Driving range at full speed

Driving range at full speed

this is my second try to find out about the driving range under full speed circumstances on a german Autobahn.
So 130Miles/Hour ... Any suggestions?

Schlermie | 25 May 2012

I'm going to guess somewhere between 75 and 100 miles, using the same assumptions Tesla used for their range model.

toto_48313 | 25 May 2012

I think you'll drive for an hour max... and then you need to rest a little bit as your car will need too.

EdG | 25 May 2012


As I posted there, my curve fit suggests you'll use about 869 wH per mile. So if you start with 85 kwH and you want to stop at 10% left, you'll use 90% of 85000 wH divided by 869 or about ... 88 miles.

Timo | 25 May 2012

Which is about 40 minutes at 130mph.

EcLectric | 25 May 2012

So you're most conservative estimate is that I can go to work and back twice at 130 mph without having to plug in? Better add some speeding tickets into that budget...

jbunn | 25 May 2012

Make sure the cops plug it in when they impound your vehicle...

EcLectric | 26 May 2012

I'm more worried about the grammar cops. Your better off with an edit function.

MikAo | 26 May 2012

Driving very often at Autobahns, I have to say that there is no way to make any calculations. If you exceed the speed of 160-180 km/h you will regenerate lot of the juice. There are loads of drivers whom will pass the truck with the speed of 130-150 km/h and you will be stuck or "regenerating". In ideal situations figures above are fine. In real world things are different. One example: I was driving 800 kms in Germany with the car limited to 275 km/h and LOT of power. In a hurry, fully throttle and speed always when possible. Average speed in this journey was 147 km/h. You should have seen the front alloy wheels in after this trip, they were BLACK.

BTW, it's nice feeling when you have to break from 275 to 150 in 200 meters due to a lorry passing idiot. Drivers not checking the rear view mirrow should be shot.

Germany, best roads and ICE cars. S-model, best BEV in the WORLD! Waiting for real life test of speeding in the Autobahn, can I get from Luxembourg to Switzerland without refueling?

Timo | 26 May 2012

Mika...Salo? Häkkinen? Car that is limited to 275km/h and able to drop over 100km/h speed in just 200m at that speed is no ordinary car, what is it?

Jason S | 26 May 2012

Could be a modified Roadster? Or maybe unmodified. Dang things are so light...

Volker.Berlin | 26 May 2012

Mika, regen does not help the range when driving as you described. For every deceleration there is an acceleration that will "burn" more energy than was "gained" by regen during deceleration. On the bottom line, you cannot beat steady speed range (except when your route has ascents and or descents and you plan your speed according to them).

Here is another thought, though purely hypothetical at this point: You may not be able to go 130 mph for more than a couple minutes. Top speed puts a lot of stress on the battery, the inverter, power electronics, and the motor (remember: no gears, i.e., rather extreme revs). Some of these components may get too hot if top speed is sustained, and the power electronics may limit battery power to keep the temperature (or other condition) of all components involved at acceptable levels. I don't know any of this for sure, I'm just saying I wouldn't be surprised if the specified top speed cannot be sustained for a substantial distance. We'll learn soon enough!

Sudre_ | 26 May 2012

I was thinking the same thing Volker.Berlin. I was thinking along the lines of supercharging stressing the battery then high drain at high speeds must do the same.

That leave two issues.
One, the batteries could over heat sooner than expected and limit speed.
Two, after traveling at 130 for an hour and reaching a supercharger you may not be able to charge until the batteries cool off.

I am thinking more like 20 to 30 minutes at 130 MPH....

By the time sales are available in Germany there will be plenty of Americans that have stressed tested the car so there will be a definite answer by that time. We can revisit this topic then.
In a few months there will be performance Sigs on the streets.

Volker.Berlin | 4 June 2012

This websites estimates that the Model S (85 kWh) can go 185 km (115 miles) at 200 km/h (125 mph):

steven.maes | 4 June 2012

Indeed Sudre_, I am anxiously waiting for the American stress tests and video's when those S'es hit the road.

One question came up when I was reading this topic. Does the S go as fast in reverse as in drive ? Not that I was thinking on going 100 backwards, but I was just curious.

uedinet | 4 June 2012

hey Volker, thanks! Cool link.. Grüße vim Rhein an die Spree

stephen.kamichik | 4 June 2012

I believe that the model S is limited to 15 mph in reverse.

Brian H | 4 June 2012

probably electronically. AFAIK, reverse just runs the motor backwards, no change in gearing.

stephen.kamichik | 4 June 2012

Yes, electronically. This was done for safety reasons.

MikAo | 4 June 2012

Timo, BMW M6 was that one, not the best on motorways but OK. Phaeton W12 is the best highway car so far I have driven, much better to drive, smooth and pleasant. SLR MB is faster than M6 etc.
Only time nowdays You can reach ultimate speeds are during the night but then You will not see more than blink of an eye forward, not kind of a hobby for family men. A friend was going 320 km/h during the night in Germany (F 458 Italia), no kids and probably too short life expectancy.
VB, of cource I understand acceleration vs breaking energy losses. But only thing is that ICE will burn more energy into heat than EV. Also as tested by Finnish Tekniikan Maailma, on the track, Roadster goes to safety mode in each race track lap because of overheating the system. Might happend in the motorway as well but S-model should be redesigned. Hopefully.
Even though S-model is the best EV, there is still lots of roads ahead to reach ultimate driving crazyness some ICE's can do.

Teoatawki | 4 June 2012

Limited to 15 mph in reverse.

How am I supposed to do a moonshiner's turn?


stephen.kamichik | 4 June 2012

Teoatawki......use a moonshiner's special....the "General Lee" from Dukes of Hazzard comes to mind.

jerry3 | 4 June 2012


With the air suspension you won't have to [do a moonshiner's turn] because the rear doesn't sag so the Revenuers won't know.

Brian H | 5 June 2012

That's "Revunooers". Pliz!