Elon Musk interview w/ 'Forbes' Hannah Elliott...

Elon Musk interview w/ 'Forbes' Hannah Elliott...

I LOVE the fact that Elon starts this interview off talking about a videogame (Fallout), that I helped develop in its early incarnations!

phb | 29 March 2012

Great little piece. I like his point about using tech to be able to have the things we want without depriving ourselves.

petero | 29 March 2012

You have to love Elon. In a follow-up video with Hannah Elliot, he remarks about a vintage Jaguar XKE he lusted for and finally purchased. Surprise, it kept breaking down. True of vintage sports cars… even more true of vintage Jaguars. Here is a guy who claims he spent $50 million to buy a Roadster complaining about his high maintenance XKE. I can’t wait for the Hannah’s follow-up vid about high maintenance wives. Cheap shot (bad humor).

Sorry Elon. I am a big fan of vintage sports cars and a bigger fan of yours. The Roadster I drove was only 100 times better than any vintage sports car I have driven. Yes, I have a “S” reservation.

Brian H | 30 March 2012

Comparing that on-road interview to any I've seen with other cars, the audibility of the voices over the car noise is striking. Usually people are almost shouting to be heard, and the b/g waxes and wanes and wipes out some words or whole sentences!