Electric Cars at the Smithsonian

Electric Cars at the Smithsonian

I was just at the Smithsonian's American History Museum and saw their Electric Car Exhibit. No Teslas there or even any mention of Tesla Motors, but some early examples of interest were on display.
Hope these are viewable:

(Did Thomas Edison make an electric car?)

There was a separate area on electricity, which is where Nikola Tesla was mentioned:

NKYTA | 12 April 2014

A blast from the past, thanks @Velo.

I'm sure Tesla will find it's way to the exhibit eventually. :-)

Velo1 | 12 April 2014

I love the chain drive from the motor to the rear axle in the first photo.

Earl and Nagin ... | 12 April 2014

Did you notice who sponsored the Automobile hall?
The EV1 disappeared from the display collection when the hall was renovated under GM's sponsorship.
The only electric cars on display are the ones that are clearly impractical -- a good message if you want to continue building ICE cars for as long as you can.

Mathew98 | 12 April 2014

@Velo - Thanks for the heads up. I'm taking the family to DC next week. Is the cherry still blossoming or did we miss it again?

Velo1 | 12 April 2014

Still at peak for the moment. Go to the Tidal Basin/Jefferson memorial for best cherry blossoms.

Mark K | 12 April 2014

Jeez, not only did GM crush the fleet, they also removed any trace at the museum.

Talk about antipathy toward EVs ...

Car t man | 13 April 2014

It really is unethical to accept donations and sponsorships for a museum like this one, if it interferes with curatorial credibility and process.

Really degrades the reputation of the museum.

Earl and Nagin ... | 13 April 2014

@Mark K,
Don't worry, the final chapter on the history of the EV will only brand GM as an early obstructionist with Tesla as the one who made it happen.
GM may not still be around to sponsor that exhibit.