaded the dryer yesterday and saw my Tesla key at the bottom.

Went out to the car to test it....didn't work. It might just be the battery, but I haven't tried changing it yet.

Note to all: don't wash your key fob, unless it's really dirty.

David Trushin | 10 April 2013

It's best to take it through a touchless key wash so it doesn't open your windows or unlock your car without you knowing.

rloehler | 10 April 2013

There was another post about this where the Model S owner put his Key fob through the washing machine and then immediately took the battery out and stuck it in a container of dry rice for 24 hours and was able to get it to work again. You might want to give this a try.

Hogfighter | 15 April 2013

I've tried everything, still doesn't work. I'm thinking about coating my other key in If anyone has used this before, please let us know.

nickjhowe | 11 May 2013

@Hogfighter - did you ever get it working/use Liquipel?

aaronw2 | 11 May 2013

This is one thing that concerns me. My Prius fob is sealed against water and has gone through the washing machine several times without any problems (though I still open it up since a little moisture seems to seep inside). I wish Tesla would seal the battery compartment like Toyota does.

Vicelike | 12 September 2013

My key fob also died from water. Replaced the battery and it worked for a while but then died.

Will try another battery.....

I think they need to deal with the fact that the fob is not as water resistant as on my Toyota Sienna which was on the same ring when both keys were submerged.

GDH | 12 September 2013

My Volvo keyless drive fob has been washed many times and works fine. I am sure Tesla will come up with a waterproof one soon.

dborn | 12 September 2013

My Merc fob spent an hour or more at 6 yards deep in seawater.was retrieved by fishing it out with an old loudspeaker magnet. I rinsed it in fresh water and gave it a good shake - on a hot day, 15 mins later it worked and has worked ever since - now about three years. The fob is NOT waterproof!! So one and a half atmospheres of pressure in the most corrosive environment possible. I did not even change my battery. Don't know how it survived, but it did.

T3SLA | 12 September 2013

Would scotch guard work?

D and K | 12 September 2013

Did the same thing. We ended up opening up the fob, taking the battery out and letting both dry out for a week. Put the battery back in and was pleasantly surprised to find it working perfectly again.

Brian H | 14 September 2013

A day in a bowl of dry rice would likely have achieved the same.